By N. Huntley, Ph.D.
November 20, 2009





          We say a ‘simple model’—which is also an analogy—since the tree is readily understood and can be visualised, and we are using it here to simplify very difficult concepts of nature and the environment.  This fractal-tree model is intended to assist greatly in understanding such profound issues as:  reconciling science and religion; what the soul is; the higher aspects of consciousness of the human; the ‘within’ (Biblical term used by Jesus Christ); inner space and a fractal system of universes; the true path of evolution; what ascension means; the basis of fractals, etc.  We shall see that the tree is more than an analogy but an ideal model for all creation.

It is not necessary to have already an understanding of fractals. The simple tree model will be self-explanatory. To begin, we shall consider the tree devoid of leaves for simplicity, and one with a dense structure of branches and twigs.

The first feature we must recognise is that as we go from the twig level towards the trunk, we see that integration within the branch system occurs.  For example, maybe three twigs are attached to a branch; similarly for the branches attached to the larger branches as the system integrates, and reduces to one item in the centre, the tree trunk.  This is a fractal configuration.  Let’s make the twigs the first fractal level, then the second fractal level is the branch the twigs are attached to, and so on, with fractal levels 3, 4, 5 . . . .  For an average tree there are about seven fractal levels.  See Figure 1.

          Next we imagine that our civilisation is at the evolutionary stage represented by the first fractal level, the twigs.  Our full external 3D space, which we identify as our universe, is represented by the twig level only, that is, the arrays of twigs around the tree represent our 3D universe space.  Where the twig is attached to a branch, this is the direction of inner-space; also the ‘within’ as referred to by Jesus Christ.  Thus we see increasing degrees of integration as we go from many twigs to decreasing numbers of branches to a single source, the tree trunk.


          Science, in viewing the universe (analogy the tree), insists there are only twigs, that is, the tree consists of twigs only.  Note that in this analogy, the twig has a frequency spectrum that is the basis of the 3D material world, and this frequency spectrum forms the basic energy and information of this (our) world, just as a waveband creates the television channel picture.

          We might wish to imagine, say, an individual who is very short sighted who approaches the tree (no leaves).  Owing to the limited perception his vision range only encompasses the twig level.  He walks around the tree and determines that the tree only consists of twigs and thinks there is nothing beyond the end of the twig where it attaches to the branch.  This point is automatically taken as a zero—there is nothing beyond, and in terms of energies, it is the end’ of the universe.

          This is the ‘established’ scientific viewpoint to today, since it is based on physical senses and scientific instruments, both of which are based on the twig level.  We shall come back to this.

          We shall now see that the second fractal level—the branch that the twig is attached to—is the soul level.  The soul is no mystery; it is simply a higher aspect of consciousness, existing in the next frequency spectrum or dimension that is higher in rate of vibration than the first fractal, or twig level.

          The next branch or third fractal level would be what we might call the over-soul, and so on all the way back to the Source, the tree trunk—the God concept.

          We now have a comparison of the difference between our observed external world as observed by the physical senses and scientific instruments, and the inner space, or within, as we go from the twig to higher aspects and fractals of consciousness, soul, over-soul, etc. to the tree trunk or Source of all energy.

          We are now in a position to see the relationship between science and religion.  The importance of this is completely underestimated.  A civilisation is as retarded as its lack of understanding of the relationship between science and religion, or vice versa, is as advanced as its understanding of the relationship between science and religion.  There is really no argument between them; they are each referencing a different context.  Science recognises only the twig level of the tree; religion aspires to the higher fractals.  Even the conflict between the atheist and the religionist regarding belief in a god is fictitious or simply illogical.  The atheist is looking for an external God—a very large twig somewhere at the twig (external-world) level around the tree.  Modern Christianity generally has not realised that this is not their god.  Note that to the degree that religionists believe that God is out there, separate, objective in the external world, they will be disempowered.  The true nature of the God Source is within—through the fractal inner-space system, culminating in the tree trunk or source.

