(October, 2001)

By Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

 By formatting we mean any action which imposes a framework to any energy. This is the same function as a template or mould. Even the formation of a definition formats ideas by putting in limitations and boundary conditions. Dimensions format space, time, and energy, dictating the arena for exploration or consciousness expansion. Any focus of consciousness is formatted consciousness---it is equivalent to a hypnotic trance.

If science hadn't already been under the influence of mind-control dogmas, scientists would have proposed a general theory of everything in which everything begins with one whole (quantum state), just as we have other alternative theories such as Darwinian modes of origin, including the notion of building up from the minute. It would have been an acceptable scientific hypothesis. Let us proceed with this wholeness approach.

We could begin with the idea of a uniform consciousness spread out everywhere, like an ocean. There is nothing outside it. It is energy. It has a frequency spectrum (which could be regarded as in a virtual state). This ocean of consciousness could be the first manifestation of the unmanifest, the undefined, unqualified creativity of infinite potential and possibilities. We can go into a little more detail and say that it is composed of minute particles, billions of times smaller than subatomic particles and which are in fact what we can call units of consciousness. This is actually the basis of the current speculative and theoretical area of quantum physics today---the so-called Unified Field Theory. Though we say 'theoretical' and 'speculative' the ideas originate from provable principles of quantum mechanics.

We now consider that this consciousness (which is function) condenses into structures, separating out. An analogy for this would be to think of steam instead of consciousness but ignore anything to do with temperature. We know that steam can condense into water, and water can freeze into ice. Thus we can imagine an ice structure, say, hollow inside and patterned so that it acts like a template when the steam flows through it.

Now let it be emphasised that the purpose of using these ingredients in the analogy is to show that the steam, in effect, created the ice structure, but the steam, which is infinitely flexible, is now formatted by its own structure--the ice mould.

Let us now return to the real situation of consciousness condensing structures. The importance is to recognise the rigidity of structure which enforces its shape on the infinitely flexible energy of consciousness flowing into it.

We might predict that scientists will eventually discover that nature's computer system, that is, the mind or universal system, operates on geometrical intelligence. It is a frequency-coded universe. Shape of energy plus frequency (and dimension) is information.

This applies to all manifestations. Everything is or is represented by information in the form of packets of energy with shape, frequency, dimension and ultimately orientation of energy or particles.

We might wish to imagine a very complex structure---a system of geometric hollows and tubes. This could be the human body or brain. The purpose of structure is to cause consciousness to be formatted (focussed, limited, defined, etc.) in a manner to express appropriate information---in fact to create a reality; an existence. The structure will extract (mould, focus, distribute, absorb, elicit) from consciousness the appropriate energy patterns, frequencies, according to the structure that consciousness created in the first place.

A learning pattern in skills is such a structure, which when the input (consciousness) activates it, it selects a preset focus (governed by the learning pattern) of energy from consciousness so that consciousness does not have to concentrate hard and struggle to make accurate movements as in learning a skill, endeavouring to find the correct positions of limbs, etc.

Thus we can imagine a complex structure within this ocean of consciousness to be a personality---a pattern of encoded consciousness units---and at a distance, another somewhat different structure for another personality, etc. We can include all other forms, objects, atoms, etc. in this scenario.

Note that we are talking about the nature of programming in the universal system, which is geometric and governed by the principal variables: frequency, rate of recreation (or transmission); phase angle of frequencies (spatial/temporal relationship of oscillations giving shape); dimension (magnitude and scope of the energies); and dimensional orientation of these energies and particles.

Of course, we are also implying that thought itself originated these templates, frameworks and structures. The creation of an idea immediately imposes on the Unified Field an encoded format which moulds these consciousness units into a pattern. The resonance of this pattern will then continue to attract similar patterns, sub-patterns, or any matching frequencies, giving more life to the idea.

Programming can be good or bad; survival or non-survival. It can also be very restrictive. A simple somewhat harmless example would be the extremely well embedded programme for face recognition. Psychologists have shown that when we look at a face, in effect, a framework, a template, is overlaid on the visual perception. This template is a general format of the human face---covering all 'normal' faces. Psychologists call them 'schemas', which can be applied to all thought, learning and cognitive processes. When we perceive a specific face we make the adjustments to the template to conform with that face. If the face fails to fit well into this format, the individual doing the perceiving feels uncomfortable---they become prejudiced. Everything we do, including all thoughts, act in this manner---they impose frameworks and limitations, which are programmes, on our thinking, acting, and creativity.

