January 24, 2022
Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

Can we reduce life, mind, consciousness and the universe to a few basic principles? Even simple ones? We must include all aspects of existence and be able to interrelate them into a coherent whole structure, embracing current disparate fields of knowledge, such as in science, religion and the supernatural. We can delineate five key steps in this evaluation to give us an understanding of this formidable breadth of universal phenomena.

1. The Absolute
2. The hologram
3. Fractals
4. Multidimensional
5. Nonlinearity

Firstly let us present a brief explanation of these terms to aid and encourage the non-scientific reader before giving an in-depth evaluation.

The Absolute is non-material: no particles, waves, or space and time, which means no energy activity. We shall come to see that it has the characteristic of being 'everywhere at once'. There are no words to adequately describe it; even 'everywhere' is a contradistinction since there is no space. Further, 'at once' relates to time, of which there is none. However, it is encouraging that we can consider that quantum physics' quantum realm is akin to the Absolute since it is regarded and accepted as possessing infinite possibilities or potential.

We naturally begin with the Absolute, particularly, since this has a certain degree of acceptability to science and logic. We shall see that for the first material or energetic expression of the Absolute we could expect a structure such as the second principle above, the hologram, connecting all things, since the same image/information is everywhere at once in the holographic plate. Moreover, if we separate out the potential orders within the hologram we can form a scale of degrees of order, and we have our next item, the basis of fractals. But also we now further have a gradient for the next step, a multidimensional scale of frequencies and potential structure for life to explore and experience environments/universes. Finally, nonlinearity relates to the direction of true causation from which these original energies appear as they are manifested (clue: even the Bible has it correct with the word: 'within'---Kingdoms within, Father (Source) within, etc.).

As we elaborate on the above, the subject inevitably becomes more technical. However, what is amazing here is that we have an analogy for all the above, except the Absolute (which will be explained by other analogies as necessary for providing a beginning for the other concepts). There is a simple analogy which brings together all these features into complete relationship that everyone already understands. This is the company organisation presented in previous material many times.

Everyone can understand how this is structured. To depict it clearly we use geometry giving us a diagram of a pyramidal ranking system of its staff members; see Figure 1. Unexpectedly, it is a simulation of life's examples of the nature of all manifestation. Note that we have a single entity at the point of the pyramid, the president, and along the base we have numerous ground-floor workers, with sublevels between the two, such as managers, executives, etc., organised with specific numbers of members under their respective heads of departments. Think also of these staff members as energies, even ranging from computer bits to celestial bodies of the cosmos, where appropriate. Note that this is a ranking system of increasing degrees of order to the maximum wholeness, the president. In the diagram, the number of circles is not significant. This number will be chosen according to the specific number of elements/units required in going from this general template to various specific applications.

We can now obtain a better understanding of what we mean by 'nonlinearity'---which is crucial to a proper grasp of this material. In applying the company organisation analogy, picture the staff members placed geometrically as in the diagram. We see that control passes down from president to executives and then from executives to managers, etc., it does not pass horizontally, such as at the ground-floor level. In strict operations there is no cause and effect 'horizontally' which would be linear. True cause comes in from high orders to low, but not actually 'vertically' down into 3D, as it appears in Figure 1 (but from a 4D direction---picture 'behind', 'beyond' or 'within').

Now as far as science is concerned there are two basic conditions throughout creation. These are, 1) the Unmanifest, and 2) the Manifest. Unfortunately science essentially only confronts the 'Manifest', which defines everything that is structured from particles, waves, space, and time; in other words, tangible matter and energy detectable and measurable by scientific instruments.

Religion can accommodate the Unmanifest, such as 'God' as Cause, and as a prior condition to the Manifest, but we have no science of this state, in particular, even no science of the interconnectivity, or theory of a gradient, between the Unmanifest and the fully explored 'Manifest'. The scientific method limits knowledge about life and the universe to what scientific instruments can detect. However, with sufficient evolution of the mind, in perception and expansion of consciousness, limiting instruments will become less needed.