Once scientists recognise that fractals begin in inner space, nonlinearly, they will have to admit the indirect proof that the fractal system goes back to one source.  If there is mere recognition of the system of several twigs attached to a single branch, then several branches attached to a larger branch, it doesn’t take a mathematician to realise that the progression is towards a single state at the centre of the tree; the tree trunk.  The atheist and the religionist now recognise that they are not talking about the same God.  At this point the religionist is quite happy—as long as there is a God, that’s all that matters.  The atheist, assuming he or she is not dogmatic, will now cease arguing but will next look to see if he or she can believe in an ‘internal’ Source within.

          Atheists are generally intelligent people and will go for science when scientific or logical explanations are available.  In this case, if they understand something of the incredible physics of the ‘within’, in other words, creation, they will go for it.


          The evolution of the species is only a tiny part of the evolution of ascension of consciousness.  Why doesn’t science recognise an evolution of consciousness in its own right—rather than as a by-product of physical evolution?  The reason is that mainstream science does not recognise that consciousness is substantial—a real energy state.  It is not insubstantial as is our computer software, which is non-physical, and is just simply a by-product of a special design of the hardware.  What we are saying is nature’s systems operate on geometrical intelligence—shape of energy is information.  Thus nature’s software is also hardware.  For example, qualitative states are not intangible, imaginary illusions and by-products of that which carries them; they are actual states of energy/frequency, such as for instance a tune.  Mainstream science calls a melody an illusion and a mere effect or by-product of a sequence of notes.  It is of course the tune that is causative and comes first, not the material hardware—sounds, strings of notes, musical instruments.

          Using the tree model, the twig fractal is our 3D level of consciousness.  But it has higher aspects of itself, the branches, all the way to the trunk—the source of all the fractal branches and twigs.

          The higher energies/information come down from the branches and trunk into the twig, and in fact keep the twig alive; similarly this 3D is constantly sustained from inner space (the inner fractals within).  Note that unless the twig is severely mutated it won’t ‘do’ anything to harm any part of the tree or the whole.  A mutation would mean some harmonic links have been broken and the twig is not in full communication with the branches, etc., or the links have been bypassed, forming closed-loop systems.

          In general, the consciousness at the twig, first fractal level, can become sufficiently aberrated, misinformed, programmed or arrogant to cause it to consider it is a complete self, and that there is no such thing as guidance from higher aspects (all the way to God Source, the tree trunk).  It is now highly egotistical, and is actually in a condition of dying spiritually; being cut off from the source.  ‘Spiritually’ simply refers to the higher intelligence of the branches and trunk.  Note that the ego-self is now in a closed-loop system with itself (wrapped up in self).  We shall see a symbiosis of this ego-self condition with science and technology; they will follow the same principle.

          Thus the ego-consciousness becomes a closed-loop system within 3D.  It has severed itself from higher aspects and has no guidance from its own higher intelligence.   Picture one twig in this condition acting for self, has no direct knowledge of the adjacent twigs across space, only objective knowledge—passed across space.  It will therefore act selfishly towards them; even harm them.  However, if the twig is connected up to the higher branches, as we trace this path from twig to branches we may see that the adjacent twig across space also traces back to the same point.  This means the information at this point is a higher aspect for both twigs (or more).  That means each twig now has perception of the other and won’t harm it.  If one goes far enough in this hierarchy towards the tree trunk eventually all twigs come under the same information—see Figure 1.  But all these fractal levels are flowing information to the twig level.  Thus if the ‘twig’ is advanced enough spiritually it can sense more branches towards the trunk and finally the whole tree, and would act altruistically for the greater whole.




          We have briefly covered the application of the fractal tree model to consciousness.  However, there is a symbiosis between science/technology and consciousness.  We don’t notice it because our conditions on this planet are so much out of balance.

