(January, 2003)
By Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

Probably the most misunderstood items or entities of scientific formulation are force, momentum, inertia and mass; also gravity, which is not completely separate from the same confusion. These errors, or wrong assumptions, are not just being made by the academics but also the particular feature which we stress here is overlooked by the new science pioneers and investigators generally. It is vitally important, particularly to the new-age thinkers and free-energy device inventors that a certain concept is understood; one which requires more unlearning than learning and the removal of prejudiced perception. This concept is the basis of the recognition that there are two kinds of motion, and also two kinds of equilibrium. Current scientific knowledge does not recognise two kinds of motion but does, however, have two descriptions for the same motion.

Let us clarify this 'two descriptions for the same motion' before proceeding to explain the two different kinds, which is the purpose of this article.

There is 1) the particle description based on Newtonian determinism, handled by classical physics, in which the initial state of the body is specified, enabling prediction to be made of its future path, and 2) the wave description in which the location of the body is expressed as a probability. This latter method is used for micro or quantum entities, owing to the inability to specifically identify its determining attributes, whereas (1) is used for macro bodies or systems containing large numbers of quanta or particles. Method (2) can also be used for large (everyday type) bodies but it reduces in the limit of large entities to the Newtonian description. Thus it is easier to use the particle description (1) in the first place. All we need to mention here is that we have two ways of describing a body: the particle and classical method that assumes the precise condition of motion can be known, and the quantum wave method that gives the probable condition.

In both cases, we are talking about the same kind of motion; just two methods of approach. The wave description or quantum theory, generally, do nevertheless indicate a different kind of motion (our topic in this article) which should have been recognised. We are talking about motion based on correlation of energies or quantum action, which is energy times time (E x t), and involves no Newtonian forces and no inertia; there can be acceleration without force. This is more fundamental than the classical motion which is a special case in which an object is being addressed 3-dimensionally, giving rise to the Newtonian force and inertia. Inertia is not something contained within the body. Inertia is contextual (see article on inertia).

What we understand as force is a surface-to-surface interaction, giving rise to a 2D to 3D interface. This type of interaction evokes the force itself, accompanied by resistance to motion, or in other words inertia. The Newtonian force results from a 2D to 3D interaction.

In orthodox science, force is considered to be a cause and to be a fundamental attribute of all systems of motion. What we are stating here is that force is a secondary effect---it is a Newtonian force, which is the result of a 2D-3D dimensional interaction.

Now action is given a special meaning here---as in quantum action. It is 4D (meaning it extends in time) and is energy times time (E x t) as a whole (not composing energy and time separately). This 'Action' is the natural state of all systems, but if the special case of collision occurs, also the 'detection' (of particles) system in quantum physics, then E x t differentiates with respect to time, resulting in energy E, based on force over distance, and we have the presence of the Newtonian force. Think of E x t, a quantum state, as extending along time but when differentiated is chopped up into thin slices E in the third-dimensional now. For example, a body in free fall is in a holistic state due to correlation of energies of the nodes of spacetime and the atomic oscillations of the body. As soon as the body is constrained by external forces, the phase conditions of the nodes are disturbed. This is like chopping up time in quantum lengths, each of which can now be out of phase regarding oscillations relative to each other, creating time. Action is now reduced from (4D) energy x time to (3D) energy.

This is a difficult concept. Science only recognises a 'flat' energy E, that is, 3-dimensional; a quantum has depth in the 4th dimension. As a result of this oversight, the full meaning of correlation of energies is not understood since greater correlation means greater 4D thickness---along time.

A field which has 4D Action acts on the atoms of a body 4th-to-3rd dimensionally which means there is no reaction, no inertia, and the presence of mass (as ponderousness) does not arise. This is very simple and obvious once it is grasped--it should not require proof. For example, when a falling body strikes the ground, it is not force that stops it but simply a boundary condition. The falling body is in a state of Action---the appropriate range of nodes of space are coherent with the oscillation of the atoms of the body (moving together). When the body meets the Earth's surface, for an imaginary split second it slows and stops, theoretically prior to the onset of force. But instantaneously the mode-locking falling nodes of gravity and of spacetime are pulled away from the atoms (downwards) causing polarity and electrostatic potential. The latter phenomenon now causes the manifestation of the Newtonian force. This part, however, is quite difficult to understand or believe.

Thus there is another type of 'force' here. This one is a 4D-to-3D interaction and manifests far more frequently in the universe than the 2D to 3D interaction or Newtonian one. This 4th-dimensional condition which also results in a 3-dimensional motion (and a 4th-to-3rd dimensional interface), is a state of Action---not to be confused with the Newtonian force. It will, however, as mentioned, mathematically differentiate with respect to time, resulting in the force condition. That is, the 4D-3D Action interface will reduce to the 2D-3D force interface. This reduction occurs during all collisions or surface-to-surface contacts. This would also include interaction of bodies affected by magnetic or electromagnetic fields which are not scalar or more fundamental fields, that is, do not penetrate 4th dimensionally, such as does gravity (which would be expected to be a scalar field).

