(May, 2000)

By Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

Our society views and measures intelligence and the intellect in a very specific way, not realising that this approach is not absolute. We have a definite idea as to what constitutes the ability to perceive and understand, to process incoming data and evaluate truth, unaware that it is preferential, meaning biased.

Most of education is based on this particular approach to understanding, and it is never questioned. The human being, where this fixation is well-embedded and programmed, giving rise to our highly-rated so-called objectivity, has in store some painful shocks as we move into the next wave of 'evolution'. Unfortunately this will be tougher on the more educated person.

Our educational system creates a particular type of template for consciousness and this becomes the hallmark for the measure of intellect. The individual trained in this particular way becomes 'logical,' 'rational' and in the extreme is categorised by the labels 'academic' or 'intellectual'. Let us make it clear from the beginning that for this specific development these people deserve praise; they have in fact developed a very high standard in the application of logic, the ability to evaluate representational data, to deduct and induct and draw rational or appropriate conclusions, generally aided by models, that is, mental constructs of phenomena. We could even speculate that, although relative to most ETs, we would be viewed as a primitive and barbaric civilisation, this 'intellectual' standard is still high. It is just that ETs would refuse to limit themselves in this manner of learning and would utilise far easier modes of consciousness.

Thus it comes as a surprise to most to discover that we are in fact a very logical civilisation--which is not 'normal' or average. Logic is considered the highest tool for the evaluation of truth on this planet. To put it bluntly, however, we have been had. Yet at the same time, this logical development was part of a larger scheme, which was positive and allowed. Is this a contradiction or paradox? It is a contradiction but it does resolve, and thus is not quite a paradox. We have been set up with the greatest handicap and hardship in the process of learning. Thus as a thoroughly programmed civilisation it appears normal and that there is nothing else to consider--no alternative. (For those who have observed the apparent opposite, that we are a very emotional civilisation, it is necessary to point out that this emotion is often negative and will occur as a reaction to suppression of higher emotions and intuition.)

Science will eventually have to acknowledge that there is a fundamental energy state which we have been calling 'consciousness', and which is sentient. It is everywhere but is formatted into an infinity of modes of application (a particle, an object, mind, planet, personality). This is exactly like the action of a template. As an analogy, imagine pouring water into a mould (template); it will take on the precise shape of this template. The water, which has infinite flexibility, is now limited to a particular shape. The universe works on geometric intelligence; shape of energy (plus frequency) is information. Consciousness, or any input energy, which we provide or have provided in creating anything, works in a similar way. It is confined to rigid patterns or signatures to express different information, that is, different modes of itself.

As many people are aware, education develops left-brain applications of consciousness and suppresses the formats which consciousness would take through the right brain. As a separate example, note that consciousness (which is input, attention) functions through learning patterns in skills; its energy (after transduction) is distributed by the learning patterns controlling nerve impulses, etc. to the correct muscle groups. The learning patterns act as a template--they focus (hypnotise) to produce the correct energy patterns for movements.

The human mind is notorious for unwittingly referencing an abundance of hidden fields of context. Even this third dimension is a context and limited dimensional framework imposed on consciousness. In this manner, the left brain is context-dependent since it gives a mode of consciousness which is linear, serial, and deals with 'surfaces' of reality composed of 3D space and time, and fragments reality into parts (hence analysis and 3D logic). The contexts are within the hidden layers and will act as a (mind control) reference and impose their limitations unknown to the left brain. Whereas the right brain is essentially not context-dependent. Its perception is holistic and penetrates the surface. Present a new idea to the intellectual or scientific mind based on left-brain thinking and if there is no related context in that mind it will automatically reject the information. Do this with a right-brained person and they will know if there is any truth. This can be disturbing news and the very notion of such a thing will be attacked to protect the ego, which is based on the fragmented left- brain expression. But this is why women, with their greater intuition and right-brain consciousness, have been suppressed.

Education disables the right brain (and don't ever be naive enough to believe this is an accident). Consciousness formatted and working through the right brain has not only holistic perception but also depth perception--it can read vibrations. We should, however, point out that we are talking about an advanced mode of operation of the right brain and one (in now considering further evolution) that is working with an open heart. The heart has been found to have a brain. Some 65% of the cells are revealed to be neural cells as in a brain, with neurotransmitters. Quite apart from this astonishing discovery, the heart, beyond the physical dimension is a massive information centre with a direct line to Source, totally dwarfing any brain.

This heart/right-brain teamwork introduces a different mode of learning and understanding. Consciousness, functioning in this manner, can sense frequency packets, that is, read vibrations and assimilate the information conveyed by these frequency patterns. Note that as we have said previously it is a frequency-coded universe. Although the wave function idea as a reality in quantum physics is considered as mathematical fiction, it turns out that it is real and that all phenomena, not only can be represented by the wave function (as per present quantum physics), but all phenomena are wave functions or more precisely, packets of frequencies.

