(March, 2000)

By Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

Let us begin with the audacious statement that if we had a proper science--one free from negative control and the ego reign--we would commence with the postulate or hypothesis of wholeness--one whole quantum state (the God concept) from which everything derives, and observe how this fits reality. Negative influences will insist that existence is fundamentally fragmented, and entities are built up from single elements. We are not saying there is no truth whatsoever in Darwinism, we are saying that reality is much more complex and intelligent.

The One whole would project fragments of Itself. These are a kind of mirror image of Itself, but in a holographic sense, and endowed with limitation, such as the 'veil of forgetfulness' to mask awareness of the fragments' source. These fragments (such as us) are like outposts of the source. An out-of-phase condition with the source seems to be deliberately encouraged to ensure isolation. The 'Temptation' or any negative actions could be viewed positively in this light (but gives rise to paradoxes in 3D).

The fragments are given free will--they can destroy one another if they wish. However, such negativity, although encouraging the desired traits of separation and limitation, will cause these parts or fragments to go more out of phase and thus ultimately destroy the holographic wholeness of the Source. How can this be preserved if the part's behaviour goes astray beyond what might be predicted, or be practical? The Infinite seemingly introduced a mechanism which handles this contingency. It is 'duality', which we have described in other articles.

The increasing fragmentation and reducing dimensions from the One whole at the 'top' results in a hierarchical spectrum of frequencies of reducing rates as we go towards greater fragmentation or smaller entities. As we come down from a region around 4D* into the third dimension of physical reality, the duality manifests. Physical matter is structured itself from a 2-polarity system--it is a dual universe. Our ego-consciousness similarly operates on dualities, dichotomies, opposites. Any behaviour of the species which is of a selfish nature will split the 4D energy vortices into a lower-dimensional duality--see other articles. Two poles are formed which means one is the mirror image of the other--though this is a 4D-to-3D relationship. That means from our viewpoint one pole (either one) will appear to be inside the other, even though there is actually perfect symmetry. Note that this is a 'horizontal' duality. [*Note that this is the academic system of evaluating dimensions. In terms of New-Age data, polarity can exist much higher in dimensions.]

Any negative action by the 'fragment' in dividing a whole vortex will utilise the energy of one pole, with the other acting as a debt. From the higher viewpoint one pole cancels the other but to a species focussed in 3D there is free will to manipulate one side of the duality to create massive 'discrepancies' (but can be an experiment in experiencing different energies). Ultimately the opposite poles will seek unity, and transmutation of the negative vibrations will occur by realignment with the higher-dimensional vortices (see article on karma).

This process of the opposite pole 'coming in' to attain wholeness manifests events and experiences from which to learn--the end result is the same as the so-called non-dual (unity) state of enlightenment referred to in Buddhism. If no learning occurs--such as in reacting to a situation with bitterness, revenge, or hate--then the opposite pole will move out or stay separate, and the polarity will be strengthened.

Thus the Source is forever protected and there is no evil from the big picture point of view, since 1) both poles seen as a unity cancel evil, and 2) one pole expressing evil acts as an external reflection for the opposite's internal condition. For example, a person has perpetrator characteristics related to past lives. As a natural therapeutic action the individual will eventually be inclined to dramatise the opposite pole 'victim' to balance up the energies and achieve the unification of the two poles. However, note that the individual internally has divided energies perpetrator/victim but is expressing, in this example, the victim side. The victim now attracts an external perpetrator in an attempt to balance up and unify the two internal poles. In addition, the external perpetrator acts as a reflection for the victim of his internal perpetrator characteristics. If the victim unifies within himself or herself the victim and perpetrator traits, the external perpetrator will no longer exist in that person's reality---they will either improve or seek another victim.

Overall then there is not only fragmentation of the One in the image of the One ('vertical' poles) but in the third dimension there is also division of these fragments into dualities to create opposite 'horizontal' poles. Note that in the vertical duality the Source pole is not changed by the projection of a mirror image, but in the horizontal duality each pole is formed from a division of a whole state and each is complementary to the other and less than the whole. This appears to be the rough physics of this Creator manifestation.

