Believing is Seeing
(February, 1999)

By Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

Not only did you read it correctly but it was not written in error. This civilisation has been thoroughly programmed with the opposite statement, seeing is believing. Extensions of this are such phrases as, 'Can you prove it?' And this one, we might add, has become the hallmark of the intelligent.

This question, 'Can you prove it?' is rarely utilised as a serious question; it is applied in a manner to thwart new ideas from developing---to stop a person in their tracks. It is a part of a larger programmed condition to discourage the human ability to know by non-objective abilities, such as in reading vibrations (intuition); an ability that would take man infinitely beyond the limitations of what can be proved.

Proof is based on objectivity, and as we have stated in previous articles, objectivity is an illusion. The shocking news is that all is subjective but with different degrees of objectivity within the total subjective mind.

Imagine a large expanse of fluid, say, water, infinitely flexible and in a state of wholeness. This represents total oneness and subjectivity (actually, the God concept). Next envisage a drop of water surrounded by many small bubbles of air. This drop is now mainly (not entirely) disconnected from the whole---it has its own viewpoint. It no longer has the information of the whole medium. It can only gain information by receiving energy (signals, etc.) from the water across the other side through the air bubbles. Note that in this analogy the air bubbles (degree of objectivity) are preventing the continuity of the water (and instantaneous subjective connections.

We now have an objective situation that has formed within the subjective. The air bubbles separate the drops, and knowledge must be gained objectively across space not via the inner subjectivity of the whole. This is the condition we are in today. (Note that in this analogy if one utilises the slight 'flow of energy' (the water) around the bubbles, one still receives some information directly (inner-consciousness/intuition, an in-phase condition) but essentially the information is indirect and objective, that is, across the air in the bubbles.)

The drop of water does not perceive the surrounding (blocked off) water across the air bubbles as direct information, it receives signals from the surface layer only and makes copies of these energies, pictures, etc. This give rise to left-brain thinking and linear 3D logic with out-of-phase conditions.

Now if we consider reducing the volume of the air bubbles around the drop we see that the direct information increases, and the indirect, objective information, decreases. Thus objectivity is a variable.

If the continuous medium---no breaks in it---is given the status of unity (that is, 1 or 100%) then when there is objectivity it could be, for example, 90%, and subjectivity 10%, or any fractional relation between subjectivity and objectivity. Now, the programme seeing is believing and the general lack of understanding of the relationship between subjectivity and objectivity has given rise to a misuse of technology.

What is technology? It is meant to be merely an extension of the abilities of the individual (consciousness or spiritual being). This will sound like nonsense in our society in which massive deviations exist in the ratio subjective/objective. For example, we might consider that the computer, as an aid and extension to man's mind, was contributing 85% information through its objectivity and the human participation about 15%. This could be a perfectly harmonious relationship.

However, as we increase the supply of information to the being by technology, we are also suppressing the potential development of the individual . This means, if technology is to develop, it must keep in phase with the developing individual. There must never be technology for the sake of technology; only technology to aid the being. It must always be secondary.

This has now become very difficult to perceive on this planet because of the huge imbalance in subjective and objective manifestations. The perceptions of the individual are supposed to increase, then technology adjusted, becoming more refined, accordingly. As a simple example, if the individuals in an advanced society had teleportation abilities you wouldn't have the technology of motor cars as it stands today. One might have a sophisticated transport system but it wouldn't discourage the use of teleportation ability (such ability would have been encouraged), and it wouldn't be generating any electromagnetic and chemical pollution.

If education is entirely based on objectivity (the supply of information 'across the bubbles'), the deviation and imbalance will build up. Objectivity in certain areas might be 95% where subjectivity should or could have risen to, say, 30% (objectivity should then be 70%). For example, medical knowledge and technology is supplying more and more information to individuals as to what is wrong with them but also how to get rid of it by objective means. There is no education to encourage the subjective factor (which is evolution of intelligence, responsibility, and consciousness' ability to heal). The word evolution here is used loosely. One might call it rehabilitation. It is a multifaceted concept. 