The individual, when operating in this mode, will sense or feel these frequency patterns with such vividness that not only will information be transmitted--such as the simple piece of information of fear in others sensed by an animal--but more complex information received simultaneously as one whole! We have now transcended the serial mind and the usefulness of 3D logic and moved into quantum and multidimensional logic.

Unconsciously we already process instantly and simultaneously complex information in perceiving art and music. In skills and coordination, huge amounts of data are processed simultaneously by learning patterns.

We would be embarrassed to find enlightened ETs with mental abilities that dwarf ours but this is only because they are using these other faculties which have been manipulated and suppressed in the human. Thus as we have implied, the intellectual is very clever in that mode or restriction of consciousness.

It is necessary to realise that the direction of learning dictated by our education is not ultimately workable and return to a balance of left and right-brain activity in which the intuition will reach unlimited levels of perception, with direct comprehension, of an experiential nature, of complex information through the developing (releasing) faculty of knowing by feeling or sensing patterns of frequencies (via the opening of the heart centre and enabling of the right brain). Note that this is on the emotional (and intuitive) scale--hence the suppression of emotion in society--but what we might consider to be high in this scale towards aesthetics.

This same over-logical (left-brain) development, through deliberate manipulation of the mind, gives rise to the delusion of an external God-- the worship of which would then assuredly disempower the individual--as opposed to the recognition of the Source as being within each individual. Left-brain thinking also gives us objectivity. This is valuable and necessary (particularly as society is set up this way). It enables us to represent natural phenomena in a systematic way so that information can be communicated to another and potentially understood. Unfortunately it phase-locks consciousness into the third-dimensional spectrum since scientific representation and models of life are built from elements as a result of analysing truth; breaking down wholes into parts. This reduced integrity is a property of the fragmented and lower-frequency spectrum of the third dimension.

Once this process has become established we have the illusion of complete separation--like perceiving mountain peaks visible above the ocean surface as separate (not knowing that they are connected below the surface barrier). We then believe that the observer and observed are truly separate and independent. In fact, as indeed quantum physics has verified in measurements at the micro-level, they are interdependent. This is like the dog (observer) chasing its own tail (observed). It only makes the observation that the tail is wagging but does not notice that it is chasing the tail in circles (because the 'observer'--the dog's head--is the context and turns with the tail). This brings in the vital subject of context which we do not have the space for. All we need to know is that the conclusions and data obtained in this manner are not only context-dependent and relative but that the context, via left-brain thinking, is third dimensional--and will of course self-prove within that context.

The abstruse mechanism of the relationship between subjectivity and objectivity can be thought of as a strata of alternating levels or fields of subjectivity and objectivity. For instance, in this scheme the first level of consciousness is subjective; for example, it knows it is thinking or causing something itself. But the level above is objective (relatively); for example, the environment is doing something which one apparently didn't dictate and we call it objective. Awareness at this second level, however, would make it subjective now and not objective. The next higher stratum, level 3, would now become apparent as objective--until one 'ascends' to that level and it in turn becomes subjective, and so on.

This is the inner-structure of the subjective/objective illusion. Basically all is subjective, underlying a hierarchy of limitations/barriers, giving contextual levels of objectivity. By stressing left-brain ability we are confined to the lowest level possible of subjectivity, causing everything else to be out of one's immediate control in its apparent objectivity, and thus creating a reality with a high coefficient of objectification (for example, space and time cannot be manipulated consciously). Objectivity equates with unconsciousness.

Left-brain consciousness is a little like a theoretical understanding of life, whereas right brain would be practical. Left-brain perception would be, say, viewing an object and experiencing all the memories, conscious and unconscious, of this object. Consciousness is actually focussing on and experiencing the (frequency) patterns and pictures in the mind representing this object as a result of having, in effect, taken pictures of it (this could include all the other four physical senses, besides visual). These recordings (patterns/pictures) are not the object and are out of phase with the object--different frequencies. Now with full right-brain perception, combined with the heart centre, perception of the object means consciousness is resonating with the vibrations of the object. In effect, our focus is following that sea of consciousness (which is everywhere) into the object's template, and consciousness is duplicating it. It is an in-phase condition, and as is recognised in quantum physics there is instantaneous correlation of the object and observer; instant transmission of information--the same consciousness in both the person's template structure and the object's, experiencing the coded information (the frequency signature of the object) of its identity.

As we have intimated, it is a manipulated trend, both 1) to hold back our species' evolution (negative), and 2) explore linearity (positive). It has prevented ascension into the fourth-dimensional spectrum and at the same time has engineered, possibly as per the original intention and plan for our race, new experiences, giving rise to the discovery and exploration of consequences and responsibility, and acquiring new wisdom--to experience fully, in effect, the data processing of physical, material reality.

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