So is it entirely 'top down'? Fundamentally we would have to conclude that the highest causation exists in the maximum wholeness--this is logical. However, once we consider the fragmentation stage there is both 'topdown' and 'bottom up'. Strictly speaking there is really no hierarchy but this is a valuable and needed model--with limitations. There is no level 'higher' than another. It would all exist at once (no time or space). For such a unification to exist---in effect, everything being computed instantaneously--- the intelligence of the concepts would be almost unimaginable.

Using the hierarchical model of consciousness we find that lower levels can select probabilities from the higher levels. The higher levels, such as a collective state of a species of plant, will provide many probabilities within certain boundary conditions set by the DNA on the lower level for the growing plant to utilise. If the plant comes up against an obstacle the continuous interchange of information between collective state and DNA will adjust so that an appropriate probability will be selected to enable the plant to avoid the obstacle. Boundary conditions will limit the thickness of stalks, number of leaves, etc. This is a principal feature of nature's computer system and works similarly to the learning pattern described in other articles. As we have explained (in other articles) in the pyramidal company organisational model---president, executives, managers, ground-floor workers---the 'ground-floor worker' in the learning pattern, such as a finger position, will select (by resonance through the ranks) from the 'president's' larger programme the next move. Its very position confirms the next. It is both 'top down' and 'bottom up' but the mental ideation of the movement had to be broken down to build up the learning pattern for practical use. That is, in this last example of, say, a finger pressing a key, when there is a continuous sequence, this position selects by resonance the next finger position. Thus the part is selecting from the whole ('bottom-up'). However, this is continuously monitored by the larger parts to the whole---working together they make sure the finger chooses the correct sequence..

Science has had to acknowledge that there appears to be some kind of 'top down' mechanism and this has been referred to as 'emergent software'. For example, the micro-organism 'dictyostelium', found generally in woodland areas will at some point in its cycle of activity apparently send out a signal to other such organisms. They then come together to form a larger organism containing some 100,000 individual dictyostelia---visible to the naked eye. The new entity seeks out a suitable plant and climbs the stem, then reshapes into a mushroom configuration with as much of its mass at the top and waits for a gust of wind to scatter the conglomeration, like spores, now becoming individuals again as they enter new regions of the forrest.

It is clearly apparent that the new whole entity has a behaviour which is different from the individual micro-organisms as though a new programme came into existence when the parts became one whole. This is the so-called 'emergent software'. It could still be theorised that the parts created the whole by stating that the collective programme was inherent and dormant in each micro-organism.

However, as covered in other articles there are so many phenomena of a similar nature, in fact, you can't have quantum reduction without quantum regeneration. Quantum regeneration means that when parts come together and resonate as one whole (by means of similar frequencies) as per our 4D physics of the virtual-state hierarchical matrix, the collective whole rekindles a new vibration of higher frequency from the virtual-state matrix, activating the collective state to provide new instructions.

Thus from observations and in terms of our 4D physics the dictyostelia have a collective state which already exists higher dimensionally, of which its wholeness is greater than the sum of the parts (the micro-organisms) and which has an appropriate programme that is enabled when the parts join. This is triggered by resonance or coherence of the parts.

This is the same principle as that of the laser. As we have explained several times, the coherence of light waves (rays put into phase) regenerates a greater dimensional vortex of higher frequency and power from which the subharmonics of the 3D light rays can draw energy.

Quantum regeneration is not Newtonian or Darwinian, and it does not comply with 3D logic. As implied, the laser is an example--hence the latent energy it manifests. In fact all learning processes are examples of this phenomenon. Even a stimulus-response association will be a new, collective whole--not the addition of two or more parts. The higher condition in both quantum regeneration and quantum reduction is greater than the sum of the parts--see other articles.

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