          Imagine again our 3D is the twig fractal level.  The twig has its own information, but flowing into it are higher levels if information (4D, etc.) from the next branch, fractal-2, and from the other branches to the source, the tree trunk.  Science only detects the twig information level because of the belief that the only acceptable way of acquiring truth is through scientific methodology.  Since scientific methodology or the experimental method is conducted by observation using scientific instruments and physical senses only, then it will only detect the twig information.  Physical senses and scientific instruments are in the 3D frequency spectrum range and will not detect the information coming from the higher fractal levels of higher frequencies spectra.  Twigness will only detect twigs.  As a result of this experimentally imposed limitation, the scientific world goes no further than the end of the twig, a fractal boundary, where it meets the next fractal level, the branch.  This boundary will automatically be considered a zero point.  Whereas if one were looking from the branch level, outside the context of the twig, one would see that this point of division is not zero.  Science observation is inside the system of the twig and will therefore only get relative results.  This is what quantum physics discovered about 60 years ago and stated the observer is part of the system (same as ‘inside’ its own context).  One must be outside the context of a system to evaluate it properly.  These relative results would be the same as using a meter for measurement but having the zero point of the scale shifted to, say, one unit that has been marked zero.  Results will be correct relative to one another but all biased by one unit. 

          If a more consolidated understanding is required, using the same tree analogy, we can imagine one whole branch of this tree to be swaying in the breeze.  If one analyses this motion, the twig is executing the greater motion because it is the extreme fractal on the end of the branch.

          Consider now that science is making a measurement in this 3D universe, the twig level.  Since it is inside the context of the twig, where the twig meets the branch will be a ‘zero’ point—apparently no motion (in the wind).  The amplitude of the twig will be measured relative to this zero—like setting the zero on a meter scale, mentioned above, before making a measurement.  But we can see that the next fractal level, the branch, is also moving, and carries the twig.  Thus the zero point is not stationary—and we have a false reading.  But it is acceptable as a first order, until one develops higher knowledge to embrace the branch.  Clearly this repeats again and again, all the way to the tree trunk.  

          The twig fractal is nevertheless receiving information/energy currents from the higher fractals, which keeps it sustained.  But science, confined to the twig (3D) level, forms closed-loop systems within this level, and does not recognise they are being perpetuated from higher levels.  Consider electricity.  This is a 2-wire closed loop artificial system.  It has to feed off other systems—such as a battery or generator.  Inevitably it is a non-harmonic technology, since it is divorced from the natural currents of creation, which come down the branches from the tree trunk.

          Non-harmonic or harmonic systems refer to technologies for power production, but also the actual structures themselves.  An artificial structure such as an automobile and its engine is entirely a closed-loop system, requiring energy for power; for example petrol, and force for maintaining the structure: parts held together by forces, nuts and bolts and welding.  A harmonic technology is an open-loop system tuning into the internal (‘within’) natural currents of creation, providing perpetual energy.  Such a technology may, nevertheless, be combined with non-harmonic technologies based on forces and Newton’s Laws.

          An example of an extreme non-harmonic technology compared with a totally harmonic technology would be the rocket ship going to the moon, and the advanced spacecraft, respectively.  The rocket system is utilising closed-loop energies at the twig level but not using the natural energies of creation coming from the higher branches.  This means it must utilise forces to overcome the resistance.  As a result of this force and disharmony we have pollution, resistance, inertia and great quantities of fossil-fuel energy required.  In addition, there are extreme dangers to the crew because of the complexity of components with narrow margins of safety.    

          Now, the spacecraft, say, going to the Moon, sets up spacetime conditions and, just ‘falls’ to the Moon, no fuel required; there is no inertia (which means no mass with respect to the propulsion system), and no forces—obviously Newton’s laws are bypassed.



          We have already discussed this to some degree—it is of course the subject of free energy devices, over-unity energy supplies, etc. very much suppressed on this planet.  In the tree analogy the infinite supply is the energy/information coming from the trunk through the branches system to the 3D twig level and tuning into this.  The analogy may be easy to see but what about the physics?  Can we present an energy/ particle description without getting too technical? 

          Let us try a couple of analogies.  The first one is less efficient than the second, but possibly an easier introduction to the elements of the problem.  The components for the nonharmonic technologies—those of planet Earth—are a closed circuit and static field and the requirements of a continuously available input.

