October, 2008
Noel Huntley

What may come as a surprise is that evolution is more a matter of physics and computers than biology. However, we are not interested here in a quantitative analysis of developments within the race, but more the qualitative and experiential side.

Regarding our particular civilisation in its current condition, it doesn't take a keen perception to recognise the chaos and turmoil this planet is in. Most people have developed, and become accustomed to, an educational belief system that this condition is to be expected in a complex world such as ours, and quite normal.

We are pointing out that our civilisation is in an extreme or abnormal path of evolution such that it is mainly devolution. This can be considered to be a non-harmonic evolution. Imagine at the other extreme a world which evolves along a harmonic path of probabilities: nature devoid of carnivorous creatures, etc., and harmonic technologies having been invented in the early stages of scientific development. This would be a natural, harmonic evolution. However, to proceed with the different stages of development of a civilisation we can appropriately use our civilisation at its present stage of evolution and show what could be expected if the race began a continuous recovery of its current desperate plight.

At present, based on science and education we have an extremely materialistic existence with mainstream knowledge claiming: man from ape, and brain/body theories; the Big Bang, in which the universe (of very high-order design) sprung from an explosion and randomness; no continuous life after death of the physical body; purely quantitative evaluations of life, mind and the universe, and not truly qualitative with a recognition of unity (or macro quantum states), etc.

The current status of our planet is one in which there is severe abuse of nature and resources, there is excessive use and misuse of force manifesting in human control, excessive laws and enforcement, egocentric conditions and non-harmonic technologies (which are force technologies, giving pollution, dangerous energies to nature, inefficiencies of energy generation and shortage of energy supplies).

A significant step forward in our evolution would be an increase in respect for other life forms. This is inevitable if the race is evolving along a path of higher intelligence and integration, greater sanity and alignment. Clearly all killing would eventually cease. Wild carnivorous creatures would be removed, say, to another planet. In an advanced civilisation, or one that had evolved harmonically from the beginning, there would not be, and would never have been, carnivorous creatures. Food would be vegetarian with healthy artificial additions. At some point, all food would no longer be cooked since heat destroys valuable nutrients.

Around this level of development there would be a gradual dwindling of medical treatment and reducing enforcement through laws. People would attain complete sanity and perfect health. There would follow a society without the need of money, government, police or military. There would eventually be no laws required since every person would be responsible and follow their own natural spiritual ethics. Everyone would have a sufficiently developed perception to be aware of another's viewpoint and how they feel---and thus couldn't harm anyone. Nor would one wish to gain at another's expense. Physics would clarify the law of karma and show clearly how negative acts divide the unity of energies into a polarity, creating an imbalance as the perpetrator acts entirely from his or her own viewpoint (blocks off the other), but causing an eventual reversal of this to occur through the natural laws of physics of the universe (what one puts out returns to one to balance polarity and restore unity). Continuous life beyond physical death would be elementary knowledge within science. No monetary system would be required since different individuals or groups would be interested in producing a useful product that would be available free. No one would be greedy or selfish. Committee meetings would be convened to handle any 'government' projects.

Competition, sports and athletics as we know it would peter out. Not only would no one be interested in beating other people but mental and mind abilities would supersede physical abilities, for example, through levitation and eventually teleportation, etc. At a further stage of development, a reverence for life would include plants, and only fruits or vegetables which could be picked from trees would be eaten---this doesn't kill the tree (of course this may seem like nonsense to our more barbaric way of thinking). However, this stage might be swiftly passed through or bypassed as the species develops a reverence for all creation.

By now the members of the race will be breatharians---a re-structuring of the body and genetics which allows the humans to bypass the solid foods created by the Sun and breath in the Sun's radiant energies directly. Yogis have long since called such energy, prana. Now a reverence for all creation would include every atom. All natural entities, including whole planets or galaxies will be recognised as being intelligent and conscious, and made up of the same basic particles, units of consciousness (billions of times smaller than subatomic particles). The (scientific) reader is reminded that about 40 years ago leading quantum physicist, professor David Bohm, concluded that such entities as a planet/galaxy were undivided wholes (single quantum states of energy of complete unity), but ignored.

At this level of advancement, that is, a reverence for all creation and being breatharians, there would be no waste, not just from food but even 'construction'. Thought, or more easily, sound frequencies, could shape any desired item. If say, one wished to 'dig' a hole in the ground, certain sounds/harmonies would spontaneously and automatically achieve the result. Homes could be built this way, and objects levitated. Such a level of evolution would also manifest a totally positive synchronistic existence. The collective of the species would be fully integrated and holographic and each individual would be tuned to this state. That means the information of the whole and its infinite computations would be available spontaneously and automatically to each individual, not necessarily consciously. This means everyone would be in the right place at the right time, would meet the right people, make the right decisions, and no events would occur to cause injury, unless one wished this.

Unnatural and artificial systems have a basis in genetic mutations. What we are alluding to here is that our abnormal evolutionary condition is due to race mutations, making a recovery to natural harmonic conditions based on original harmonic non-mutated blueprints, a very difficult task, compared with an evolution free from negative interferences in the first stages. This will become evident when geneticists discover what the so-called junk DNA is. Over 90% of all DNAs on this planet is not understood. The base pairs have broken off. Unfortunately when the first geneticist discovers these advanced mutations, instead of receiving a Nobel prize, they will be ridiculed, attacked, and the discovery will be a bigger cover-up than the UFO scene.

Let us finalise this brief study of an evolving civilisation with a reference to the symbiosis of technology and consciousness. Such a relationship is not observable in our existence because of the imbalance. Nevertheless the effect is present; a collective consciousness which is chaotic and fragmented will develop negative and non-harmonic technologies. And vice versa, negative technologies will contribute towards bringing down consciousness. Ideally, technology is supposed to be an extension of mind/consciousness. It is not supposed to impede the development of consciousness or replace it. Abilities within the species should develop, replacing technologies and at the same time more refined and advanced sciences utilised as an aid to the expanding consciousness.

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