(May, 2003)

 By Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

An application of these principles---of open and closed systems---is well illustrated by, and implicit within, the statement: You can't have perpetual motion! Everyone has been thoroughly brainwashed with the claimed validity of this declaration. It is not, in fact, a logical or valid statement when made in isolation---that is, without its context.

If a working device is a closed system, such as a clockwork mechanism or a battery-driven electric motor, clearly the limited energy will run down and motion cannot be perpetual. Also any device that requires a continuous supply of energy (which is greater than the output energy) is a closed system. However, for the past hundred years or so inventors have accidentally or intuitively created apparent closed systems but with unexpected anomalies giving the inventions some open-system characteristics.

In these open systems some of the energy is being drawn from space or what is called, in orthodox physics, zero-point energy. Space everywhere has huge amounts of electrostatic potential and is in a state of continual dynamic flux. Although quantum physics recognises that every point in space is an enormous supply of energy, we can add that, on the basis of the inner-space connectivity or hierarchical matrix underlying all creation, discussed in other articles, any point in space could theoretically yield energy indefinitely. The Source is within all things.

Thus if we concentrate on an external world only, which science does, and even Western religions (God as separate and external), we will always have limited supplies of energy (and personal/spiritual disempowerment), and free energy devices that can provide for 'perpetual' motion will be found not to be apparently possible.

As a simple 'flatland' type of analogy, imagine a 2D world which we can picture as existing in the surface of a sheet of paper. Envisage atoms or whatever as small circles drawn on the paper. A 2D human in the plane of the paper sees these circles as end on, and therefore closed. There is no opening to the 2D circle from the 2D perspective. However, we see that from our higher-dimensional viewpoint, which is 3D, the circles or atoms are open. Energy could be flowed into them from 'above' since they are open rings from the 3D perspective. Similarly all points in space, or atoms, etc. are open to inner/higher dimensions. All natural entities: atoms, cells, planets, stars, life, etc. are open-ended systems.

Our educational system brainwashes people in the following way. Firstly perpetual motion is made clear to mean energy from nothing, since all systems taught in science require more input energy than obtained at the output---you can't get something for apparently nothing. Therefore such systems will cease, unless replenished. Next, confusion is created between open systems and perpetual motion so that open systems are accused of being perpetual---apart from recognising superficial and obvious open systems, such as solar, windmill and waterwheel sources of energy, etc. Open systems, utilising the vast sea of energy from 'vacuum'---zero point energy---can now be suppressed, particularly since the physics is not properly understood or at least not taught. Note that physicists Lee, Yang and Wu in 1957 obtained the Nobel prize for revealing asymmetric conditions of dipole energy (which is an open system and would lead to free energy), but this is not being taught to engineers. Combine this with the removal from Maxwell's electromagnetic equations after his death, the asymmetric terms---thinking that they weren't needed!

There can be open and closed systems of every kind, even regarding consciousness. The third dimension is under continuous creation (which is even supported by quantum physics). It's true that we use fuel (food) for the body, etc. but the inner source keeps everthing in manifestation every moment. Over a long period, a being may become sufficiently negative---ruthless, greedy, selfish, and depleted spiritually---such that their consciousness practically becomes a closed system. Education can also enforce belief systems which close off observations that would normally reveal more. We may see the link between knowledge/technology and consciousness. There is always an intrinsic symbiosis between them.

Higher states of consciousness, soul level, etc. which are fractal levels, will not resonate with a person's negative behaviour, and an out-of-phase condition develops. The person's ego forms a wall around them and little energy can enter the system. We are including the mind and astral-level energy, which normally transcend material life; that is, this closed condition could exist beyond the physical and into the astral. These beings are now involved in a decaying system. Over the equivalent of many life times the individual will eventually disintegrate into basic particles or consciousness units and be recycled into the Infinite.

There is still fundamental pure awareness in these units but all the patterns, programmes, memories making up the personality have gone. For these dark entities the only hope, before the full disintegration sets in, apart from efforts in rehabilitation, is to be parasitic on other life forms or open systems. This is the basis of the Light forces against the Dark forces.

Science, education and the media promote closed systems of any kind. One might assert that surely religion assumes an open system---a dimension or realm beyond our external world. Strictly speaking it doesn't; for example, Western religion tends to imply that God is external, and it (religion) doesn't recognise the meaning of inner space (the 'within' taught by Jesus Christ), nor has it a proper understanding of spirituality (which might be defined as the multidimensional physics of inner space). As a final point, religion would attack and denounce any scientific advancements in the subject of life after death, and the true nature of 'Heaven'. Note the Pope's comment to leading physicist Steven Hawkins warning him not to ever encroach on the subject of life after death as that was his (the Pope's) area/subject. Life after physical death has had proof countless times and even certain eminent scientists have proved it, such as physicist Sir Willliam Crookes, supported by Sir Oliver Lodge and also at a later date acknowledged genius Alex Reeves, who made a major contribution to winning WWII with his radar system, had proof of afterlife.

