By N. Huntley, Ph.D.

January 3, 2023

This little understood relationship between external and internal is paramount for the clarification of the contextual nature of all creation and all energy relationships. This is a major factor preventing science from advancing beyond our 3D existence. Moreover, a lack of understanding of the relationship between external and internal effects both science and religion. This revelation would direct science into higher orders of greater truth with a proper recognition of the presence of a multidimensional universe and existence. A true higher science means there are energy relationships of greater harmony and unification, in fact, this is what higher spirituality manifests and is the essence of the terms 'sacred texts' or 'sacred geometry'. This will, in particular, give us a proper clarification of the observer/observed relationship. Furthermore, and very relevant to the above, recent advances in scientific thinking are revealing that the description 'nonlinear' is required for deeper explanations of the nature of Creation. (Note that 'nonlinear' in our context here does not exactly have the same meaning as in mathematics' nonlinear equations.)

In religion, another very important example of this would be the Bible's references to Source (God), the 'Father within', and 'Kingdoms within'. We shall return to these.

Note that for anything that is sufficiently basic we shall, as with previous articles and books, use our standard simple models, such as the ladder, the company organisation, and the tree geometry.

Geometrically, any energy entering a 3D system at 90 degrees to our 3D plane is coming in nonlinearly. A very simple analogy would be to consider a company organisation---picture this pyramidal ranking system with the president at the peak and ground-floor workers at the base. Instruction to the ground-floor workers is not communicated linearly (along the base 'line'), it is passed down from managers, executives, and ultimately the president ('vertically' meaning nonlinearly).

As a result of the hologram and fractals forming the multidimensional gradient, as described in the article The Keys to Understanding the Science of all Creation and the God Concept, any level, such as the ground-floor workers, that is lower than another (the managers, executives), operates within the context of the higher level(s). In effect, it is inside it. The direction of the information is nonlinear (comes in at 90 degrees---'vertically' from 4D). Compare artificial intelligence, which functions in 3D and is linear.

We shall firstly introduce the triad principle [1] to assist with an understanding of these abstruse concepts; it is the simplest expression of these relationships. The triad principle can give us a simple and initial understanding of the relationships between multidimensionality, nonlinearity, the 'within' and even Creation's fundamental geometry of spheres within spheres [2]. In Figure 1, when the elements A and B (particles, waves, people) are in energetic alignment---in phase, harmony, the collective C is quantum regenerated and this can be diagrammed as shown. The elements A and B are inside C, but not in the 3D sense. The wholeness aspect is displaced in a 4D direction (higher dimensionally).

In Figure 1, if we imagine only level A and B as existing without C present, then clearly A is separate from B---what we refer to as objective. This is a linear relationship and the separation is relative (not absolute). Each of A and B is external. But in the context of C they are not separate. Scientific laws and objectivity are based on the 3D spectrum of frequencies; they only give relative results. This is fine as long as they are recognised to be relative to a higher truth, but if there is no recognition then scientists are dealing with illusions (wrong causes). Thus, A and B, in the context of C, are not separate. Externally they are separated (such as in 3D space); but internally they are connected and thus must be inside C.

Let us now present a range of examples to aid clarification of this elusive concept. Picture the diagram again of the ranking system of a company organisation with the president at the top and the ground-floor workers along the base. Consider each staff member to be a unit of energy/knowledge/information, for example, the president would have all the information (say, for a product process). We can see that a ground-floor member is operating within the context of a manager, of which the latter is the integration of a number of ground-floor workers. Think only of the energies of their information. We can thus see that the ground-floor worker is a unit within a larger unit, the manager. Or the manager is functioning within, say, the executive, a higher order, and so on---like spheres within spheres. Use Figures 1(a) and (b) as a guide.

A second example could be the fractal system of a tree, with its lowest fractal order of branches connected up through increasing degrees of order to the single unit in the centre, the tree trunk. As covered in previous material, if one were to look into the higher dimensions of the inner space one would perceive an energy system of spinning spheres within spheres. The small twig sphere would be inside the branch sphere, and the latter, inside the next higher order branch, etc., and all would be inside the largest sphere, the tree trunk---see reference 2.

One may arrive at the conclusion that this geometry underlies all creation but multidimensionally; the pyramidal ranking structure of the company organisation analogy could be re-formulated as spheres within spheres (imagine the instructional information of each staff member, above the ground-floor workers is continuously projected down). All these energies superimpose at the lowest (3D) level simultaneously.

Note that the relationship of the twigs, branches and trunk of the tree is pyramidal with the trunk in the 'president' position, and the twigs in the position of the ground-floor workers.

Even the learning pattern, which provides the programme for making skilled movements, is diagrammatically pyramidal---see other material specifically on this complex subject [3]. If we are applying this to the motion of, say, the hand, we must also apply it to not only the individual movements of the fingers, wrist, etc. but also apply it to the whole arm sections (the fingers, wrist, elbow, and shoulder relationship. See Figure 2 (hugely simplified) for a motion of the hand from X to Y, the point of 3D-control is inside the greater circles/spheres. This is a holographic, fractal, multidimensional nonlinear pyramidal interface template. Figure 2 is merely to show the 'within' aspect of even a learning pattern. In Figure 2(a) the smaller dotted circles would be inside the largest, and in (b) we see more of the vortex structure.

The same rules for the pyramidal interface system (template) will apply for the whole cosmos of universes and, furthermore, the God concept is automatically revealed showing that one shouldn't be thinking of a source up in the sky but 'within' (inside the higher-dimensional energies) as explained in the Bible. We are 'inside' the greater wholes.

1. Article: The Triad Principle of Creation.
2. Other material (articles, books) shows that the pyramidal configuration of Creation (conversion of one whole to many parts) reduces to the geometry of spheres within spheres (minimally 4D counterrotating spinning vortices within one another). Books: The Emerging New Science volume 1 and 2.
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