Let us return to our model. Thus consciousness is being formatted, defined, qualified by structure which is enforcing its pattern. And a pattern means information, knowledge, memory, programmes. An atom is a structure condensed by consciousness according to certain rules, or a programme, which in turn is a coded package of frequencies and consciousness units.

We can imagine now an ego structure developing around the personality causing less consciousness to freely flow through the structure system (the person). What happens now is that the consciousness begins to think it is the structure since it is being the same shape and frequency---the medium poured into the template becomes the template.

This is the state of man today---he thinks he is a brain and a body. Note also how this can apply to more subtle areas, such as when a learning pattern is activated we think we are the learning pattern and don't realise there is actually an interface between the learning-pattern structure and the input function. We identify with the learning pattern---actually think we are creating at that moment complex movements when in fact we are using the machinery to do it for us---we just follow it; let go.

The next step is to envisage one of these structured personalities as becoming enlightened and breaking through the ego structure. The consciousness energy now flows freely and the individual realises he or she is not the structure but consciousness.

Now since the consciousness is everywhere, the person, while simultaneously retaining the information in the structure, the personality characteristic, abilities etc. can be consciousness elsewhere; for example, another person's viewpoint. Note that this gives a reality on the spiritual notion that God is everywhere and everything; it is all one thing---one type of energy that is basically whole and everywhere. With this enlightenment and development, a scientist could be---take on the consciousness pattern of---say, a blackhole in the distant cosmos, and grasp directly the energy relationships.

The above model is very simplified and is not ideal in terms of tests of truth in physics. There is an apparent strange disparagement between the consciousness energy and the abrupt change to a rigid structure, such as the brain or body.

We have to imagine a potential range of structures from the heavy 3D one, such as the physical body, through other structures for memory, programmes, mind, and also etheric, emotional, spiritual structures (bodies), etc. ranging up through dimensional structures of greater expansiveness, probabilities, more flexibility, greater dimensions and back to the infinite form of the energy of consciousness (capable of being any information). But all is a focus, a framework or format of consciousness. Thus all forms of consciousness are equivalent to hypnotic states. We are hypnotised within the third dimension. A learning pattern hypnotises one to focus energies in a certain way. A fixed belief system is a hypnotic trance-like condition.

In the above reference to the structured personality becoming enlightened, how does this occur? If consciousness is trapped in the ego format, it is a closed system, and consciousness doesn't know anything else. This brings in the subject of open and closed systems and self-referencing systems. See articles on these topics. The whole of human consciousness could be formatted into a particular belief system or in fact simply a strong ego structure, and since there is no consciousness to step outside this closed and self-referencing system (similar to hypnosis), the human cannot know that it is dramatising this state of mind. Patterns could be programmed into human consciousness to, say, be cannibalistic or justify ruthlessness, virtually anything because the energy of consciousness has been shaped this way---it doesn't know anything else. If one disagrees with this, it is because one is recognising that consciousness has higher fractal levels, such as the soul. Even though the soul is greatly blocked from the average human awareness, this 'external' consciousness, the soul, is capable of manifesting and merging with the human consciousness and, in effect, stepping outside the programming (formatting, brainwashing).

Science and education teaches, however, that there is nothing beyond the human level of consciousness, no soul, no higher fractals, no God. This is the key to entrapment of the human race. That is, to develop and teach the factors that promote this condition, such as 1) encourage ego growth, which forms a closed system of consciousness; the human level cuts itself off from the soul fractal, and 2) discourage right-brain consciousness, with the subsequent impairment of intuition, imagination, creative abilities and spiritual maturity.

The nature of consciousness is that it is natively totally open. To have an existence, a reality, we must of course form stable and closed systems. The closure is only relative though. An object has some permanence (closure) but internally it is open, via atoms, particles and zero-point energy of space. Education teaches closed systems in both technology and human behaviour; a condition leaving mankind vulnerable to enslavement. In doing so it is achieving this by not only teaching knowledge that man is only the material human but also developing those aspects of consciousness (the left brain) which strengthens this belief, and suppressing those aspects (right brain) which sever the human consciousness from its greater (fractal) selves. The healthy state of consciousness, aware of its higher fractals---soul, oversoul, all the way to the One self, Source---can never be trapped; there is always a more expanded consciousness that is 'outside' the lower state.

The interesting peculiarity arises from the nature of consciousness which is that one can only know what the consciousness energy can be---or is being. One can't know what is outside the focus or framework unless the consciousness expands into it, the soul fractal, etc. One doesn't know when one's perception is prejudiced unless one steps outside it. The focus itself is achieved and held by resonance of frequencies within the template and if we change our frequencies, which is a change in focus, the third dimension, for instance, will change, just as one changes channels on the television.

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