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The popular theme of the book deals with the underlying causes of mysteries and unresolved questions of great interest to both layman and serious scholar that have become commonplace on this planet, ranging from scientific enigmas, such as the Moon, the origins of the Great Pyramid and Sphinx, to religious contradictions on the life of Jesus Christ, the nature of the soul, heaven and hell, and the popular puzzles, such as the Bermuda Triangle, Stonehenge, etc., with a thorough review of the notorious 9/11 event, revealing the true underlying menace. However, while exploring these fascinating subjects, their hidden agendas are exposed, revealing a history of gross manipulation, assisted by the role of mythology, and how this is concealed within media politics, covert politics and exo-politics, combining the activities of HAARP, the Illuminati and MJ-12, etc., finalising with what is in store for the human race.

[Note: Chapter 15 can be read on website https://noelh7.wixsite.com/911menace]

CONTENTS (second edition)

CHAPTER 1 The Missile that Went Awry

CHAPTER 2 Bermuda Triangle


CHAPTER 4 The Dinosaurs and Extinction Periods

CHAPTER 5 The Philadelphia Experiment

CHAPTER 6 Stonehenge

CHAPTER 7 Our Enigmatic Moon

CHAPTER 8 The Real Illuminati and Their Origins


CHAPTER 10 The Crop Circle Riddle

CHAPTER 11 The Arc of the Covenant

CHAPTER 12 The Sphinx and the Great Pyramid

CHAPTER 13 The Phantom Matrix

CHAPTER 14 The Real Heaven and Hell

CHAPTER 15 The World Trade Centre Collapse: The Hidden Agenda

CHAPTER 16 Atlantis

CHAPTER 17 What is the Soul?

CHAPTER 18 Who was Jesus Christ?

CHAPTER 19 King Arthur

CHAPTER 20 The Holy Grail

CHAPTER 21 The Photon Belt

CHAPTER 22 Japan and the Atomic Bomb: Secret Political History

CHAPTER 23 The Ghost Phenomenon: And To Bury or To Cremate

CHAPTER 24 The 'New Human'

CHAPTER 25 Hollow Earth and the Real Inner Earth

APPENDIX A Time Matrix

APPENDIX B Atlantis and Lemuria Implant Network Systems

APPENDIX C Tests of Truth in Science

APPENDIX D Dimensions of Inner Earth