          Imagine viewing a waterfall from a distance.  For the analogy, we just see a column of white water with a constant head (the top of the waterfall column).  Consider that we can’t see the incoming flow from the top (river), or the exit flow at the bottom.  It is just a head of water that appears static.  This column of water can be an analogy for, say, a charged battery, in which the two terminals create an electric field—considered static in electrical engineering (ignoring the fact that it is actually dynamic—as we can see in this analogy).  However, we know that as we examine the internal structure of the waterfall it is dynamic; there is a continuous flow from top to bottom.  Similarly, the battery or any pair of charged terminals (dipole) is drawing in energy from space/vacuum (zero-point energy) and releasing it radiantly as observable photons (electromagnetic radiation).  The initial energy consists of unobservable particle from the virtual state.  This continuous flow within the ‘waterfall’/battery from unobservable virtual particles to observable photons is referred to as asymmetric, whereas the static field and the charging and recharging of the battery is referred to as symmetric.

          As soon as the battery is charged, this asymmetric flow occurs keeping it in a charged condition.  It could be used continuously without depleting the battery—the waterfall column does not need to be destroyed/reduced to provide the energy (flow of water to drive a turbine), there is already an endless stream of water.  The continuous flow of water in this analogy corresponds to the continuous supply of energy from the fractal tree source, the trunk, through the branches to the twigs.  Whereas the ‘static’ waterfall corresponds to the energy that only the twig possesses.

          Let’s now give the second analogy, which may fill in some of the gaps of the first example.  In Figure 2 we see a tank of water.  This gives us an analogy for voltage pressure since the head of water (subject to gravity) gives a pressure that forces the water through the bottom pipe when the valve is open, and will provide motion for the water wheel or turbine to provide useful power.



          Current technologies only recognise the configuration in Figure 2(a).  As we use the power from the water pressure the water drains from the tank, and we have to then refill the tank (which takes a little more energy than we obtained from the release of the water).  This is conventional physics converting energy from one form to a useful form but having to input more energy in order to provide a useful continuous supply.

          As with the waterfall analogy the tank of water (compare waterfall) corresponds to the considered static electricity—the electric field of the battery and the subsequent voltage pressure.  If, however, the internal physics of the battery (or generator) is examined, that is, what is happening within the charged condition of the electric field around the terminals, we would find the dynamic condition of a continuous flow (compare waterfall) through the system.  This is illustrated in Figure 2(b).  We see that the tank has (all along) two additional pipes A and B, providing a continuous flow of water which is failing the tank at A as fast as it is releasing it at B, achieving a state of equilibrium.  Thus the tank is always full once it is filled.  Filling it would correspond to charging the battery—it takes energy—say, imagine pouring water in the top of the tank to bring the water level up to the top (fully charged) to provide a good pressure as the bottom (voltage pressure).  Once it is full it will stay like that indefinitely.  Thus again we have the endless dynamic flow from the higher branches of the tree compared with the limited energy of the twig.

          Unfortunately our current technologies don’t recognise this and we open the valve at the bottom to provide the water flow to the water wheel, we lose the head of water and have to refill.  Clearly all we need to do is to shut the valve permanently (or not have one in the first place) and place the water wheel at B.   The wheel or turbine will provide a continuous source of power since the head of water is maintained.

          All analogies are limited.  The reader may need to recognise that in the actual energy situation such as in the battery (as process at the atomic level), the ingredients of the water flowing through the tank is different from the ingredients (causing the electronic flow), providing the pressure due to the head of water.  This is why the head of water is required in the analogy.

          Thus any electrical charged condition creating that apparent static electric field is actually being sustained by a dynamic flow in which the positive and negative poles (kept apart) draw virtual particles from the vacuum and convert them to photon radiation, which radiates out to the universe.

          This energy process of virtual particles to observable photon radiation giving a dynamic field and not a static electric field is referred to as asymmetric or broken symmetry, whereas the static field and so-called conservation of energy is referred to as symmetric.

          This asymmetry was discovered in 1957 by Lee, Chang and Wu and a Nobel Prize awarded.  In spite of that it is not included in electrical engineering and all energy sources must conform to the symmetric.

