May, 2000

By Noel Huntley

 In order for nature to possess a 'computer' address system, the location of each point of energy or particle in the universe must be known, even when it is moving. But known by whom? or what?

For every particle to be known or identifiable it must be different in some way from every other particle---but of course not necessarily in every respect. Also we do not need to have the linear 3D property different for each particle which would not be practical since we know that some particles are identical to others.

The key to this is frequency, but not just the single frequency or frequencies of the 3D particle. We must take into account a larger, section of the particle's nonlinear spectrum. What do we mean by nonlinear spectrum? We have already covered the nature of nonlinearity, which we have explained is actually internal nonlinearity.

If we consider the frequency or packet of frequencies, say, F1 for the 3D aspect of the particle, then imagine one's detecting system (or perception) spreading nonlinearly into the fourth dimension (for example, spanning more time as one whole), one will detect another fractal level, F2---a vibration of higher frequency and of greater 4D thickness will become apparent. For instance, atomic frequencies F1 within molecular frequencies F2 (an example of F1 not moving relative to its molecular structure F2), or a complex enzyme frequency packet F1, inside the higher frequency F2 of the cell (an example of F1 moving relative to its master control F2).

By progressing inwards but encompassing more of the 3D as one whole, we will detect other fractal levels F3, F4, etc. At level F10 we might have the entity planet Earth. This continues to the whole universe. Each higher order is a context and collective state for lower levels. It has a higher frequency and greater integration (undivided whole, and contains inherently within it the lower levels or probabilities). All are quantum states.

Thus 'inside' the particle are all the other frequencies through planet, solar system, galaxy, and universe (there are other fractal levels such as clusters of galaxies). But as we move up this spectrum, an increasing number of entities on lower levels are spanned, or are part of the collective whole. At the universe fractal level we must picture a sine wave or sine waves, as large as the universe. It is a single quantum state with a single wave function, and astonishingly it 'knows' every sublevel down to particles, simultaneously. By 'know' we mean it is sharing the information of every frequency. (Frequency is information---it is capable of 'instructing' or enabling something.) Not only that but it knows the location of every particle. How?

The simple diagram of Figure 1 shows two fractal levels F1 and F2 and the geometric relationship between them. Remember F2 is a higher aspect of the manifestation F1. Level F2 is represented by the larger sine wave, and F1 the smaller one. If particle of frequency F1, at A, moves to location B, its phase relationship with F2 is changed. Since F2 has F1 as part of its holistic resultant or collective state, then F1, as an apparent separate element at its own level is known in location by F2. (F1 may be at, say, 3.01D---it must be greater than 3D to exist---this is corroborated by logical dimensional arguments.)

Note that F1 exists not only on its own level but exists higher dimensionally within F2 (F2 has a greater 4D thickness). On the right of Figure 1 we see the result of superimposing F1 over F2. As the particle moves from A to B the resultant wave F1-F2 changes shape. Thus we have a geometric form of intelligence and recording. This could be how the internal structure of seemingly everything works, for example, the learning pattern which we have covered in other articles.

Let us now use Figure 2 for the more complex situation. In case the reader is puzzled as to why the pyramid structure is not drawn as a binary tree, which it could, it is because nature is more likely to operate on the closer gradient 1,2,3,4,5 in Figure 2 (the number of units in the rows starting at the top) than the binary tree, which would be in ratios 1,2,4,8,16, etc. Figure 2 can be considered to be a matrix for programs. It is a template.


Remember that these units could be any entity level, for example, E3 could be a particle or a planet. The top unit, A, could be the universe level, or just a planet, in which case it would have to be connected up within a larger structure for the Sun, galaxy, etc. Realise that when we say planet, in this instance we mean the whole oscillation (quantum, scalar) for the planet---this entity aspect is not visible to present human perception.

If we have a detection system (or advanced perception) which resonates at A, a reality at this level will unfold. If it is at B then this will be the frequency band of structures to be experienced, and so on. However, many fractal levels are potential; there is a complete gradient---see articles on 'context'.

If life is not 'observing', that is, not interacting at some level, say, E, the latter will not be present even though it (E) is inherent within, say, D (and C, B, A, etc.). That is, let D be the everyday observational level. An example of E might be subatomic processes. But when we observe the energies in a manner which 'expects' to find, say, a particle at E, D will quantum reduce to E, caused by the interaction;'breaking down' a higher-dimensional condition into a lower one. We might speculate that the conjugate energy/time (uncertainty principle) only exists in nature as energy times time (quantum action or undivided whole which extends in time). But our scientific evaluation of energy as work done and our ego-consciousness of time (creating our particular time manifestation) breaks down the quantum action into a 'flat' (3D) energy E, plus our sense of time T. But this is a duality oscillation---see other articles---and E and T are interdependent---you can't have both poles simultaneously (Heisenberg's uncertainty principle). They exist as E x T (a whole) but we, operating in 3D instants, break down this whole into E or T depending on the method of observation.

Thus it appears that the renowned physicist Bohr was correct in his life-long debate with Einstein that 'The description of a state of an atomic system before a measurement, is undefined, having only the potentiality of certain values with certain probabilities'. And in support of this, quantum physicist Professor John Wheeler of Princeton University states, ' We have no right to ask what the photons are doing during their travel. No elementary particle, is a phenomenon until it is registered'.

