(July, 2000)

By Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

One of the mysteries in the science of biology is how a living entity acquires its form; how do the cells know where to place themselves? It is considered that the DNA will eventually reveal this missing information, though it depends on the DNA's context---we shall come back to this. There is no question that the process is immensely complex. In fact, the information in the DNA strands is so complex that we sometimes refer to such systems as random. Furthermore, the blank regions or 'junk' DNA will be found very likely to contain vast amounts of new information but is at present in a mutated condition. However, what we shall be mainly concerned with here is specifically how the geometry of a living organism could take effect, or is materialised.

The information here utilises material from the author's other articles on nature's computer system; all basic mechanisms are different aspects of a generalisation of the same principles, for example: how the universe is structured, and that it is under continuous creation; how minds communicate verbally (from concepts); how physical mobility is achieved in locomotion of muscular systems; and even how advanced extraterrestrial propulsion systems work (which are based on nature's universal processes).

This information is not being presented in a form satisfactory to the orthodox scientist since there will not be the space to justify the concepts (either an extensive study of 4D physics is required or utilisation of the right brain and intuitive processes). It will be assumed the reader already has some familiarity with the 4D physics given in this series of articles, such as with the nature of the vortex.

All natural creation begins with the greatest whole and works inwards towards the part required. It is not truly built up as it appears to be in the third dimension---like building a house brick by brick or forming an organism cell by cell. Creation begins with the maximum generalised condition of the collective species. This general state has inherent within it all probabilities that can manifest within 3D. This could be called a higher-dimensional blueprint. Note that they probably do not exist as separate probabilities at this collective level. The initiating energy is a higher-dimensional vortex, which we shall refer to as 4th-dimensional since 4D is sufficient for our purposes. We would picture this as spherical, and larger than the final product to be, which manifests 'inside' it. A very limited analogy, but possibly helpful, is that of a sculptor who works in stone. He begins with a block larger that the final object which we can imagine as, say, a figurine at the centre of the block. Envisage the block of stone as spherical, corresponding to the vortex. An experienced artist will chip away surface layers of stone gradually going from a generalized state to one of increasing degrees of specificity to the final specification at the surface of the figurine.

Imagine thin layers all around being peeled off, very gradually manifesting the outline of the final product. One should think of these layers to be fields (within fields) and present even when the product is complete.

Now let us return to the vortex. We know that a vortex spirals inward, but remember that it requires 4th-dimensional geometry to understand its periphery. In 4D, this means that the spiral can take two directions towards the centre. These directions become more opposite nearer the centre and meet, creating a standing-wave structure, or stationary state. This is the higher-dimensional form of the double-helix spiral---see the diagrams in Figure 1.

FIGURE 1(a), (b), (c)

This could be the basic unit of wholeness for all entities; atoms, cells, organs, planets, solar systems, galaxies, universe, etc. The famous Russian philosopher Ouspensky once dreamt he had discovered the secret of the universe. The following morning he examined the sketch he had made during the night, which was the same as the diagram (b) in Figure 1 but without the spirals (see Ouspensky's book The Fourth Dimension).

Now let us picture this 4D spherical vortex spiralling inward. Recognise that the spiral is immensely fine. In fact, because of this, mathematically it can be modelled as consisting of countless concentric spheres. These are not peripheries but more like spheres, one inside the other on a gradient 4D to 3D; each is a quantum field oscillation and fractionally different from its neighbour. Moreover, each is a field of context for all "lower" fields---none must be missing or out of harmonic alignment or chaos will result. Now consider an intermediate stage which can be analogued from the blowing of soap bubbles when in the rare occurrence a whole group is formed of intersecting bubbles of different sizes. The vortex has divided into smaller ones; this is the nature of quantum reduction---see Figure 2, taken from Physical Mobility: Part II.


Shaping of the organism can now begin to take place according to the magnitude of the radius of the spheres and also the degree of intersection (phase relation of the oscillations). We mentioned earlier that the spirals take two paths inward and meet somewhere in the centre. If they meet at a minute point in the centre we get the appearance in 3D of a particle or the fundamental oscillation (stationary state) of an atom (these are actually nodes---centre region of the 4D sine wave). However, according to the program or blueprint---modulations within the holistic waves---in the 4D periphery of the vortex, these two spirals can meet much sooner, creating a greater area of intersection--- study Figure 1(a). These areas of intersection are stable standing-wave structures---they are oscillating in and out of our 3D matrix. A larger one acts as a guide for the smaller ones within. A large one would be a whole planet, or an organ relative to cells. This is achieved by resonance due to harmonic relationships. These stationary-wave structures between the large vortex and the smallest within, are fractal levels---of which their source is another mystery in current science. With some effort of the imagination we see that any shape whatsoever can be created by adjusting two variables: 1) radius of the intersecting spheres, and 2) phase relations of the sine waves representing their oscillations. [Phase relationship is the relative position of, say, two intersecting sine waves (and then take the resultant for the shape). But this is only 2D; it must be imagined in 4D; the positions and intersections of the different size vortices (spheres) can be programmed for a particular shape.]

