This diagram shows a complete universe or God world; that is, the outer worlds, middle worlds, hub or central worlds, and their core. Nevertheless this is only one unit, and many of these are grouped together to form greater cosmic structures (see below). Clearly the geometry is purely schematic for easy viewing and does not remotely resemble the actual geometry, which would be roughly spheres within spheres. Now, full ascension can occur in the outer worlds. The middle worlds are quicker and they do not 'fall'; the civilisations do not descend. They even usually 'dump' any negativity (which would be much less than in the outer worlds) into the outer worlds for transmutation. The Edonic worlds are in this middle strata, hence the origin: 'Garden of Eden.'

The hub worlds are more advanced and closer to the highest levels within the God World. In the hub worlds negative energies cannot be sustained. Any disharmony brought in through the hub gates will be erased, not transmuted. Thus one's personal frequency spectrum must qualify. The gates will completely erase negative consciousness, which ideally needs to be transmuted back to positive consciousness; erasing would result in loss of consciousness, memories, thoughts, personality traits, and weakening (lessening) of the allotted consciousness ('volume'). This transmutation realigns the negative energies to recover the original consciousness but with the subsequent loss of associated patterns of negative personality, memories, etc.

As a brief update, an ascension route has recently been set up to the Edonic worlds. Up to around 2003 the normal ascension route plus the bridge zone was successfully being made available, but following this the powerful Budhara race 'escaped' from their quarantined matrix and entered our time matrix at the control centre (Stargate 8). To protect our universe the Guardians shut down the ascension paths. As a result the Guardians, working with the indigo people, have made the gates available to the Edonic worlds.

For those who wish to envisage the full expansion of the God World structure. Picture the diagram above, imagine it thinner for easier visualisation. Now envisage 6 of these as though placed around a clock face (there will be 12 'ends')---all with a common centre, the core worlds. Next we need three more of these, that is, giving four levels but they are all superimposed from our point of view. They are on the same vector line (e.g., vector line = 12-6 or 1-7, etc. of the 'clock face') but with a different particle spin orientation. This is now a Cosmic Matrix. Now multiply this by 6. To fit 5 more of these into the limited dimensional space of the diagram, imagine tilting (rotating) the Cosmic Matrix into the paper to find the 6 evenly spaced positions for these 6 Cosmic Matrices. This is called a Cosmic Cluster. Next picture two Cosmic Clusters superimposed but displaced evenly, which now gives us the final 12 geometry. This is named a Cosmos. For the final structure, the Eternal Living Matrix, we have 12 Cosmos structures (distributed in a sphere). This is the final design but there are now many of these within a non-quantifiable sea of consciousness/energy 'floating' around like bubbles.

[This additional material below is a much more recent update.]

The Guardians have now released information on the core realm (see diagram above). This is referred to as the internal creation of worlds as opposed to the others, the external worlds. Very briefly, the internal core consists of eight suns but the design still reflects the regular 15-dimensional structure as in all the other time matrices. Let us introduce the internal core by explaining the Fail Safe, a system incorporated into all creation to eradicate destructive elements within the cosmos (and originates from the core). It was triggered recently due to accumulation of destructive activities over a long period, causing degeneration and devolution throughout regions of the Cosmos, including our Earth going into a 'fall' state a few years ago.

The Fail Safe mechanism might be simplified by describing it as a very intelligent and complex anti-virus system, which is activated when the structural integrity of the universe or cosmos is severely threatened (these devices are also called override or immune systems, similar to the lesser term, karma). Universally, it means for every action there is a consequence. Many irresponsible races, even though advanced in intellect and technology, over billions of years have brought impairments, sometimes irreversible, and degenerative devolutions to many civilisations and time-matrices, sufficient to activate the Fail Safe mechanism, which is designed to re-align and restore order to the Cosmos. The essence of this unprecedented process is to bridge the internal core with the external universes.

This process involves re-awakening the Krystar plasma-frequency spectra in a systematic and sequential manner beginning with a gradual progressive opening of the first External Creation elemental grounding spectra, opening of gates/portals, allowing the restorative energies from the inner core to heal the external universes.

