January, 2008

By Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

We have referenced this principle in other articles but here we shall give it special attention. The opposite of quantum regeneration is quantum reduction, which in simple terms is the division or fragmentation of wholes into parts, whereas quantum regeneration is combining parts back into wholes. We may see that this requires a minimum of three components---for a more general description see article The Triad Principle of Creation.

Note that the term 'quantum reduction' is used in quantum physics, and although we may recognise this as a real and more general process of nature it is unfortunately only used essentially as a theoretical fix to explain how the quantum reality reduces its many-probabilities to a single one in material reality, referred to as being quantum reduced from phase-correlation (the quantum reality) to phase-randomisation (the material reality).

To illustrate quantum regeneration (and, where necessary, quantum reduction) we shall present a wide variety of examples ranging from the laser, to two people communicating, to the development of learning patterns; also we find this leads us into an explanation of antimatter and dark matter of the universe. The quantum regeneration principle is that if two or more elements (energies, particles, etc.) are in resonance, that is, the frequencies are identical and in phase, a single energy/frequency state is quantum regenerated which links the separate elements together---a kind of collective of the separate elements. (Clearly we are not referring to widely separated electromagnetic waves which happen to be in step, that is, coherent.)

Some of our examples have been discussed previously, in particular, the laser has been referenced numerous times. However, it is an excellent and basic physics example and will be described again here. Note that this explanation has not yet been recognised in orthodox science since it would be impossible to prove with current scientific methodology.

The rays of white light are random and their waves are out of phase---they are not coherent. If we consider a mere group of ten rays for illustration purposes, then the total power of this group is about three times the power of one ray. Now in the laser, the light waves are coherent, in harmony. Current science will probably tell you the total power of this group of ten is now ten times one ray. But this is nowhere near enough to explain the enormous energy of the laser. The energy will be found to be something like the square of ten (10 x 10) plus another increasing factor since the energy relationships will be found to be holographic (true unity will be found to be infinitely holographic---see article on unity in the new education section, and the article on the holographic universe). The reason is that by putting the rays into phase, a single higher-frequency oscillating vortex of energy has been quantum regenerated from the virtual state. The visible rays in the beam of the laser are now subharmonics of this more powerful collective frequency within inner space, which holds them in unison.

Let us now move to a completely different example: a feature of learning. We shall focus on physical learning, that is, skills---the subject of coordination and reflex ability in physical movements.

Firstly, recognise that every fraction of a single movement is coordinated or linked to every other fraction of that movement in a learned sequence, giving rise to ease in controlling that simple movement. (A learning pattern is a 4D holographic template which houses programmes---see learning pattern article and others on skill.) We generally consider coordination of separate whole movements, for example, coordinating the left arm with the right in, say, keyboard technique. Let us thus take as an example the process involved in coordinating the left and right arms.

As we practise, the attention must be controlled from one arm to the other---this we experience as mental effort. But the attention is a manifestation of consciousness, and contrary to science it is not an 'illusion' but a real energy in itself. It has a spectrum of frequencies too high for scientific instruments to detect. This consciousness energy is also the input to the mind mechanisms, learning patterns, etc.

What will be occurring when we link up the two arms is that this input consciousness entrains some of its frequencies with the learning-pattern frequencies of one arm, and then the other arm, bringing them in turn into coherence. This is like considering each arm has a computer (the learning patterns) and we are linking together the bits (storage units) of one arm with the other by means of this resonance (coherence, entrainment, phase-entanglement) between the 'bits.' This is as 'mechanical' as the robot arms in a motor vehicle factory.

Now as more and more bits are oscillating in coherence from one arm to the other, a quantum regeneration takes place in which further units develop 'between' the two arms (in the mind)---this is the 'triad' effect. Now we only have to activate this single piece of information to coordinate both arms simultaneously. Thus we might say that learning is resonance---meaning that the connections/associations for learning are formed by resonance. Note that in genetics, molecules are diagrammed as though the geometric shape fits and hooks them together. This locking would be achieved by resonance (frequency affiliation).

A very different example would be two people communicating and being 'on the same wavelength.' This is literal. Certain frequencies associated with the subject material of their conversation become entrained, that is, are the same and are in step. This quantum-regenerates a single, even if intermittent, collective state, which is a frequency higher and more energetic than the individual ones of each person, and greater than the sum of them. Two such people or a group working together in harmony ('on the same wavelength') can generate more power to be effective, than the sum of the individuals. This will be more than the square of the sum, as mentioned.

Is there a parallel in art? Let's consider a work of art, say, a painting of high merit (aesthetic art, not other forms of communication, utilising art---see articles on understanding art).