Such a quantum of energy, or Action of energy, is an undivided whole, a monad. It is relevant here to relate Terri Clark's research in England in which he succeeded in producing a "quantum" of energy half-centimeter in diameter at cryogenic temperatures using a circular conductor with a junction to create a resonant electron standing wave. Such a unit of energy manifests instantaneous communication of signals across it. Since then much larger quanta have been produced.

Thus we have two kinds of motion: 1) Newtonian or classical motion in which a 2D-3D interaction pushes the body through spacetime, that is, through spacetime nodes/particles, causing resistance and inertia, as given by Newton's second law, and 2) a quantum type of motion in which, in effect, spacetime itself is moved within the body, which is equivalent to no motion since there is no resistance, reaction, force and inertia.

The whole subject of this type of motion is very involved. We not only have nodes of spacetime in phase with atomic nodes, but myriads of other nodes are out of phase going in all directions at all velocities. Many of these will be close in mode-locking phase, velocity, and position, and would influence the body except that they will cancel since all directions are covered. This requires a very different way of thinking. It is almost exactly opposite in condition to what one is automatically assuming about a body in free motion: one normally envisages a rigid body in empty (unsubstantial) space, but in fact there is enormous (cryptic) 'control' over the body from the resonating nodes of space. We may determine the body's initial conditions but the nodes of spacetime then firmly hold it to that condition, until the body is pushed onto other nodes which it resists and manifests inertia.

Possibly one of the most difficult examples to conceive is that of throwing upwards, say, a baseball. The arm imparts momentum to the ball as the arm swings into motion, as per Newton's laws, but when the ball is released, a different set of conditions exist. Newton's laws will nevertheless explain the behaviour of the ball's trajectory, since the laws are based on observation. We say that the momentum now carries the ball upwards; a momentum which is based on mass, or inertia. But the body is now in 'free-fall', as science calls it, even though moving upwards, and in this state there are no forces acting on it. It is merely mode locking with those nodes of space to which it is frequency attuned which are moving in that direction quite naturally (since all possibilities of nodes are covered in spacetime). These nodes are moving against gravity but executing a parabolic trajectory themselves. This example and explanation may really offend one as it is a very difficult one to grasp as a reality.

Now, the subsequent effects of this quantum 4D-3D superior means of motion; a motion bypassing the onset of inertia in which a degree of acceleration or deceleration can take place without force can be quite staggering to behold. A spacecraft could reverse turn at light velocities and an occupant partaking of refreshments would not spill a drink, etc. The change of motion would constitute no motion since spacetime within which the body is created, changed directions.

 All bodies moving freely in the universe, objects falling to Earth, orbiting planets, etc., all violate Newton's laws. They are in a state of equilibrium but fundamentally not one based on kinetic and potential energy, forces and inertia. We say 'fundamentally' since there could be partial effects from Newtonian forces---just as some free energy devices/open systems use a combination of the two types, Action and force; also physical mobility in humans and animals, etc. is such a combination of the two different kinds of motion (see other articles).

A body is only a field system; it has no innate ponderousness. It merely exhibits resistance when the nodes of spacetime are made to pull away from their mode-locking with the body's atoms.

Thus an equilibrium system which obeys Newton's laws, such as a body resting on Earth, involves force and inertia/mass and can be considered to be in balanced equilibrium. But nature works on the more advanced system of motion creating equilibrium systems which are holistic, such as a body falling under gravity, or in orbit, etc.; within this system there are no forces, mass or inertia present, and no kinetic or potential energy. All energy is doing exactly what it is doing; it has no tendency to do anything else. For example, a body moving in a 'straight' line can be forced to deviate from that line by, say, application of a Newtonian force to its surface. Thus in moving in a curved path it still has a tendency to go straight; it manifests inertia, kinetic energy can be detected through this force and the body has a potential to go in a "straight" line. But if the space is curved, the body will follow this curved path with no tendency to do anything else; there are no forces or inertia. A perfect holistic system in equilibrium has no need for forces, kinetic energy and potential energy; kinetic energy only manifests if a moving body is arrested or resisted. Nature fundamentally works on these perfect systems involving holistic equilibrium. However, a 3rd-dimensional reality nevertheless exists which is like a transduction from the 4D perfect systems into 3D mechanisms, or events which can manifest forces, etc., for example, collisions, or a body resting on the surface of the Earth, also muscles pulling on bones, and the production of the electromagnetic spectrum is one which results from a hysteresis effect in this transduction from the 4th dimension to the 3rd. Note that when we say 'curvature of space' this means the particles/gravitons/nodes---whatever name we wish to give---or the ether, are flowing in that manner, curving, thus defining space as curved.