The irony is that only the consciousness heals anyway. The medical or healing system bridges the gap in subjectivity, allowing the subjectivity or consciousness to heal itself unconsciously (acts a little like a catalyst). 

We might deduce that the gap (through the air bubbles) is unconscious subjectivity (since all is basically subjective or mind), which we observe as objectivity---a roundabout way of enabling healing to occur. That is, we do not take responsibility (or believe) in our ability to heal (the condition today), thus requiring a system in which energy goes via a different route (technology) to bring about healing but we still do it. This different route is the degree of technology required to provide the necessary objectivity to make up the gap of unconscious subjectivity. Thus our ability acts unconsciously.

The better the objective system (this is another interacting variable: how good is the technological belief system), the better the results. We might persuade someone that a glass of coloured water will cure their ailment. With sufficient belief it might work. In this case the degree of objectivity is very low and consequently the unconscious subjectivity requires strong faith to be activated. There is no convincing science (objectivity) in this case, in which to believe. In a more advanced evolution the subjectivity in an awake state (no air bubbles---or strictly, few air bubbles, since existence does require some separation) would cure itself consciously.

These variables and ratios are quite mathematical but, in general, mathematics will not give more information than is contained within the mathematics. There are exceptions whereby extended mathematical manipulation may indicate a concept not previously considered, then regenerate within the individual further information. But mathematics is objective and can give us an example of too much technology or technology taking over, and will lead one into its own world of creation---sometimes unrealistic.

Planetary communication systems are becoming so extensive, serving every need, but are discouraging and inhibiting the individual's own inner-systems. If this does not make sense it is because, as we have stated, we are looking at a civilisation with a very large imbalance in the symbiosis between science and consciousness. We can no longer imagine developing mind abilities that can make certain technologies unnecessary, though this would be done on a gradient. In doing so, the energy of technology 'evolves' into higher frequencies, remaining compatible and symbiotic with the beings' consciousness (and science evolves into higher orders, which is suppressed today, for example, suppression of inner space---see article). An extreme example of this is the manner in which advanced extraterrestrials can interface their minds with their spacecraft's computer and control it by thought.

If education fails to allow for the natural path of evolving human intelligence it will block it with unnecessary technology. One can see even in the film industry overuse of technical expertise: special effects, overdone camera action, attention-grabbing materialistic effects, at the expense of story line, taste, integrity and value or meaningful purpose.

The statement believing is seeing means that we are only presented with what the mind can conceive or is already conceiving. The universe only feeds back information in relationship to the information put out. In the field of science, the information it feeds back may not be the only physical law for those observations, or even the 'best'. This not only is compatible with quantum physics but more extensively it has recently been recognised in the application of information systems to the question of where the laws of physics come from---a burgeoning field of extraordinary research led by Roy Frieden.

The world of forces is not the only alternative---the Newtonian reality of forces is contextual. The subjectivity has an inner-reference system of contexts within contexts, and man's expectations and perception will select the appropriate probabilities from the (higher-dimensional) quantum reality. As one perceives beyond the immediate surface of the ego view (total objectivity) and an extra component, the intuition begins to enter, one may recognise that force is contextual. Objectivity (O) has decreased a little and subjectivity (S) has increased. At this point (of evolution), perception of the environment hasn't changed noticeably but what one perceives is modified by the 'unconscious' information, in which the mind, or rather consciousness, is 'reaching' out more at this lower-self level. Objectivity minus subjectivity, O - S, gives rise to immutable physical laws (expressing the unconscious subjectivity). For example, the principles of the combustion engine would have full objectivity, the conscious mind seemingly has nothing to do with its laws. But some of us know---even though it may be very rare---that if a little of the mind (subjectivity) enters, for instance, pessimism, thinking negative thoughts about the engine, it can occasionally affect its performance. (By objectivity we mean information which is not apparently being created by the mind, or in other words, not responsible---the not-"I". We only know about it from superficial ego observation---across the bubbles. And by subjectivity we mean directly connected with the observation, participating in its creation, being responsible, etc.)