Frequency is gradually built up in the external worlds analogous to a 'spire' until it holds and runs a sufficient magnitude of energy spectra forming a grounding platform once sufficient spectra are established within external creation. The internal creation plasma frequencies can then progressively expand out from the core and interface with the external creation.

After the initial interface and interconnectivity the 'spire' of frequencies continues to expand higher-dimensionally (not in 3D) until it holds Sun-8 plasma frequency spectra referred to as now holding the 'pyramid capstone,' enabling the plasma frequencies to penetrate Sun-8, releasing the Krystar plasma flows. The Sun-8 energies then enter and circulate all aspects of external creation.

Finally the pathways become fully open between external and internal and their frequency spectra fields fully merge, providing eternal and perpetual life currents to circulate within external creation.
Fulfilment of this eternal organic process is called the 'Silver Seed Awakening', and its orchestration is the purpose of the AMCC MCEO* Krystal River Fail Safe Host returning Eternal Life potentials to all within External Creation, and providing all within External Creation opportunity to re-enter Eternal Creation.
[* Alhumbhra Magistracy Councils of Cosminyahas (from the internal realms), and Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (from the external worlds) .]

Earth's Great Planetary Triumph entered full activation and engagement on 8/8/2016 and continues for 900-1000 years as Earth's Krystal River Fail Safe Host unfolds. Our solar system is expected to 'nova' and black-hole collapse after about 900-1000 years (Earth will have transmuted out). But just maybe the Fail Safe might restore the solar system.

The Host has two primary power points: Peak and Lull. 'Peak' is the maximum spin which gives brief power bursts, and 'Lull' is lowest spin to zero, in which the vertical flow comes down and then expands horizontally to benefit the (material) elemental atomic planetary matter base, bringing infusions for transfiguration within the planetary and human body.

We are undergoing the Universal Grand Salvage Mission. For any celestial body this constitutes an appointment of its embodied First Creation Salvage Contract, which is awakened by the Nomi (Guardian word) wave code.

Most entities have partial Nomi codes but it is rare that any planet, star, being, etc., has the full Nomi codes. They are always secret and dormant until needed. The massive surprise now is that Earth is such a Nomi planet with full codes!! The Nomi wave awakens the planet to its appointment with Eternal destiny. It embraces all external and internal worlds.

Fall codes were activated on 12/1/2015 (placed in Earth over 4 billion years ago when it was a proto-planet (earliest form) in Density-2 before the Fall of Man). But little did the fallen ETs know about Earth's secret---they 'picked a fight with the wrong planet' as the Guardian's state. Earth has had Nomi codes since its incarnation into external Creation on contract (First Creation Salvage Contract) and serves as bearer of the Fail Safe Host. Such a planet is known as a 'Noble planet'.

A Nomi planet or system will intentionally enter fall systems and undergo a de-evolutionary descent, but just before this becomes irreversible the Nomi codes are triggered and the planet engages the Emancipation Cycle. The reason is that the planet's experience of fall enables it then to be more able to assist other races from avoiding fall.

The activation of the inorganic Fall Code is the only thing that can trigger the Nomi codes, and thus the Nomi code for Earth was activated immediately on 12/1/2015, and provided an organic auto-immune response against the Fall code activation. The Nomi wave, once activated, cannot be stopped or altered. It is Pre-Plasmic and referred to as the Essential Essence, possessing the most powerful restorative Eternal life frequencies in all Creation. It can interact with everything in Creation (since everything already has a dormant, so-called First Eternal code). It has the property of combining different levels of plasmas with corresponding physical levels in organic elemental matter-based forms in the external worlds.

Monumental and amazing events are taking place within the Earth's templar (grids, templates, etc.). We are in Earth's 900-year Emancipation Cycle and the age of Illumination (written by Guardians as E-Lum'en-ation). This extremely rare Planetary Emancipation Cycle brings (for us) atomic E-Lum'en-ation, which progresses in specific wave-cycles for a long period of time. Unlike Earth, most planets, stars, etc., are not capable of engaging the amazing feats of these organic and physics transfigurations.

Reference: Workshops by Ashayana Deane, part of the MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series.