May, 2006

By N. Huntley

Reference to other Guardian material in previous articles will need to be made in reading this one and will be indicated as the occasion arises. Firstly, let us give a brief description of the Guardian's probability time dynamics, which are a natural manifestation of planetary evolutionary mechanics. If the reader has followed fractals, it can be seen from the figure that even events are fractalised.

The primary event is called the Master Event, which is the hub of the wheel configuration in the diagram. From this hub, 12 main probability time lines emerge. These are referred to as Key Events, which are frequency patterns, ranging from minimal at number 1 to highest at 12. Thus events take on a range from low expression to high with a maximum at the 12th probability time line, referred to as the Christiac expression. The higher the number the greater the success for manifesting the Master Event.

Now just as the Master Event emanates 12 Key Events (see figure), each Key Event has 12 subharmonic frequencies and corresponding event potentialities. Shifts in time lines first occur in the subharmonic probabilities, which are called Reuche-a shifts. When one of these reaches 12, there is then the opportunity for a shift in the main or Key Event probabilities. These are called Reusha-TA shifts.

In both groups of 12 (main line and subharmonics), numbers 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 are polarised. That is, a dual condition exists which either decelerates the potentialities or accelerates them (to the previous or following time-line number respectively). This is achieved by changes in the merkaba spin rates.

The probability subharmonics have potentialities which are similar but slightly different from one another. Each probability level has its own event horizon, meaning what can be perceived and manifested into a person's or population's reality. What is beyond one's event horizon will not exist in one's reality. Each shift forward is towards a more refined, harmonious, and more peaceful and safe expression.

Now regarding the puzzle of planet X, it is recommended that the reader has some familiarity with the articles: 1) Planet X and Wormwood, 2) The Fall of Man Part II, showing the Sphere of Amenti diagram, and 3) the cosmic map article. (See additional material appended at end.)

Between May 27, and August 20, 2003, during a particular cycle of Earth's changes (called the Hetharo) it became possible for Earth to undergo a series of relatively rapid probability time shifts of the type described above. At this time, Earth was in a state of flux, shifting back and forth between subharmonic time lines. The forward shifts became possible following the Guardian's action of 'spiking' the Earth's core to prevent a detrimental infiltration by the invader ETs or fallen Angelics of a significant Earth portal. This surge in frequency enabled the creation of a temporary window of opportunity for Earth to begin time shifting. Further factors influencing the success of this were steps carried out by the Indigos working with the Guardians but, in particular, a regenesis of the Amenti Gates (Halls of Amenti). The existing Gates were in fact hijacked by the invader ETs but were immediately replaced by another set of Amenti Gates. The Sphere of Amenti contains dimensional passage ways and gates (including the so-called 'Pearly Gates of Heaven') specially designed for man's ascension---one of the most closely guarded secrets on Earth. Earth's condition prior to May 27, 2003 was such that it resonated at a main probability of 1 (see figure) and subharmonic probability of 1. The Master Event would be Earth's and its civilisation's evolutionary progress. The first shift in probability time lines occurred on June 3, 2003. That is, a Reuche-a shift from subharmonic line 1 to 3. This is a quantum leap to the next polarised probability line. Earth was set to pass through the acceleration aspects of the polarised time lines 1, 3, 6, 9, 12. The main line initially remaining at 1. So we have a 1/1 that goes to a 1/3 (main and subharmonic respectively). Further shifts occurred at less and less frequent rates. See list of dates and events below.

Prior to May 27, 2003 Earth was at 1/1 (main/subharmonic lines respectively).

Subharmonic lines - Reuche-a

June 3, 2003 - probability shift to 1/3

June 22, 2003 - probability shift to 1/6

Note that although the Guardians apparently reduced the size of Wormwood to two thirds, the above probability time leap was sufficient to render Earth free from the event horizon of the destructive effects of Wormwood/Planet X. In the event this didn't occur, the Guardians had an alternative last-resort plan of making an appearance on Earth and aiding the government in the application of a technology to destroy Wormwood (sometimes the physical level is required to handle physical problems). Now, in addition, this new time line, 1/6, presents the opportunity for the success of the Wesa Peace Treaty (see cosmic map, showing the Wesadak and Wesadrak, components of the Wesa matrix). Both Anunnaki (Wesadak) and Drakonians (Wesadrak) agreed to the Guardians using advanced physics to bring about permanent separation of their matrices so that neither Wesadaks or Wesadraks can interfere with one another.

