(May, 2004)

By N. Huntley, Ph.D.

The authorities behind science, education and the media endeavour relentlessly to convince us that the human has evolved from the Neanderthal. The irony is that although we, in fact, did not evolve from this primitive form, one might say that the Illuminati running our planet did!

According to the Guardian's material, if we go back to around 150,000 years BC, the Anunnaki (from planet Nibiru---our twelfth planet) created Neanderthal man as a slave race for mining gold. They intended to use humans but decided they were too intelligent. The Anunnaki discovered that gold, in its white powder form, has positive regenerative effects on their deteriorating DNA. They even put it in their atmosphere. However, they ultimately discovered its serious long-term side effects in creating greater distortion in the DNA and their consciousness. Note that today individuals have discovered this white powder and are convinced of its regenerative powers.

Neanderthal man had a genome consisting of Anunnaki and ape genes; also a few other minor species. The Guardian ETs had a benevolent hybridisation research programme for the rehabilitation of DNAs, and some of the fallen ETs who had defected to their side were requesting this bioregenesis programme. The Guardians decided to utilise Neanderthal man since it already possessed compatible genes. They, the Guardians, upgraded the Neanderthal, known then as Lulcus, to Luhari or Cro-Magnon-1. Then further to E-Luhli-Levi Cro-Magnon-2 and further to homo-sapiens-1, containing many human genes and now a body form indistinguishable from humans. Bioregenesis involved permitting these fallen ETs to incarnate into these bodies, combining DNA strands and through experience and constructive living, rehabilitate their mutated and reverse-coded DNA. These non-human souls in human-type bodies were called the Anu-Melchizedek Leviathans.

Unfortunately the rebellious, invader ETs seized this opportunity to further their world-domination programme They realised that these bodies/DNAs contained compatible genes and could be used for incarnations to thus operate physically on Earth and control world affairs more directly. As a result, countless Anunnaki, Drakonians, and hybrids who were compatible were born into these human bodies, but with a far different consciousness from humans regarding their deficient emotional structure, absence of compassion, but great mental abilities. These Leviathans, as they were called, with their family lines extending from the Atlantis period to the present day, formed the Illuminati. By around 10,000 BC the number of Leviathans were considerable---outnumbering those on mission for planetary realignment and restoration of the DNA. The Leviathans, both the resistance group and the bioregenesis group, were easily directed by their puppet masters, the fallen ones, from their extraterrestrial vantage point. Thus the Illuminati don't necessarily know who they are or that they are given information only on a need-to-know basis. Moreover just as there are competing factions of ET races, there are corresponding factions of the Illuminati. Ironically, we could say that although humans didn't evolve from Neanderthal man the Illuminati did. However, the important point here is the nature of the souls that enter the bodies, and in the case of the Illuminati these would be non-human fallen ET souls.

Many implant network systems (effectively underground) are present on Earth, set up mainly by the two principal competitors, the Anunnaki and the Drakonians. Although many Illuminati might think that enslavement of the human race is the final agenda of the invaders, this is not remotely the case. The Anunnaki, at the first opportunity, intend to install scalar-pulse power plants in Earth to blast open the portals to Inner Earth. This would be a major step towards a take-over of not only the planetary system but the final goal, the complete assimilation of the time matrix (a sector of the universe), which they have been planning for hundreds of millions of years. The Inner Earth portals lead to higher dimensions of our time matrix, and even if they can't get far through these portal systems due to their deficient frequency patterns they would nevertheless prevent higher sources of energy entering to protect the lower levels by altering and reversing alignments, thus enabling them at least to assimilate the lower dimensions. It is simply food (energy) to them to stop their slow blackhole decay. The planetary and stellar alignments for ascension and portal access only occur every planetary time cycle, 26,556 years, occurring now until 2012 to 2017 when lower and upper dimensions temporarily merge.

Currently, there are many Illuminati Anu-Melchizedek Leviathans under invader ET control running governments, science, religion and education. There are also good people in general who are unsuspecting victims of astral tagging (implants) or targetted with psychotronic mind control, and compromised by consciousness/DNA infiltration. Where possible 'pet' control dogmas are exploited in which the human is pushing some obsessive religious dogma or ideas of God, or belief systems and motivations related to science and politics, etc; in other words, humans tricked into playing 'unholy' roles.

