(August, 1998)
By N. Huntley

It is of relevance to consider the information that there is a marked symbiotic factor between knowledge and evolution and that this information would be utilised by an alien race in taking control of a planet's civilisation. This would be a case where time was no object and not only would violence be avoided---except created by the captive civilisation itself---but the invaders would remain unknown to the citizens.

The aliens would have sufficient knowledge of the psychology of this species such that the full media, education and publications would be regulated by them. However, specific control would only be necessary in extreme cases as the population would be programmed to create its own limitations. This is the situation on planet Earth, today.

In effect, mass hypnosis can be achieved by controlling all sources of communication and information. Leaders and intellectual authorities would be given special attention so that all information was based on logic, rational thinking; all science based on Newtonian mechanics and relativity as fundamental, and overall, all knowledge representational, encouraging a fragmented and low-frequency structural framework or belief system.

This alien race, if it recognised that the planet could receive cosmic inspirations and energies to subconsciously uplift this civilisation, and if the aliens were advanced enough, they could modulate the resultant frequency spectrum of this civilisation's mass consciousness and put it out of phase with cosmic aid and communication---it would be placed in quarantine.

What are the physics aspects of this very basic mind control? Function and structure underlie all phenomena. Function primarily creates structure, though function can be controlled to create limiting structures achieved by considerable repetition, accompanied by distraction or unawareness. The essence of function would be: creativity, originality, input, real-self, consciousness, God, spirit, control center, etc.---the cause of bringing something into existence. Structure would be any energy, matter, atoms, body, learning patterns, memory, mental pictures, brain, mind, programs, etc.

The basic being in an unformatted state could be pictured as an energy form of infinite flexibility---like a fluid---both qualitatively and quantitatively. With this analogy for consciousness, in its primal, native state, one can see that when it is contained by structure, such as pouring fluid into a mould, it must take on the shape of the mould. All structure acts as a template this way on the basic awareness of the individual. In fact, as per nature's computer system all information is shape of energy, formed from frequency rate, phase angles (relationship of frequencies) and dimensions.

Thus as function creates structure, structure feeds back its form to function---this is perception and the act of being things. When this occurs without the conscious awareness, the individual is controlled by the structure such as in mind programming.

A simple example of this is in developing a learning pattern to execute a skill. The learning pattern is activated by the intention of the individual but then acts as a template in drawing off (selecting, 'absorbing') the correct energy pattern (focus and frequency spectrum of energy) from the input---the consciousness or function; the basic individual. One simply 'sweeps' one's attention (energy) over the learning-pattern structures and they do the rest, they focus the energy for us.

 All this is done willingly, of course, in skills. But just imagine if this process was unconscious. We would not know our thoughts were being formatted by structure. The thoughts would be formatted before one thought anything. Even with a language, each word is a structure and acts like a template on the infinitely flexible consciousness, forcing it to think only those concepts. This is the state of man today.

Eventually the conscious mind will expand so that there is no subconscious or unconscious. We can see now how knowledge will influence evolution. If man is only operating at the ego level he will only observe and gather data which gives him an ego science (a science based on man's interaction with the universe).

Our civilisation has been programmed to think in a certain special mechanistic way---with the left brain. This is the Newtonian reality; one made up of infinite points of energy out of phase with one another (this is the basic model of present science). As explained in earlier articles this path has a dead-end to evolution. It is purely intellectual, based on 3D logic, in which all structures are observed only to be made up of composites of particles with no true wholeness or inner-dimensional structures---in other words, a lifeless framework. With the present form of the intellect, no IQ of any magnitude will enable one to understand the universe.

On the right-brain side, the inner-consciousness and intuition reads directly the vibrations of other people and the environment, acquiring instant information far more reliably (when fully functional), avoiding the illusions and traps of the left-brain ego view in which only copies of experiences are made and manipulated in the mind. The right-brain thinking and intuition is synonymous with a quantum reality (quantum physics), which recognises the principles of vibrations and resonance.