Remember that only the smallest oscillations are fully in 3D and detectable with orthodox scientific methods and ego perception but all these 'spheres' are true wholes or quantum states going into higher orders towards the 'periphery' of each greater vortex. Compare Figure 3 for the corresponding diagram representing the universe (which also includes the fractal vortices for the arm and a tree).

The precise placement of any point within the primary vortex, such as in the positioning of a cell, is achieved by programming the phase relationship of the 'spheres' which in the periphery of the vortex is accomplished by adjustment of the phase angles of the 'sine' waves, which precipitate into the centre forming the intersecting 'spheres' or vortices. According to this phase relationship and the magnitude of the final standing wave (an inner-vortex periphery) the outer vortex spirals inward and will be automatically biased one way or the other spatially, homing in perfectly to a specific location---this is difficult to visualise at first. This would be expected to be roughly how extraterrestrials navigate to a coordinate point during teleportation, and also how, for example, a pianist instantly locates, when desired, a point of information in, say, part of a finger movement during whole complex coordinations---see articles on physical mobility.

In reality we thus have two conditions: 1) the DNA which we know contains information for the regulation and maintenance of the organism, and 2) a higher-dimensional formative blueprint or spiritual 'seed' which contains potentially infinitely greater probable information in the modulations of its sine waves in its 4D periphery. Since the formative blueprint and the 3D or chemical DNA are intrinsically connected one might say that this blueprint is inside the DNA.

The DNA thus provides the 3D control, and by sending its resonances up through the gradient spiral of the vortex, meeting at every level the basic program of higher-dimensional information, selection of probabilities takes place. As one goes from the greater to the smaller, probabilities from the most general state are under continuous selection all the way towards complete and singular specification of each particle in 3D (quantum reduction). As this selection takes place, the phase angle of the sine waves (on the periphery of the vortex, before precipitating into the centre, biases the inner vortex one way or another to a particular location. The DNA is necessary to precipitate the gradient (4D to 3D) into 3D specification. This is achieved entirely by resonance of information from one level to the next (the process is complex beyond imagination). Because the gradient is so fine the 'transmission of information' is difficult to grasp. If we take a fictitious and more blatant example the point becomes more obvious, but then unfortunately it is almost too simple to apply. For instance, consider persons A, B and C; each corresponds to quantum fields adjacent in the gradient we have spoken about. Person A knows the specific whereabouts of, say, a buried treasure (the information for cell placement) next to a particular oak tree. Person B knows which park the tree is in (nothing else), and C which town the park is in. There are several trees, parks, and towns, etc. The information which each has is necessary to locate the treasure beginning at the large 'quantum state', the town. Each piece of information is a context for the next 'lower' information. Person B selects from C (which contains the 'town' information) the correct park, and A selects from B the correct tree (by quantum reduction---see other articles).

Note that the 'park' is whole in itself and does not contain trees (the probabilities) at its level; only when a tree (frequency) impinges on 'park' causing the release of 'trees' (by resonance and Fourier analysis). Similarly for the 'town', and further, the 'country', 'planet', etc. to the collective species level. In this manner, the most complex processes of nature can be handled including the highest abilities of coordination involved in physical mobility, or the complex mechanics of genetics.

Now owing to the relationship of these quantum fields which are holistic and holographic, if one looked deeply enough within the DNA going into higher-dimensional space one would in fact contact the source; in other words, the DNA would be found to contain the information for formative processes (but by literally a stretch of the imagination). Thus we see it depends on the context, higher or lower dimensional, how much we attribute to the DNA---and this applies to anything else of course. Everything works in relationship (the context) to something else. The ego fails to recognise this because it operates and evaluates in dichotomies---good or bad, this or that, etc. and not gradients. (Good can be considered bad and vice versa if one takes into account gradients and the field of contexts---see articles on context.)

By studying this mechanism one will see its potential for wide applications in the understanding of natural structural formations.

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