We shall see that this interconnectivity structure is also demonstrated by Figure 1. It not only manifests in the creative process, for example, the gradient between a single initial non-material Cause (from the Unmanifest) to a manifestation of material particle formats in the formation of structure, but in the dimensional layout of universes at fractal levels ordered from low (3D) to higher dimensionally. In fact, this could be termed a universal pyramidal interface system since it transforms one whole (compare president or God) into many parts (compare staff members). Note that even the Great Pyramid is included in this category---its special geometry acted as an interface device between the higher-order fifth-dimensional frequencies and 3D, the lower-order third-dimensional frequencies. [1]

Now we have covered the overall picture we can go into more detail on the five factors and their relationship. We have explained that the Absolute is non-material compared with everything else, which is a product of particles, waves, space and time, and we have indicated one of its most important features: the 'everything is everywhere at once', relating to the second property, the hologram.

Let us describe the main feature of the Unmanifest that is of interest to our analysis. Imagine a space in front of us, say, spherical and a few feet in diameter. Let this space be an Absolute space, the Unmanifest, nothing else in it. On the outside of the sphere to our right, is our right side; similarly for the left, and up and down. However, move inside the sphere and we have no right, left, or up or down. Every point inside is everywhere else, hence the above expression. But how do we go from the Absolute, that is, from the Unmanifest to the Manifest? What is the interface between them? In science, the Unmanifest is 'nothing', no substance. However, we have a logical relationship of this to quantum physics' quantum realm of infinite possibilities and potential. Moreover, quantum physics is considered to be encountering the Absolute, such as in statements that a particle can be considered to be everywhere until it is detected. It is as though it is 'spread' throughout the Absolute until a certain kind of interaction occurs, such as a measurement or a perception. Note that the Absolute will be neutral without personalisation characteristics (some religious philosophies recognise that the Absolute precedes God, as we do here).

The final section of this article attempts a description of the first 'Cause', the Unmanifest (God or the Absolute); whereas here we are particularly interested in the nature of the interface or connectivity between the Manifest and the Unmanifest. How can information, control, or energy, function between 1) a first Cause, the Unmanifest whole singular state, and 2) a multiplicity of Manifest states, particles, waves, space and time. Note the pyramidal relationship 'one' (whole) going to the many (parts). Compare Figure 1. It will become more apparent how fundamental this is.

Now science focuses almost exclusively on the Manifest---everything quantitative, objective, tangible or simply consisting of some measure of particles, waves and the accompanying degree of space and time. It does not bring in the Unmanifest or the subsequent all important feature of the interface between create and resulting manifestation.

Let us now focus on the Manifest. Imagine in Figure 1 that only level D is recognised. Keep in mind the Absolute and the characteristic 'everything is everywhere at once' and the significance of this regarding providing a basis for the next step: the formation of the hologram. The hologram is like a photographic plate, but when shining a laser through it the well-known phenomenon of the 3D image appears on the other side. We are not interested here in this, but are interested in the property of the hologram that when we shine the laser through any portion of it, small or large, it reveals the whole image each time. The hologram image exists in every portion (size) covering the whole holographic plate.

Take a look at Figure 1. This diagram simulates a pyramidal interface structure which indicates the nature and relationship between the Unmanifest and the Manifest---from the One to the many, embracing everything from small components in the mind computer system to our cosmos of many universes. Level D could be our 3D existence; C could be the soul level universe, and so on, through many levels as needed to the Absolute or total order at the top---for religion, this would be 'God'.

Scientists are familiar with the hologram, though more so the artificial one (from which we get the holographic image by shining the laser through the hologram) rather than nature's holographic wave patterns underlying all creation. However, it is becoming increasingly acceptable to science to speak of our universe as a giant hologram. What more can we say about the relationship between fractals and the hologram? The main feature of interest is that each portion of a holographic film (hologram) contains the full image (shine the laser through any piece cut from the hologram and the whole image can be recovered). All we need to understand here is that it indicates an inherent interconnectedness or unity between all parts, as though everything came from one whole. The multiple elements within the hologram on many scales give us a range of degrees of order which we can imagine being drawn out 'telescopically', forming a gradient of levels, fractally organised and multidimensional, in which energy flows from high order (larger units) to low order (smaller units) giving rise to a nonlinear process of energy of creation as it 'vertically' enters and creates each lower 'horizontal' level.