          The Maxwell’s equations taught in universities and, in particular, to electrical engineers are not the original Maxwell’s equations, in which the asymmetric terms were removed by physicists Heaviside and Lorentz, and a more advanced physics, leading to a harmonic science with free energy sources was buried.

          Thus there is the need for recognition of higher energy spectra—the higher fractals in the tree analogy and the realisation this is a continuous supply.

          We have explained that the source or God is not external but ‘within’.  In fact, if we are at the twig level and God is the tree trunk (but also its extensions) then this means man’s highest aspect or fractal level (twigs to branches to trunk) is God; also, that all creation, whether an atom or sentient being, is an extension from that source.

          What is the ego?  The ego should be merely the identity at the twig level focussed mainly into the twig fractal level, with natural universe boundaries between 3D and 4D or above, that is, between the twig and the branch to which it is attached.  The higher levels would nevertheless be available to the ascending ‘twig’.  However, with all the aberration, mental illness and mutations on this planet the interconnectivity between the twig and the branch is particularly blocked.  The ‘twig’ identity consequently becomes isolated from the tree/universe, and subsequently operates on, and emphasises, self—since it does not have perception of and from its higher fractal levels.  The ego becomes a closed system and automatically will create closed systems (non-harmonic) technologies (symbiosis between consciousness and technology).

          Let’s take religion, in particular, Christianity, although it has no knowledge of the way these energies work it nevertheless teaches the opposite of ego behaviour. The statements like: Doing the will of God, or Let God take over your life, have an authentic physics explanation—it is simply illustrated in the tree model.  These phrases that appear to many people as though one is giving up self, which feels wrong to them, simply means endeavouring to recognise that one’s higher aspects of consciousness are connected and part of the Source/God/tree-trunk and tune into these energies and probabilities; the creation currents from source. 

This is what the true self is all about.  Instead, the ego, focussing too much on self, fails to detect the continuous guidance from the soul level (branch) and higher levels and forms closed-loop systems, causing the ego to be extremely vulnerable to negative influences; making errors, going astray, committing crimes, etc., mainly because it can’t take into account the bigger picture and therefore consequences of actions.

The ego as the twig will only perceive another person (twig) across space (for example, one twig next to another).  It can harm or be selfish to that person since it does not sense their viewpoint or how they feel.  If, however, one is in tune with the higher aspects, for example, the branch to which the twig is attached, this has a common point for both twigs.  The person is experiencing energies/information from a level now that is the ‘collective’ or unity of both these people, or twigs.  They are sharing the same aspect/region of consciousness.  If one is tuned to this higher fractal, which also means is receiving at the twig level the information from this highest point (higher frequency) one will have part of one’s consciousness in common (even if temporarily) with that person, and couldn’t harm or make (direct) mistakes which would be a disadvantage to them.  Thus the branch level is inherently there at all times and could be activated by appropriate harmonic behaviour at the twig level.

          The ego (the twig level), if sufficiently strong, feels uncomfortable with the idea of having higher aspects—the upper fractal levels.  It feels threatened since it can be controlled by these higher levels.  But these higher aspects of consciousness would only have the best interests of the ‘twig’ at heart.  However, these interests, goals, purposes, programmes are not materialistic primarily, which is all the ego is interested in.

Thus the ego will oppose the higher information and opportunities, causing it to be influenced by negative manipulations that will sever the ego still further (creating a block between the 3rd and 4th dimensional spectra).


          The twig level analogy has a spectrum of frequencies; this would be in the 3D range.  Paranormal phenomena, ESP, clairvoyance, etc. come from the higher frequency spectra above the 3D, which we can call higher sensory perception.  This would correspond to the second fractal level or branch above 3D or the twig.  Clearly if physical senses and scientific instruments are structured out of the frequencies or lower wavelengths of the twig level they will not detect the branch level or higher fractals.

          The higher fractal levels nevertheless interpenetrate down to the twig level but not everyone can detect them—and of course science denies them since it can’t detect them with the limitations of physical senses and scientific instruments.  Those people who can detect those higher frequencies already have them accessible in their consciousness spectrum.  Individuals have their own unique spectrum frequency distribution—this is their true identity signature.  It is a complex waveform of superimposed sine waves of countless different frequencies with different degrees of integration or fragmentation (out-of-phase energies).

