May, 1998

By Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

Nature's computer system requires at least four dimensions. Four dimensions will suffice for our purposes here but they will be part of a multidimensional physics. Thus even 4D physics is limited and is making some assumptions on the nature of this 4D, which provides for the time dimension. The science of our present civilization is only three-dimensional. What does this mean?

The ego view of the universe is clearly 3-dimensional. But it is only the 'surface' of a 'volume' (4-dimensional). This surface manifests the random energies; hence the fact that physicists refer to 'the random universe'. (There will be higher orders of this, going into higher fractal levels but we needn't go into this here---see fractal articles.) However, the surface is an illusion if causes are assigned within this surface since the surface is only an external manifestation of the volume.

Now the 4D internal mechanism (the volume) will be established to be one which follows holographic quantum principles. It is a perfect computer system; all parts interrelate. It does not obey Newton's laws. Newton's laws only apply to the random-particle surface of out-of-phase energies.

Even an atom is at least 4D to 3D. A 3D atom cannot be stable when structured of wave motion, which it is---see 'The Basic Energy Unit' article. Einstein introduced 4D into relativity but this is only a 3D curved topology of the true inner, internal workings of incredible vortex machinery acting along the gradient 4D to 3D manifesting our surface phenomena at the 3D end of the gradient.

By stressing objectivity and creating the ego view, the quantum energy divides into the 'I'/not-'I' experience of the observer/observed. This is now a contextual view---what is observed is in the context of the observer. We are observing our interface with the basic universe energies. The physical perception (in 3D) occurs simultaneously with the manifestation of the 3D environment. Observation selects a single probability from the quantum reality creating an interdependence between observer and observed.

It is important to understand that this interaction between the observer and the quantum energy is a process occurring continuously everywhere. One cannot say, 'Does this mean if we are not observing something, it is not there?' No, basically there is life in everything. Everything is connected internally and interacting with everything else (higher-dimensionally holographic) bringing about its own appropriate quantum reduction. Quantum reduction occurs according to the level of frequency selection. Consciousness' frequencies at the ego-level select an observation of the universe corresponding to the ego's frequency band. (This is an example of nature's computer access system.) This is the physical perception level of out-of-phase energies creating simultaneously the random (view of the) universe.

A 4th-dimensional physics will give us a spiritual science which embraces life, mind, the universe, and the spirit. It will reconcile the religionist and the atheist.

The frequency gradient 3D to 4D, goes from lower frequency at 3D, which are completely out of phase, through increasing frequencies and correlation (integration) of frequencies along the gradient 3D to 4D. The 4D level provides for a complete correlation of the energies and is needed to explain a true quantum state of undivided wholeness---such as a quantum particle which is 3D extended in time; that is, 4D.

These energies are fundamental higher-dimensional waves or scalar waves, with the electric and magnetic vectors unified (not exposed as in the lower-dimensional electromagnetic waves). Quantum reduction occurs down this gradient 4D to 3D from any level to any lower level according to the interacting frequencies.

We shall come to understand, as we study nature's computer system, that the wave function is a real entity and quantum waves are not just probability waves, but are also energy waves. It is fascinating, however, to note that although quantum physics is in error, assigning mere probability to quantum waves, these waves, or the stationary quantum states of these waves, are holistic. When they are involved in energy exchanges there are no Newtonian forces; there is no inertia! This phenomenon exists all about us. Free energy devices work on this principle. In addition, high skills involving physical movement operate partially on quantum action (nature's computer system) which cannot be sensed---hence the well-known term 'relaxation' used, in particular, by the professionals (see other articles, for example, the ones on physical mobility).

What we are stating is that the energy operation of quantum states cannot be felt, and they give rise to effortless conditions. Note that two states in resonance form one state (the collective of the two), and the two then have no forces between them. This is quantum regeneration and is fundamental to all life (and as active as quantum reduction). Also any advanced spacecraft propulsion system will operate on these principles---see article on this.

When something is learned there is then resonance between the parts. In true associationism (including stimulus-response) new wholes are formed. The greater the whole---containing more inherent parts---the higher the frequencies and dimensions (for example, 3D to 4D).

Thus our 3rd dimension is a manifestation of different fractal levels of wholeness and frequency along the gradient 3D to 4D impinging into 3D. Interaction of one lower frequency with another, say, higher-frequency wholeness (a fractal level and wave function) will quantum reduce the greater whole to the lesser whole. There is a break down (Fourier analysis) of the greater whole and its frequencies to lesser frequencies. This is now at an acceptable informational level.

The universe only feeds back to us the level we put out. This is a particular feature of nature's computer system's 'read' operation. The opposite (to quantum reduction) is quantum regeneration, which involves resonance of parts to create greater wholes, and could be referred to as a 'write' operation. The laser mechanism by correlating out-of-phase light waves into an in-phase condition creates, by quantum regeneration, the loading of information (writing), resulting in greater power and energy in the form of a higher-frequency state of invisible light now superimposed on the visible light of which the latter are now subharmonics of the higher frequency oscillation (not detectable by current science---in fact the detection process will quantum reduce the higher-order frequency state).

Note that any wave is a basic level of information. It is active---oscillatory---and it is capable of doing something. In complex combinations of different waves (sine-wave superposition) forming a wave function, it can do more.

 We are merely hinting at some of the components and tools of the universe's computer mechanism. Physics is the basic subject behind all sciences. Everything one can imagine, whether physical, mental or spiritual, is expressed in terms of energy and its relationships---the domain of physics. However, we must have at least another dimension since time is a reality in this 3rd dimension and we must have a thickness in time to all natural entities. In addition, the symmetry we observe in nature, for example, an atom, is more akin to a sphere than, say, a cylinder (or bar magnet) with a pole at either end. This spherical picture means that one pole must be inside the other. To achieve this and retain symmetry, there must be inner-supersymmetry---like two atoms back to back (along a 4D direction); compare a '2D' coin having two sides and a thickness---see article on the basic unit of energy.

This is why we have Dirac's negative (anti-) electrons, or antiparticles in general---with strange mirror-image reflection properties---and also why such particles as the electron, in spinning, must be turned through twice 360 degrees to return to its original orientation. But most important it is why the basic energy unit of the atom, planet, solar system, galaxy, universe, etc. is stable, yet under continuous creation.

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