During Atlantis, different factions, motivated by corresponding controlling ETs, attained possession of different geographical territories on Earth and installed spikes that are embedded in the Earth's grid system. These are seed implants of crystalline metals inserted deep into the crust by means of photo-sonic pulses. The spikes act as receivers and broadcasters. This is known as grid spiking and is one method of creating an implant network for enslaving the society. When the spikes are activated they create a myriad of mini-wormholes which run to the large main phoenix wormhole in the Bermuda Triangle; also to Nibiru, the Anunnaki planet controlling Wormwood (planet X). Note that our planet is riddled with electromagnetic corridors, portal systems, a principal universal star gate, and the Sphere of Amenti (Pearly Gates of Heaven), containing 6 different dimensional portals, and the Staff of Amenti, a frequency conversion portal.

Since around 10,000 BC, government buildings and places of worship have been built over the spikes. Society has been cultivated by these ET-controlled Illuminati Leviathan family lines for thousands of years.

The Drakonians 'copied' the Phoenix wormhole with their Falcon wormhole in the same area, Bermuda Triangle. Frequently the Anunnaki would cap (block) the Falcon, and then the Draks would blow it off--there was continuous warring. These wormholes formed part of the implant interface systems of these rivaling ETs and were designed to be merged with other support systems such as the grid spikes and even the government HAARP.

These large implant network systems need to be boosted by the ascension cycle stella activations, but they need a continuous linkage system with sufficient global coverage, and have to be activated. The Philadelphia experiment in 1943 was set up by the Zeta-Draks to complete their interface system by activating the Falcon. In 1983 the Zetas again controlled the Illuminati for a further experiment and linked the Falcon to the Necromiton network.

In 2000 the Phantom Matrix Anunnaki, Draks and Necromitons formed an alliance: the UIR (United Invader Resistance). The two wormholes were to be blended to augment the final network, creating sufficient power to pull the whole planet into the Phantom Matrix. Note that the 'big' Anunnaki and Draks come from the separate Wesa matrix (consisting of Wesedak (Anunnak), and Wesedrak (Drakonians)). These 'dark lords' created the incredible 'Beast' technology---see cosmic map article.

The Phoenix-Falcon 'blend' experiment didn't work due to planetary consciousness-- through Indigos mainly and stellar ascension activations---creating a critical mass of the 12-code pulse, that is, a D12 current; what the Guardians refer to as a 12-dimensional current fully aligned with the Source or Divine blueprint. The UIR technology and consciousness can't work at D12---their DNAs only go to 10 and 11 strands (dimensions), and in any case are essentially operating on reverse coding.

Many of the Anu-Melchizedeks have to be 'awakened' into motivation by the invader ETs before the ascension-period spontaneous changes in their DNA occur, which could cause them to turn against the invaders. There is a race against time. A further powerful tool of these ETs is the programming of Indigos type 3---who are vulnerable, having agreed to aid the Nephilim (Anunnaki-human hybrids) in rehabilitating their DNA (by sharing it)---to create the Anunnaki 'Magenta' race; recognisable by a red streak in the aura.

The Montauk-Phoenix wormhole grid-spiking network became due for activation in 2001. This is normally accomplished by means of scalar sonic pulses. These sub-sonic pulses are known to have a dangerous spread. As a result, prominent buildings, such as the twin towers and the Pentagon which had primary spike sites under them would be expected to collapse. Nevertheless to destroy the buildings was all part of the greater plan and the cover of terrorists was set up to serve the purpose of stirring up further conflict, mass psychological fear, and another war, in particular, pitting countries against one another regarding whether they sided or not with the Anti-Terrorism Coalition. These sub-sonic scalar pulses are created by: 1) combining calibrated electromagnetic waves at specific angles to one another, 2) sparking these with a special electrical charge, creating mions (the 4D particle corresponding and underlying protons); 3) directing the subsequent subspace sonic pulses of mions to the target (this beam is the trumpet referred to in the Bible) and 4) entrainment on the target and form-locked before resonance is amplified, turning matter into ashes. [Main reference: Voyagers II, new edition, by Ashayana Deane.]

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