The intuition, which could be as vivid as any physical sense, is holistic. (Note that the quantum reality of physics is recognised to be holistic.) It grasps whole, complex wave modulations instantly---our own pets do this in their limited way. Pets essentially only read the universe/environment, but consciously, whereas we unconsciously read and write to the universe. Every thought writes to the universe and adds to its store of data.

We need to become in phase with the universe. In doing so one's consciousness will select (this is the same as creating) from infinite possibilities a sequence of experiences synchronous with one's goals. Of course to achieve this, one's mind musn't contain dualities (see article on the meaning of duality) which are dichotomous dual polarities (for example, being slayer or slayee). It is possible to achieve a holographic synchronous civilisation (see article on this).

Another area of control by these aliens would be to keep physics (the basic science) and religion separate. No advanced civilisation has a lack of integration between their science and religion. This segregation is an indication of how undeveloped a society is. A spiritual science reconciles physics and religion. It embraces life, mind, the universe and the spirit, all under the same principles of nature's holographic quantum-computer system. This is essentially accomplished by physics succeeding in modelling unity---the undivided whole, or the quantum state. Anyone who attempts this will be discredited and their information suppressed.

Let's take another significant and real example of how programmed mass consciousness, through its individuals, will regulate development and progress in science---and therefore its evolution. Much of physics and science originates with Newton's evaluation of the 'legendary' falling apple. One could say that this event---or just prior to it---was a bifurcation point in probabilities---significant differences in evolution would arise depending on the evaluation.

Now since mass consciousness was, and is, in a highly fragmented condition (amenable to present-day Newtonian physics), Newton, possessing a brilliant mind, would be 'chosen' to make that particular evaluation. He provided an explanation of why the object behaved that way. He selected a relationship of factors which mathematically and locally described the phenomenon. Notice we said 'locally'. This evaluation that the body is attracted to Earth by a gravitational force and resists motion through its inertia, resulting in a particular acceleration towards the ground as the gravitational force pulls down until the inertial opposite (acting up) becomes equal (this is instantaneous as the body falls), is a limited, workable, 'surface' solution.

The falling body is said to obey what we now know as Newton's laws. These laws, however, only apply to the superficial 3D aspect of the universe---and they are not global, that is, not fundamental or compatible with the universe's holographic quantum-computer system, and fail to describe the inner-workings of nature. Newton's laws apply to the 'illusions' of 3D, a surface of particles out of phase with each other (this creates 3D!---it is the definition of 3D).

Newton could have come up with a solution which was fully global in that the principles would apply to all other phenomena whether mind, life or the spirit. At that time---and now, maybe---it would have been rejected as unnecessarily complex or difficult and the fact that this solution applied to other phenomena would not have been recognised, since such questions were not being asked, and still aren't.

Thus Newton chose a limited solution for the evaluation of the falling body, in keeping with the condition of mass consciousness---essentially one based on an ego view of life. A more advanced solution would reveal that the falling body was in phase with spacetime. Nodes of quantum oscillations within the body are in phase, in resonance with the gravitational nodes moving towards the centre of the Earth.

Under these conditions there is no gravitational force acting on the body (in terms of Newtonian forces) and no inertia manifesting in the acceleration. Gravitational force arises, however, if the body's motion is resisted or changed artificially. One can have acceleration without force. This is a property of the universal computer system (see later articles on inertia and gravity). Spacecraft propulsion systems must operate on this same principle in order to traverse the enormous distances in space. Any field system such as gravity or antigravity, which can act on all atoms, nuclei simultaneously in a body, will bypass the onset of inertia (this is a whole subject for another article).

We see then that collective consciousness will create a reality according to its own physics of vibrations. Low fragmented vibrations will create a materialistic existence of forces, conflict, negative synchronicities, survival, suffering, ego-individuals in competition, with a physics described by Newtonian principles and Darwinian theories. High integrated vibrations will ultimately create a positively synchronistic existence of health, harmony and peace, based on holographic quantum principles, in which individuals are continuously in phase with all of creation experiencing positive synchronicities at all times (what we would think of as perpetual luck).

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