Our present established scientific theories, with accompanying mathematical verification, are 'closed systems'. To evaluate entities such as force, momentum, kinetic energy, inertia as being basic, or containing causative properties, automatically (and very cleverly) confines knowledge to linear 3D external-world phenomena. All the above terms depend on mass, but mass is measured from the inertial property arising contextually from a particular mode of interaction or interface with an object (see other articles). Furthermore, energy (E) is only measured as work done. It is conceptually not including time (t) or 4D, which is quantum action: E x t as one whole. This is the true nature of the quantum---it has a thickness along time. Note that time is not fundamental but an effect of change in energies. In addition, lower fractals of existence (and knowledge) are open to higher fractals. Scientific metholodoly closes off systems and laws within the lowest fractal level, giving rise to the false notion that physical laws and constants are immutable.

There would appear to be three possible approaches to extracting/utilising free energy:

1) Modifying current technology to draw off the continuous supply of energy which is perpetually supplying all charged poles, dipoles, terminals, etc. These are not static conditions (as taught) but dynamic. A waterfall from a distance looks static. Imagine treating it as a static head of water---held in a column---and block off the flow perpetuating the waterfall, then tapping off the pressure at the bottom and letting the head of water (potential) fall, and require pumping up again. When what one should be doing is using the flow which is a perpetual source. Thus virtual particles (for the layman: nonphysical energy) are converted into physical energy (to do work, provide power). Quantum action A (E x t), goes to dA/dt, or d(E.t)/dt which gives energy E for practical use. This results in a mass of individual charges being pulled (rather than pushed) around to do work, but freely. We are continually converting from A to E, so let's use it (see Dr. Bearden's website for much more information).

2) Converting a 3D closed, force system, which is operating detached from---out of phase with---the zero-point energy, and by resonance of this energy, achieving integration of energy in time [(integrate)E.dt, to give 4D action A (=E x t (energy times time)).] This becomes a resonant condition with inner-spatio-temporal energies (the device is tuning into spacetime itself). That is, although each atom (or just electromagnetic waves) is an open system (and resonant), it is in general out of phase with its neighbours (non-resonant). Thus by resonating large groups we have a greater potential for conversion to work energy E. In this resonant condition there is no mass (of particles, or even objects in more advanced devices) to consider, or inertia, kinetic energy, or even force! The final step is to sustain this condition and simultaneously convert the action energy (A) back for the practical use of the particular free-energy device. This involves the mathematical operation dA/dt or differentiation with respect to time, in which E x t or one whole quantum action reduces to and becomes energy E again. One ought to be able to adapt the laser (a resonant system) for free energy since the total energy is greater than the sum of the energy of the individual waves. This system then involves individual particle dipoles being made resonant to quantum regenerate (E to A) a large virtual-state energy source to be converted back to man's practical energies. Thus this mode is E to A, and back to E.

3) Ideally and in more advanced systems, such as spacecraft propulsion, one doesn't convert back to the closed system, energy E; this can be very inefficient. The energy condition E x t, or quantum action, which is a holistic condition, is attuned to the natural energies of the universe or nature, which are also holistic---such as the planet or solar system vortex, etc. Here we have E to A but not back to E. Scalar inner-space oscillations can be used directly. This is a 4D system.

We do not have a harmonic science of which open systems are a natural product. Our society itself is structured from closed force-systems---systems which involve balanced equilibrium; not the holistic equilibrium in which all energy aspects are doing just what they are supposed to be doing. Energy E is not being forced to act in a certain manner as in balanced Newtonian equilibrium systems; it is flowing in that manner---say, in space curvature---naturally. Electrons and particles can either be pushed through space (for example, electrons pushed through wires by the force of voltage) as in closed systems, or they can be carried by the fundamental particles (virtual particles) or nodes of spacetime/zero-point vacuum flux, in such a resonant manner that forces are eliminated, accompanied by the absence of inertia, mass, and kinetic energy. Science is based on the former only---Newtonian systems. (Note that the vacuum flux is not a force field; not unitil mass paticles are present, but here in the above mode even the masses lose their inertia, etc.)

To round off this brief article, we mentioned that even our educational system demonstrates this lack, that all systems are basically open, but by focussing on left-brain abilities it produces closed thinking--a mind which doesn't open up to new ideas as it would with right-brain development---and consequently becomes context-dependent---relying on existing contexts and going round in circles within a closed-mind system. Thus our society, in general, is being directed towards closed systems: closed technologies, closed minds, and a closed 3D framework or external world (no recognition of the internal energies of creation and the higher dimensions).

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