          Some people will have a low or high distribution, or be in the middle range; others will have some high or very high components mixed with some low ones.  These could be viewed on an advanced scalar-electromagnetic oscilloscope (of the future).  One would see a complex waveform, maybe in several parts, of various frequencies.  An average frequency rate could be taken indicating the evolutionary level of that personality, or more accurately the complex waveform could be Fourier analysed to break it down into individual sine waves to reveal the harmonic or non-harmonic relationship between the sine waves (alignment and phase state).

          In the higher frequency bracket, with harmonic relationships between the waves, would be behaviour states of altruism, benevolence, ethics integrity, appreciation of great art and music.  The lowest regions would contain frequencies out of phase—the twig out of alignment with the higher branches.  Here we would have selfish, aggressive traits and criminal behaviour.  However, it is important to realise that a person may have higher frequencies expressing the above greater qualities, even be a devout Christian but if they are dogmatic, with rigid patterns of thinking, are intolerant and overcritical of other viewpoints, this will also produce a lower range of vibrations.


So what does this mean as far as the person’s future is concerned, in particular, the next life?  Firstly, the higher aspects of consciousness already exist—the upper fractal branch system of the tree—which is somewhat like the future of the lower 3D aspect, the human personality.  An analogy for the way this occurs is to imagine white (ordinary) light to be passed through a prism.  It is split up into a spectrum of frequencies ranging from blue to red—this is how the rainbow manifests.
The original consciousness of the individual similarly divides dimensionally, projecting a series of fractal levels of consciousness throughout the universal system ranging from a higher-frequency waveband to low with a corresponding entity formed at these different dimensions.  For example, in the analogy, the lowest frequency band is the 3D, or twig level, the next, the branch to which the twig is attached, the soul level, and then the next larger branch, the over-soul and so on.
During ascension, or true evolution, the lowest extension (the twig level) is expected to draw in (attract) the higher frequencies coming through from the higher fractal branches, assimilate these into the personality (individual’s frequency spectrum) and into the DNA (connecting bit by bit the biological double strand with higher dimensional scalar-electromagnetic strands braided around the physical/biological strands—and restoring the junk DNA to naturally occurring base-pair molecules).

          One might imagine now the twig being drawn into the branch and absorbed by it, as the twig now manifests a higher state of evolution.  The analogy may be observed to reveal that more than one twig merges into the branch—this is not an inadequacy of the analogy but we will not pursue this, as it is something that the lower ego can never appreciate and feels uncomfortable with.  Nevertheless the lower parts of the self merge into the higher parts (fractals) and ultimately go back to source.

The reader may wish to recall now the tree analogy of the big picture of the energy.  The continuous supply of energy is that coming down from the trunk to the twigs, and we might wish to then imagine that the energy, in addition to forming stable structures of energy it also radiates out from the twigs and goes back to the source, the tree trunk, whereas the orthodox view would be having a closed-loop system at the twig level.  We might wish to imagine for this, a twig, say, kept in a bent position, like a spring, now containing stored, or potential energy, to be utilised for doing work and subsequently depleted with no continuous supply.

          People are educated to believe there is only 3D, that is, the twig fractal level; and what one believes on mass will be created—meaning the higher levels will be blocked off.  Thus using the above analogy when the stored energy in the bent twig is released, the twig has to be worked on to bend it again and provide stored energy, when in fact its very creation (of the twig) involves continuous energy coming from the higher levels, and ultimately the trunk, or Source.  (Remember this is only an analogy, and in real life the atoms themselves are the factors of continuous creation.)

          The answers and solutions to everything are thus in the inner space—the fractal system from twigs to trunk, not the external layer of twigs (our 3D universe).  In religious terms, this inner space is the within taught by Jesus Christ.  All answers are therefore ‘within’ and not outside the self.   Where ‘self’ here would be in the larger sense going back to the tree trunk.


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