Figure 1 gives a rough idea of the inherent holographic property and subsequent fractals showing the degree of order---increasing from D to A. The diagram only shows four levels; any number can be drawn. If we imagine all levels below A enfolded into A we have a simplified depiction of the hologram. The wholeness of any image will exist in every portion (size) of the whole. This is essential if we are to embrace all facets of existence, in this case, in particular, the spiritual view (or Source). (To improve the simulation of the company analogy we would have to imagine all the staff members were telepathically connected continuously---in terms of physics this would be achieved by resonance of frequencies.)

Let us present more information on fractals, which is clearly an extensive subject.[2] The tree geometry gives a quick elementary initial understanding of how fractals manifest in all facets of existence. For readers not familiar with fractals, take the tree as an excellent example of an ordered fractal system: twigs, (attached to) branch, (attached to) larger branch, etc., finally with the single 'source', the trunk. This is why trees are beautiful: fractals are a genuine form of art. They demonstrate the characteristic of organisation within organisation. The tree can be diagrammed in the same pyramidal interface form; see Figure 1. It is the perfect model of all creation. An example of hidden fractal orders within randomness would be a ploughed field. An artist can recognise the hidden order amongst the chaos of dirt particles. But these ordered groupings of unity of the ploughed field are not ordered sequentially---sometimes referred to as chaotic fractals (in the figure imagine the circles displaced vertically---breaking up the gradient).

Thus the principle of fractals, when ordered in sequence of degree of magnitude (such as in the tree), gives us a gradient (such as the ranking system of a company organisation of levels or steps of expansion for such applications as an evolution from low (intelligence) to high. This would particularly be relevant to mind and consciousness/soul/spirit. (Note that true intelligence is degree of order---expansion of mind/consciousness---as per the higher levels/dimensions in the pyramidal diagram; a branch level or a manager is more 'intelligent' than a twig, or a ground-floor worker, respectively.) [3]

Fractals might be considered one of the most important discoveries in science. The mechanism of fractals gives us not only a relation between order and disorder but it 'causes' nature (creation) to express in different degrees of order. Consider the tree again, in particular, the geometry (ignore the leaves), and note that the twigs, branches and trunk are the same in form but of different sizes, scales and different degrees of order. Now imagine compressing, enfolding these parts into the centre. We now have a construct similar to the hologram. In fact, as explained in previous material if one could see into innerspace (4D), the tree, in its enfolded nascent state, would be seen as spheres (4D spherical vortices) within spheres,[4] the largest spinning vortex would project out as the trunk, and inside this sphere would be the spherical vortices of the branches, and within these, smaller branches and spheres down to twigs. This is the basic physics format of creation, including a whole universe (spheres within spheres), or cosmos containing universes.

The circulation energy for the entire cosmos is a network of counter-rotating vortices [5]. We can now see that by 'unfolding' the inner 'tree' into external 3D space this gives us a fractal distribution of branches and twigs. This is a universal pyramidal energy configuration---the tree is a perfect, simple model of all creation.[6]

Figure 1 also illustrates the pyramidal structure of the learning pattern (skill mechanism).[7] We must increase the number of units hugely to represent computer bits. This becomes a 4D holographic learning pattern within the mind computer system, which converts nonlinear information into linear information. Our conscious mind operates down from the 'president'/'God' position at the top, and at the base it becomes linear---the output for physical movements. Note that this learning-pattern template containing computer bits reduces in frequency from the top to the base, consistent with the other applications, in particular, the layout of the universes within the cosmos.

Thus our fourth concept, 'multidimensionality', naturally arises from the fractal orders, ranging from low order---many small units, such as twigs---but increasing in degree of order to larger units (branches), integrating finally at the 'highest' level, the tree trunk. Or, for example, a manager is a higher order than a ground-floor worker; he or she is, in effect, the integration of their department members. Think of these as energy units (which we shall see can cover the range from computer bits to celestial bodies in the cosmos). As we increase the dimensions, the degree of wholeness (holiness) increases, and the energies/frequencies increase (a natural physics law not yet recognised by science). The multidimensional levels now express the ordered arrangement of universes of different dimensions all the way back to the Source.[8]