Even quantum physicists, however, although acknowledging quantum mechanics as startlingly successful, state that it doesn't make sense! We disagree. With a proper 4D physics it is the only thing which does make sense.

If a holistic system A was present with its subparts at B, C, D and E not manifesting, that is, there is nothing at these lower levels interacting with the structure, when our objective, ego-intellect observes A it will by resonance of lower frequencies inherent within A and the ego action (low frequency) quantum reduces it (compare Fourier analysis) to, say, E.

The spectrum of identity for a particle (or a human being but much more complex) may be A B1 C2 D2 E3. Remember this may be a small sectional element, which is part of a greater configuration or matrix, or a broad representation---just a framework for the full range; there could be many levels. This is also a programme, say, to create a particle or an atom. Again, level A may be the universe, B1 a particular galaxy (we've skipped clusters), C2 a star system, D2 a planet, and E3 an atom. Thus its location (e.g., particle) is known by the other levels by phase relationship/connectivity (as per Figure 1). Note that in this example, even though an atom is holistic basically, it can have a complex structure if it is 'broken down' or quantum reduced'. Thus E3 will be found to contain apparently separate particles, electrons, protons, neutrons, and many more particles if searched for. Thus in this case, to be more realistic, one could use the whole of the matrix, but now (in the diagram, not in reality) let E3 be in A's position (even though E3 and its surrounding elements stay where they are). This is to provide the detailed structure of the atom (that is, level A attaches at, and becomes, E3) and utilise all the potential elements or probabilities with this matrix.

This same holographic fractal system applies also to all of consciousness in the universe and an advanced consciousness (or many) could duplicate the programme A B1 C2 D2 E3. It could tune into this aspect of the universe, or whatever, with instantaneous transmissions of information. A group consciousness of Light workers with certain frequency patterns could resonate their frequencies with planetary frequency configurations such as at Stonehenge, or Avebury (vortex centres), and in doing so could bring about new connections within, say, the planet's vortex systems where interference may have occurred and hazards brought on by other (usually non-benevolent life forms). By resonating A B1 C2 D2 E3, the planet's corresponding pattern might have a blockage at D2, which would be released. Or as another possibility, resonating and activating D2 as necessary to activate in turn E2, in which a communication link is restored or set up between E2 and E3 (different sites)---D2 integrates E2 and E3. Remember that even current quantum physics could handle this.

Now a learning pattern for a sequence of movements, say, at a keyboard does not exist in linear format, but as soon as one moves the first finger (activates a few bits of information) the learning pattern quantum reduces and presents pulses in sequences and patterns for the linear sequence. Access to the system of information (the learning patterns) is continuous. When, say, a finger is placed on the keyboard (to play a learned musical sequence), which may be memorised intellectually (but the rest of the complex learned information is never intellectual), this geometric position of the body parts (all tensions present go into the programme)---in particular the finger---immediately accesses by resonance the learning pattern for the desired sequence. The thought and intention of what one wants must of course be there at least to begin with. Then once started, each physical position of the body---governed and represented by a wave function of vibration---triggers the next wave function in sequence by resonance. Learning is resonance.

 The learning pattern is operated in a manner to produce a holographic continuum; it 'moves' through time and spans some time---meaning it is reset continually (like a computer chip) from cyclic information within the quantum field vortices (see other articles). The learning pattern projects from the whole cyclic information of the vortex a portion (still in undivided format) which it then separates out into linear order, achieved by resonance from the lower level (say, the finger, etc.). The learning pattern thus transduces whole nonlinear formats into linear ones as it fragments linearly during the selection, then defragments when not in use.

The specific access example described above, that is, the initial frequency pattern in posturing one finger (the first finger movement of a sequence) in the manner with which it resonates, activates, the next pattern, is a process applicable throughout the universe, every moment, whether it is macroscopic, microscopic, or even mental, for example, stimulus-response.

Everything at some level is being addressed continually and therefore accessed. Every part or subpart in the universe 'knows' where every other part is. All energy and all knowledge are contextual (that is, in the context of who or what is making the observation).

Holistic systems have their own spacetime properties such as a space curvature in which there is no inertia of the parts. However, the case of the holistic systems of, say, our solar system, the planets might manifest a small degree of centrifugal inertia due to 3D irregularities in the resonance system (also scientists know the solar system is chaotic). Einstein's space curvature for a planet orbiting the Sun is not understood. If a body is moved in a curved path governed by 3D to 4D curvature of space it will not in general manifest any inertia (the curvature is engineered spacetime and is equivalent to a straight line for the motion of a Newtonian body system). The solar system (after all) does in fact operate on the same principles as an atom. These follow the mechanics of wave motion. For example, the planets are by resonance locked into powerful nodes orbiting the Sun.

There are also mental holistic systems. In addition to learning patterns, thought structures and states of consciousness generally, all dualities are involved in holistic mechanisms. For example, perpetrator and victim. The victim attracts the perpetrator. You can't have one (pole) without the other. Note, as implied earlier, that this also applies to quantum theory conjugates: energy/time, and momentum/position.

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