Now the bits of paint on the canvass are quantitative physically in that they are fragments stuck together by forces. However, the artist has placed the brush marks in a special order. Thus the artist has created a qualitative effect from a quantitative state or medium. The appreciative viewer now looks at the physical surface of the painting; eyes may go slightly out of focus, the intellectual and conscious mind step aside and the 'unconscious' now correlates all the bits to quantum regenerate one whole state. Because the bits of paint (the 'quantitative') have been subtly ordered to be correlatable, then resonance can be achieved, resulting in a single whole energy that has (hopefully) complete unity and is a quantum state.

This condition is of course in the mind. Thus a qualitative state in the mind of the observer is now superimposed on the quantitative state of the paint on the canvass---and appreciation has occurred. Of course we can't say much about the experiential aspects of this, except that it will be at least pleasing, will have a sense of unity, harmony and completion---nothing need be added or taken away.

Let us continue with further examples of quantum regeneration. A very good one is advanced spacecraft propulsion, which we have covered in previous articles. The craft's generator, which could be a scalar-field system, entrains all the atomic oscillations of the body of the ship. That is, the frequencies are put in phase and made coherent (as with the laser, etc.). This instantly quantum regenerates a whole (collective) vortex oscillation in higher space (meaning of higher frequency outside the 3D range). (Note that a still more advanced civilisation would achieve this without a generator by using their minds.)

The atomic frequencies are now subharmonics of the single, higher and more powerful frequency. This powerful energy oscillation envelops the craft, and it is of the same physics as cosmic oscillations of natural bodies, such as a planet, star or galaxy, etc. Thus the craft can adjust and align its frequencies with those of cosmic bodies, such as planets, stars, star systems, the galaxy, etc. Depending on the phase relationship it will be pulled towards or away from the cosmic body at very high velocity. In general, an out of phase relation would be maintained for intermediate speed control.

Collective effects of consciousness or species, and thought forms would come into this quantum regeneration category. The individuals generating the same frequency patterns, whether positive or negative, will quantum regenerate a powerful effect at the collective level, or even create the collective where this is weak and fragmented. This is the emergent software effect referred to in science. Science doesn't recognise, however, that there is a real quantum state of collective energy rekindled out of the virtual-state hierarchy---not some abstract, nonphysical, insubstantial software programme. The organism 'dictyostelium' is a good living example. They periodically send out signals that bring together about 100,000 or so such organisms, which merge, forming a single organism, just visible. A new programme is elicited and this entity then finds a suitable plant to climb where it extends itself, like a mushroom shape with most of its mass at the top, and waits for a gust of wind to scatter the 'spores' into new foraging grounds. Note that the organism would already have an inherent collective, but so do humans. Also the connectivity, if over considerable distances, would have to be achieved by scalar (mind) waves rather than EM waves.

We may find that all learning involves resonance: the integration of parts to form a single whole or quantum state of data. Academically we merely think of two items as associated, that is, stored side by side and connected in some way. This would be the case at the 3D level but underlying this within an inner-space layer there will probably always be a single state, representing the whole of these two parts. It is interesting that quantum physics has long since applied this principle but it is only considered to be a mathematical convenience or fiction.

Thus when parts come together in unity through resonance, such as even particles and antiparticles, a single entity of greater unity is formed (not recognised), which now resonates and occupies the next spectrum of frequencies. We shall say more on this shortly.

Now, naturally occurring entities already have the higher aspects present. Taking this into account, we can identify three features of quantum regeneration: 1) previously separate parts (any number) resonating to create (quantum-regenerate) a collective state that all the parts can now access instantly (Figure 1(a)); 2) to connect up to and resonate with an already existing single quantum state or unity (the fractal is manifest), such as all natural entities, cells, planets, star systems, galaxies (Figure 1(b)); and 3) two opposites, such as particle and antiparticle, apparently disappearing in a burst of energy, but in fact (and not recognised) quantum regenerating back to the state of unity in the next fractal spectrum (Figure 1(c)).

For quantum reduction we can identify two processes: 1) reducing a whole state into any number of parts (Figure 2(a)); 2) reduction into only two states but which are opposite poles (Figure 2(b)).

Number 1, Figure 2(a), of quantum reduction is probably the most common, along with its companion no.1, Figure 1(a), quantum regeneration. The mind is continually reducing higher states, whole ideas, etc. into parts. Two people communicating are reducing ideas into word sequences then transmitting them. The recipient reverses the process, that is, quantum regenerates the words back into the idea. Furthermore, higher aspects of consciousness, that is, higher fractal levels, are continually downloading information to the subconscious and 3D consciousness, quantum reducing energy in a higher-order format. This is the direction of the energy of continuous creation.

