(March, 1999)

By Noel Huntley

The same principles of energy patterns operate at all levels, involving the same physics of nature's computer system. What we perceive in the micro world will reflect on the macro everyday experience.

Everything is inherently holographic in that all forms come from one fundamental condition and the parts reflect or are in the image of the whole. Owing to lack of awareness within our civilisation it 'evolves' on mainly negative synchronicities. This means learning is 'forced' on one by misadventure and by 'coincidental' events of an apparently negative nature. Nevertheless it should be added that all these negative synchronicities lead to positive ones ultimately---they have a spiritually beneficial purpose, though it doesn't mean they couldn't be avoided during the formation of earlier probable life paths.

Now it is possible to eliminate all negative synchronicities, and a civilisation could function entirely on positive synchronicities. This means every thought, every event is in phase, or not counter to, the individual's intention or purposes. In terms of physics this is a holistic (or holographic) condition. All parts are in phase frequency wise with every other part and the whole. (Of course this doesn't mean all vibrations are the same.)

Collective consciousness---our particular human lifestream---is an entity of which humans are parts within this total consciousness---like subharmonics of a higher-frequency wave. Our civilisation with a 3rd-dimensional existence has been said to be in 3rd density condition, apparently around 3.50. (other systems, such as the Guardian's material, refer to our 3D as first density; soul level, second density, etc.). This is essentially the New-Age system given here---the Guardian's material is much more complex; see other articles in ET section. The 'density' is referring to frequencies; the higher the density, the higher the frequency---not to be confused with matter density which would have an inverse relationship.

The 3rd density is structured of infinite particles, quanta, filling all space and objects but out of phase with each other. That is, in general, there is no correlation between these particles' frequencies. (Realise that the 3rd density is only part of superspace---the ego view and experience of it---containing increasing degrees of correlated energies towards higher densities and dimensions.)

This 3rd density is the arena for working out problems; for evil to exist, due to the nature of dualities. Although victim and perpetrator are locked in a holistic relationship it is based on a two-pole configuration with one pole only in phase with the other to attract it. When these (horizontal) dualities exist, consciousness is fragmented; the perpetrator cannot perceive, feel, the viewpoint of the victim, otherwise no harm would be inflicted. Thus only the ego condition of separateness based on out-of-phase energies---the Newtonian reality rather than the quantum reality---can ever give rise to problems, disease, etc.

In this condition the civilisation's parts, the individuals, are out of phase with their higher-selves and collective state. The is a vertical duality from higher dimensions to low. In this condition the parts are like a massive jig-saw puzzle in which the pieces are jumbled. Each individual is not receiving continuous guidance from his or her higher-self or able to intuitively tap into the infinite computations of the collective state, which in itself is fragmented and containing negative energies.

As the civilisation evolves above a 4th-density condition---this also gives rise to the appearance of 4D components into the 3rd dimension---the separation between individual and the collective state has decreased such that the individual has access to the information within mass consciousness, which is now in a healthy, united condition. This collective state can be thought of as making infinite computations per second, all holistically related though; that means utilising programs which operate for the greatest good.

Each individual can now intuitively tune into this pool of information and spontaneously act on it. That is, it doesn't clutter the mind of the individual who now operates entirely on positive synchonicities. This means all decisions can be correct ones; one will always be in the right place at the right time; meet the right people; there will be no suffering or disease. One couldn't even stub one's toe since synchronistic energies spanning time will avoid any probabilities which one doesn't want. One would thus experience an unconscious urge to avoid the obstacle.

Clearly, many extraterrestrials, for example, some of the Pleiadian races are experiencing a synchronistic society. Initially one might suppose that there would be lack of free will. But this is not the case. The infinite possibilities computed upon within the mass consciousness can handle the most mind-boggling synchronicities so that it can work out optimumly for everyone. This involves an unimaginable physics but it is nevertheless handled by a higher-dimensional holographic model.

Finally we might consider further developments in evolution. What happens after 4th density in which the personality is in perfect harmony with the higher-self and collective state? A 5th-density frequency is one in which there is no particular focus on a body. The state is fully multidimensional; the lower-self is the higher-self and there is no duality. The 'individual' can be the collective consciousness and simultaneously be itself. There is now multidimensional awareness of the computations of the collective state. The entity can focus on being different bodies/personalities of its own, or be them as a whole---as well as being the collective whole.

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