July 21 to August 8, 2003 - probability shift to 1/9

August 8 to 12, 2003 - probability shift to 1/12

Earth is now in the highest Christiac level in the subharmonic scale and would experience a kind of twilight zone, changes in sense of time, and a rebalancing in which bio-resonant adjustments take place in organisms, which some people would detect. There is now an opportunity for a main-line shift.

Main line - a Reusha-TA

August 12 to 15, 2003 - probability shift from 1/12 to 3/1

Then a three-month rebalancing and twilight zone to November 15, 2003

Subharmonic line - Reuche-a

December 21 to 24, 2003 - probability shift to 3/3

December 21 to 24, 2004 - probability shift to 3/6

December 21 to 24, 2005 - probability shift to 3/9

December 21 to 24, 2006 - probability shift to 3/12

Main lines - Reusha-TA

December 21, 2007 to December 21, 2008 - probability shift to 6/1

Then six months or more of subtle twilight balancing.

Subharmonic lines - Reuche-a

December 21, 2009 to 2010 - probability shift to 6/3

December 21, 2010 to 2011 - probability shift to 6/6

This is referred to as the Ecka-shi cycle. At this point the Earth will be phase-locked into this probability coordinate to enter 2012. A few individuals will shift to 12/12 but it may be possible for Earth by 2017 to also shift to 12/12. Individuals also have 12 probable selves, just as the soul level has 12 human extensions in this 3D.

If all goes well in this Universal Great Cleansing and Restoration Cycle it would be possible by 2017 for Earth to achieve a Re-shi shift in which there is a co-resonance with density-2 (dimensions 4, 5, 6, the origin of the 'Fall' from Tara) but to a point in time before the Fall, when the Fall did not occur.

As a final comment it might be pointed out that this material was made available in 2003. Since then further marked interference has occurred from the fallen angelics presenting a new and dominant scenario of declining ascension factors but again compensated by strategies from the Guardians, further override systems, and offers of help from other benevolent time matrices. Thus the above-mentioned co-resonance of Earth and Tara didn't occur. However, the probability shifts rendered Wormwood outside our reality event-horizon saving Earth from complete destruction.

(Addional information on the purpose of Wormwood---Planet X)

May, 2003, Hetharo* event:

The United Invader Resistance** (UIR) planned to manipulate ('planet X') Wormwood (Revelations/Bible) around and between the Sun and Earth to not only put Earth into pole shift but to achieve the 'dimensional blend' with the third experiment following the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment and the 1983 Montauk event for the 2003 event at the magnetic peak cycle (in 20-year cycles). The Zetas, via channelling and the Internet, warned of the pole shift and complete destruction of Earth in May 23, 2003.

The dimensional blend meant that Wormwood would successfully initiate not only destruction of Earth but activate the Beast technology which would rip our time matrix (the particle universe) in a manner to draw in the Wesedrak matrix (antiparticle universe) and blend them but assimilating our matrix into their matrix (see last paragraph).

Prior to this, the Guardians had reduced the size of Wormwood by a third. Their plan A was to destroy it completely, though this appeared to be in conjunction with more sophisticated methods involving time-line shifts. This was successful, but if it had not been, it would have been necessary to put plan B into operation. In this plan, the Guardians would have had to come to Earth, physically, persuade the governments of the dangers of Wormwood and the dimensional blend, and aid them in building a weapon to destroy Wormwood. This could have been achieved very likely without public awareness. Unfortunately the Guardians knew that the UIR would make an all out attempt to thwart this plan B. The UIR would have brought in a fleet of ships, visible to the population, and attacked or threatened the Guardians, creating chaos amongst the public.

A further incentive to the UIR to defeat the Guardian plan B was that if plan B went into operation and was successful, this method of destroying Wormwood would have resulted in the dimensional blend backfiring on the UIR. The result would have been that their Wesedrak (antiparticle universe of the Drakonians) would have been pulled into (blended with) the counterpart time matrix Wesedak (particle universe of the Anunnaki) who are sworn enemies.

* Heliotalic currents capable of disconnecting the Beast technology.

** UIR: normally opposing factions of 'fallen angelic' ETs, united in a temporary alliance to attempt defeat of the Guardians.

(Abridged Guardian material; see related articles and references.)

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