In case it still is not clear what we are endeavouring to express, let us recap. One objectively observes and experiences the environment/universe given by objectivity minus subjectivity, that is, O - S. This difference is what we do not directly know about with the conscious mind but this objectivity is actually unconscious subjectivity (which means we really do know at some level---within the not-"I"). This unconscious subjectivity (of which we are not in conscious control) will manifest itself to us by means of immutable physical laws but which are actually dependent (and not immutable) on the ratio of O to S. If S was 100 percent, spacetime and the physical laws would be completely flexible; we would just agree with them for convenience.

Of course, the whole field of the paranormal and ESP is an example of man's selection of a reality different from the norm---the programmed condition for our civilisation. He is breaking the rules of the game; disturbing the objectivity of the so-called immutable physical laws, as the underlying subjectivity surfaces, giving a reminder that all is subjective. Any kind of reality is possible, including the skin of the feet not being burnt by red-hot coals!

The programme seeing is believing promotes objectivity, a universe separate from man, which he is the effect of; helplessness and powerlessness; it strengthens the ego; invalidates and suppresses intuition; develops left-brain thinking; fragmentation, 'integrated' by linear associative (3D) logic (rather than true wholeness/unity/ quantum states).

Believing is seeing leads to the concept one creates one's own reality. We are focussing mainly on the positive aspects. A downside of the power of belief is that when a belief system, which is a falsehood, is taught and embedded deep in the subconscious, one could present to this programmed mind a far superior belief system and it will have no effect. The hidden context and influence is too powerful---even the personality may have been moulded by the belief. Such a rehabilitation takes time.

Now, creating one's own reality leads to the statement that there are no accidents. In other words, the outer-world is a complete reflection of the inner-world (inner-consciousness). This is astounding information in the sense that it is a contradiction of everything basic that an individual has been educated to believe on this planet. One may envisage the repercussions of these concepts on our education when they are fully accepted. How will people be affected? There will be increased responsibility, ethics, and above all, ability to handle one's own life. By removing the barrier, gradually, of the 'bubbles of air' the separateness aspect of individuals declines, accompanied by the annihilation of the ego and the ability to know by being things, including another person's viewpoint, and in fact to know by a newly-developed sense of feeling (reading vibrations---quantum physics instead of Newtonian mechanics).

Remember, the reception of information by being vibrations (right-brain, quantum-physics reality) from the environment does, however, superimpose on the left-brain Newtonian reality of receiving information in the brain/mind and making copies; the two forming resultant information and experience. The former component increases with evolution over the latter (that is, subjectivity increases; objectivity---which is unconscious subjectivity---decreases).

There will be a proper spiritual education for the first time in schools, in which students will be allowed to evaluate modern spiritual knowledge with emphasis on the individual as a spiritual being, and eventually a spiritual science will be established which embraces life, mind, the universe and the spirit. A proper relationship between music and consciousness will be taught. Children will be encouraged to know through quality (the feeling centres) instead of just intellect. Government control will minimise rapidly---ultimately becoming unnecessary, along with law enforcement. Monetary systems will disappear---there will be an abundance of anything one requires, all free, since the society is becoming synchronistic and selection of probabilities by each individual is in complete harmony with the total infinite possibilities (probable paths) of man's consciousness, which are all harmoniously interrelated into one whole. The individual is an integral part of the whole with free will (see article on a synchronistic civilisation). Accidents dwindle to zero, and pain and suffering eventually become non-existent. The violence of nature both in weather conditions and living creatures will temper and adjust towards the ideal.

Diet will change. The farmer will go out to kill the pig one day and be unable to do so. Employees at the abattoirs will terminate their jobs happily. There will be no killing of living forms and eating of dead carcasses. We shall not even accidentally kill a field mouse while harvesting the corn (synchronistically it won't occur).

Competition will serve no purpose in society. The perception, and unconditional understanding of other's viewpoints will prevent all desire to defeat them in any game or sport. Everyone will work together in total support; no systems oppose. There will be peace and happiness beyond our present imagination---but those that cannot conceive of it and contribute will not be a part of this new world.

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