This same physics applies to all natural processes, going from one whole to increasing degrees of fragmentation, with accompanying decreasing frequencies forming an underlying complete spectrum from low to high. Combined with the specific fractal levels we have a multidimensional formation for the foundation of universes, and different potential environments for life forms of different degrees of intelligence/evolution. The purposes being that the single Source (at the top, Figure 1) individuates down the levels to explore and experience its infinite possibilities, manifesting existences simultaneously on all fractal levels, and these individuations, such as humans, have an instinctive evolutionary predilection for returning to the Source. Note that all these natural pyramidal structural designs within life, all originate from a single state: the tree trunk, the president, learning pattern, universe groupings, etc. All learning, advancements, evolution, ubiquitous fractals, progresses towards greater integration, wholeness, and ultimately unity and Oneness. [Note that 'tests' of truth in physics indicate that true progress is in the direction of greater unity, in particular, for example, unification of dualities.]

After studying the characteristics of the Absolute (nonmaterial, all-encompassing, infinite possibilities, eternal, and neutral, etc.), we could scientifically postulate that a self-awareness arises within the perpetual subjectivity of its infinite possibilities, engendering a desire to explore and experience its endless potential. This Absolute could form the basis for a unified field commensurate with the 'Holy Spirit' in which states of objectivity could be projected 'out' from this single but infinite Source-self. Based on the hologram and fractals we as humans could be considered to be microcosms within this Absolute, but also all natural material formations such as atoms, molecules, planets, etc., would have their Absolute connection. All this would be consistent with the emergence of consciousness. As microcosmic individuations from Source we would be mini-versions of the Source and therefore a similar psychology should apply, in particular, since there is the all-pervading and perpetual holographic property in which everything manifests on all scales. Thus the nonmaterial Absolute must be externalised into the first manifested state; which would be the unified field (referred to in physics) consistent with the notion of the 'Holy Spirit'. But note this would be expected to have layers of densification of energy/matter, coming down the dimensional scale to our more familiar and more physical all-embracing aether of our space---sometimes called superspace (charged with energy activity). Information from various sources indicates that projected thought acts like a template and 'condenses' the aether, creating the form.

Thus we still need to present some kind of physics---even if of a speculative nature---to explain the creation of separation (from the single One-self or Source cause) sufficiently substantial to simulate a reality of effects (environment). That is, we need to present an idea of how objectivity or separateness (to give cause and effect) can appear in which that One self can separate from itself to bring about the 'effect' condition necessary for the formation of an environment and all conditions that give rise to life and its existences for all manifestation from particles to the cosmos. Our conclusions would be based on an evaluation of the best and most convincing aspects from sources such as philosophy, science, religion, New-Age, etc. But, in particular, and as far as possible, keeping it in agreement with scientific thought and acceptability. That cause or self-viewpoint must be initially on both sides to provide 'cause and effect', or 'observer and observed' and the effect side (the environment) must be in a 'not-know' condition to make it appear separate (compare quantum physics' 'I/not-I' relationship).[9]

Firstly, at this basic level, we begin with the condition of no separation, no objectivity. Everything manifested must be inside the original Source---the latter must separate any thought projection from itself. We humans do this regularly when we resist, oppose, deny and experience undesirable effects, causing a standing-wave structure (two balanced opposing energy flows), which if repressed is stored away in the unconscious and can be reactivated and act separately against us. However, operating as the Source all this would be fully conscious; Figure 2. In the diagram, note that C can play the role of A in viewing B as separate, for example, an environment, and at the same time view A and B from C collectively. This is common amongst humans in good communication, without them being aware of it.

Certain key pointers here which can logically be considered to be true are, 1) the beginning state must be singular---one whole. There can't be any parts as this implies separation, objectivity and background space. Anything that is created from this initial beginning must be inside, internal and not external. This is ultimately why the word 'within' is used in the Bible and also why science is encountering more the nonlinear viewpoint regarding transfer of information observed within nature. There is thus a single Self or Cause and nothing outside it.

Real progress/evolution is in the direction of greater comprehension of the unity of all things and a desire to return (by re-evolution) to the One eternal Source. This ascension process is achieved by increasing degrees of consciousness/mind expansion by existing in and ascending a universal fractal system of increasing degrees of order and dimensions. Ultimately, it is the coherence (harmony, agreement, resonance, 'on the same wavelength') of all parts back to Source---also it is the scientific explanation of spiritual love and why it can be said to resolve everything.

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