(Search for extraterrestrial intelligence)
- continued -

How many of us are aware or remember that SETI was government-funded around 1990, involving recruitment of some of the best scientists and engineers to perfect this communication system? It was achieved in a year or two and then the covert government, having obtained now this technology (which could be used for manipulating, and eavesdropping the community) withdrew any further support.
Funding was, however, obtained from other sources and SETI continued. If scientists only knew how much they are being duped; the secret government have, since about 1950, had the MJ-12 members who liaised and negotiated regularly with the ETs.

Have we become so naive as to think that IF an advanced ET race wished to control our planet they would do it by physical appearance: spaceships and ray guns! They could remain hidden from the masses for thousands of years, who would be programmed anyway not to believe in them.

Our educational system does an excellent job of creating this kind of naivety and narrow-mindedness. Many academics are creative, however, and retain some intuition and right-brain ability, more so females, but otherwise a balance between the left and right-brain hemispheres is desperately needed.
Scientists are not even observing or detecting the real universe, no more than one might search for fish on the surface of the sea, totally unaware of its depth. Extraterrestrials, more advanced than us, can make their presence known via inner space, which is all around us. Many have negative agendas and have been manipulating us for aeons, as the following articles reveal. Our mythology has disguised them as 'gods'. [BACK]