Quantum physics, theoretically and experimentally, supports the polarity type features (Figure 1(c) and Figure 2(b)), with the phenomenon known as 'phase-entanglement'. If two particles, say, electrons are created together, their spins will be opposite but the particles remain interconnected, no matter what their degree of separation is. Both spins, clockwise and anticlockwise are considered to exist simultaneously for each particle in the quantum reality before observation. However, the observation quantum-reduces the particle to either one spin or the other, but simultaneously the other particle manifests the opposite spin. The total spin of both particles must be zero. Further, physics recognises that all particles have antiparticles which must be created simultaneously. It is also observed that when particles and antiparticles come together they annihilate one another in a burst of energy. The particle/antiparticle must surely form a fundamental polarity for the structuring of the universe. However, why aren't positive and negative charges, etc., such as those of protons and electrons, etc., sufficient to structure the universe? Why antiparticles?

There aren't even enough antiparticles (detectable) or antimatter in the observable universe to balance or cancel out the observable mass of our universe, whereas we have the evidence that positive and negative charge would cancel, ensuring the disappearance of all matter (in 3D) and restoring zero. (Note: antimatter is made up of antiparticles.) This is where dark matter enters into the mystery. Recognised inadequacies in existing theories requires that our galaxy needs much more matter to hold things together.

Let us approach the problem this way. Why do particles have antiparticles? Why do positive charges have a balance with negative charges? In both cases the fact that they cancel out in a disappearing act tells us that they were created by division of energy which was the unity of the opposite charges. Thus the positive and negative charges, kept separate, manifest the existence of the universe as we know it, but also particles and antiparticles play a role---but what role? Take a look at Figure 3.

Note that when we add up all the matter and antimatter, it all cancels, as it should. Thus just as particles have antiparticles, so do universes have anti-universes but also other fractal levels. If for every particle there is an antiparticle then there must be anti-planets, anti-stars, anti-galaxies, etc. These are fractal levels and thus fractals have anti-fractals (for further confirmation see cosmic map article, also article on source of fractals). This is a huge 'shock' to science but current science is in its infancy. Unfortunately science hasn't even recognised that the vortex oscillation in Figure 3(b) is fundamental to all creation, whether in the small, such as particles or atoms, or in the large, such as galaxies or universes. (See article The Basic Energy Unit: The Vortex.)

In Figure 3 we see that the matter and antimatter balance but scientists require that dark matter must be about 10 times that of all our own stars, etc. If this requirement is valid there is no problem 'finding' at least that amount if we continue to move up the hierarchy of fractal universe/anti-universe pairs (use the see-saw analogy at the end of this article).*

The fact that quantum physics experimentally has shown that the particle's spin is such that it always cancels out the other antiparticle's spin in total, tells us that both such particles came from a particle which is the unity of the two. As we have stated in other articles this particle of greater unity will have a higher frequency outside the 3D spectrum but will form another polarity and is part of the next fractal level.

This is a fundamental feature of evolution and ascension. It is a universal process that particles come together, forming greater unity in the next universe layer, fractal level or dimension and then again form yet a further unity into the next fractal level towards complete unity (no polarity) and the final absolute point of stillness at the Source of all fractals and creation. This same process occurs for all forms of consciousness: people, planets, etc, also the DNA, but this is way beyond current scientific thinking which would regard this as outrageous theory. It is very complex and is the subject touched on in previous articles, of polarities within polarities, extending all the way back to the absolute source of unity.

The main point relevant to this article is that ascension is a form of quantum regeneration in which parts (polarities in this case) come together to 'ascend' to greater degrees of unity (see cosmic map article). This is because a lower level of frequencies has activated a higher level and connected up to it. This is also a case of when the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

*If it is of any help we can describe the see-saw analogy. Imagine a small see-saw; the rocking represents the oscillations of particles---one side is positive and the other negative. We consider now that our existence encompasses both sides of the see-saw, such as being aware of electrons (negative) and protons (positive) and that all the positive and negative particles would cancel to zero---as does the two sides of the see-saw within their fulcrum (still point in centre). Now in this existence we are aware that particles have antiparticles. In this analogy it means the little see-saw (no.1) is on the end of a larger see-saw (no.2) at right angles---a polarity within a polarity (also another small see-saw on the other end of no.2). But we are on the particle side of see-saw no.2 and only vaguely aware of the other antiparticle side of the see-saw (containing invisible 'dark' matter). The amount of antimatter observed and present within our side that is entering from the other side on see-saw no.2 is not enough to balance the matter on our side. As the species evolves fully onto the next fractal level (see-saw no.2), both sides of see-saw no.2 are recognised and are part of the new frequency spectrum. But by this time there is a vague awareness of 'antiparticles' (of a higher order than the previous ones). This is a larger see-saw, no.3, which has no.2 on one end (at right angles). Can the reader see that the fulcrum still-point was only a relative zero?---our universe is carried or biassed by a string of 'relative zeros.' The opposite side of see-saw no.3 now also appears as missing matter or dark matter. And so on in the same way the fractal twig of a tree is connected up to a branch, the next fractal level, all the way back to the source, the tree trunk (but not having the same number of fractals).

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