As the reader may have gathered, our present civilization only recognises the Newtonian motion. The application of force to a body causes motion which is dependent on the magnitude of the force and the mass of the body (assuming no constraints). This force either acts on the surface (2D) or may penetrate somewhat (3D) in the case of fields, resulting in motion. Thus the force is a 2D-3D interaction. Orthodox scientists used to consider that the motion of the celestial bodies of the universe such as a planet orbiting the sun are balanced by this means. If this were the case, that is, gravitational forces balanced by centrifugal, the universe would immediately fall apart.

Force is an effect and results from out-of-phase energies; Action is based on correlated energies in time. Everything starts with action (energy x time) but when a collision occurs (surface contact), a boundary is encountered causing the body's energies go out of phase with spacetime, and force then manifests (we think the force stopped the motion). The collision severs the body's oneness with the universe, separating it from space and time. Action is a condition of wholeness of the body with spacetime. The collision (2D-3D interaction) reduces action (energy x time) by differentiation with respect to time (like chopping up the energy in time), making time, the 4th dimension, of infinitesimally small units, resulting in (3D) energy of which force is now required to express it (force over distance measures energy); it is now in an out-of-phase condition. Force is not required to express Action.

The universe thus operates on the second kind of motion which is infinitely (literally) more superior. The reason why there are two types of motion is because the third dimension can be approached on either side---that is, 2D or 4D. The Newtonian force is 2D-3D and invokes reaction, inertia and mass, whereas the other mode is due to a 4D-3D interaction and is not a force but is Action (4D). Gravity is Action and is dimensionally incompatible with the inertial force (2D-3D); there is no 'principle of equivalance' of relativity---they are identical (gravitational force and inertia).

This is the infinitely superior method of creating motion. If the nodes move in any other direction, even sudden changes, the body follows in a weightless, no-inertia state (in that direction). In effect, space is curved---the body cannot do anything else but follow the space. This is how all free bodies move in the universe.

Although we cannot discuss this here it is also part of the mechanism of mobility of organisms---the musculature is only a 3D expression and can be superseded by evolution of quantum fields (up the 3D to 4D gradient) which act holistically. We are talking about something completely fundamental to all aspects of life.

Free energy devices work on the second, more advanced kind of motion, involving the 4D-3D interface. In general, a generator which is, say, just a few hundred percent efficient is operating on both types of motion. The ratio of the two, that is, Action/force (the proportion of the system which utilises each) indicates the efficiency. If force is zero, then efficiency is infinite, and no 3D input is required, such as from batteries.

One may have a highly energetic harmonic system of (quantum/scalar) Action. Orthodox scientific measurements would detect no energy. Einstein's equation E = mc2 would not apply since there is no force, no inertia and therefore no mass (as defined in science). In such a perfect system there is no kinetic energy and no potential energy! Nothing in the system has a tendency to do anything else. Its resultant behaviour is the point of holistic balance (like a zero point). This is a condition in which if the holistic balance is disturbed---say, the parameters are altered---immediately forces arise, inertia, kinetic energy, etc. and the entity has disconnected from spacetime.

Science has a blind spot on systems which are in true and holistic equilibrium. There are thus two types of equilibrium, 1) holistic (4D), which emphasises true unity, and 2) balanced (3D), which emphasises polarity. The former is a property of the 4D-3D motion, and the latter, the Newtonian 2D-3D motion.

New technologies will incorporate fully the superior methods of creating motion, resulting in unlimited free energy and inertialess spacecraft with propulsion systems producing velocities well beyond that of light. [In part IV of the Fractal Matrix series we mention a third type of motion but this is operated from a higher fractal; the two kinds mentioned here are available with control at the 3D level.]

In conclusion, it is of interest to note that the Newtonian motion is a mild form of chaos---the internal nonlinear system ('vertical' transmission of energy) is out of phase with the external linear system ('horizontal' cause and effect) but since the body is rigid we do not notice any disturbance. In free fall, or in a perfect system, a body's nodes are coupled (in phase) with the corresponding range of space nodes, and the vertical and horizontal mechanisms are in harmony.

A true harmonic science would automatically include holistic equilibrium, but it is suppressed---minds are subtly steered away from it. Such a harmonic science has a prominent place in the forbidden knowledge agenda, though it is not only a question of withholding knowledge; consciousness is also being manipulated to express in polarities (and lack of unity) and preventing scientists from recognising a harmonic science, and thus perpetuating the suppression.

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