April, 2013

N. Huntley, Ph.D.

The subjective/objective relationship is one of the least understood concepts of science and education. Ultimately it would resolve all major puzzles. The extremes of the subjective and objective are like two sides of the same coin, you can't have one without the other. (Strictly, as we shall see, in an absolute sense the subjective is primary and can exist as a condition of the Absolute without the objective.)

The subjective and objective meanings on this planet have been deliberately separated. Science has been established as emphatically objective and religion, subjective. Two complementary conditions, in fact. These conditions were once part of a spiritual science and have been separated into a polarity relationship; each would destroy the other if brought together---they cannot be reconciled on the same level. The separate contexts of science and religion would each destroy the other. (Reference, article: The Fractal Tree.)

If science gave serious study to the subjective/objective relationship, that is, interpret existence in these terms, many limited and confusing aspects of knowledge and life would be resolved. Instead, science tries to eliminate subjectivity. If one did this, nothing would exist---subjectivity will be found to be primary. In particular, the greatest scientific debate between Einstein and Bohr, which continued for about 40 years and was never resolved, could be clarified.

We need to understand the broader meaning of 'subjective'. A standard definition would be: 'Influenced or based on personal opinions'. This would mean for example, the results of an evaluation of something in the environment is being affected by the personal opinion/data of the observer and thus considered not an objective observation.

Amazingly, quantum physics exposed that in fact the observer was not truly objective in the experimental setup---the observer consisting of, in effect, physical senses and scientific instruments. Thus a certain state possessed by the observing apparatus provides a subjective influence on what is observed. However, since scientific methodology is based on physical senses and scientific instruments we have a consistent 'observer'. This is the key here, 'consistent'; yes, but how much truth does it reveal?

When science was establishing the experimental method a requirement was that the measurement system must eliminate subjectivity, such as a personal opinion or interpretation, and anything within the observer that can influence the results. The scientific observer was expected to be fully objective and free from subjective factors in the experimental setup. And certainly current methodology does eliminate this subjectivity. So what is it that quantum physics exposed if it is still present?

The answer is that the term 'subjective' in its relationship with 'objective' has a much deeper meaning than that in common use. In addition to the description above there is a more general subjectivity. Over fifty years ago, as mentioned above, unexpectedly quantum physics first revealed experimentally this universal subjectivity, expressed with statements such as: 'The observer is part of the experimental setup' or 'There is no objective universe out there separate from observers'. Thus we can call these two types: personal subjectivity and the second one universal subjectivity.

The experimental conditions will eliminate personal subjectivity but not universal subjectivity. In fact, the limitations inherent within the experimental method determines the degree of universal subjectivity. Ironically if we removed this universal subjectivity everything would cease to exist. Thus the observer then is not truly objective relative to the measurement. This causes relative results only---the zero of reference being the boundary condition of the context (which is not actually zero)*. If the observer is viewing an event outside that context of organisation, such as a greater coherent state with a higher order, the experimental observation will quantum reduce the higher order (collapse the wave function) to the level corresponding to the scientific setup. Current quantum physics, however, only recognises the primary collapse of the wave packet---the observer/observed interpretation, the selection of an event from many possibilities. There are secondary collapses, that is, quantum reductions. [*Reference: article The Two Hidden Stumbling Blocks Inherent Within Current Science, and the book, The Emerging New Science.]

This universal subjectivity is the level of order (energy patterns) that is inherent within the observing/interacting energies. Order has a degree of coherence, and degree of order is universal intelligence (of nature, mind, creation). The simultaneity of the quantum realm is a higher order than after it is observed, that is, when it is quantum reduced to lower parts from greater wholes, or a selection is made from the many (simultaneous) possibilities, resulting in a single event.

Let us give some examples of order:



White light waves

Coherent rays (laser)

Body moving in space separately from space (giving rise to rocket-craft technologies)

Body coherent with space (giving spacecraft technologies)

Poor art

Good art (higher aesthetics)

Twigs (in tree fractal system)

Branches and trunk

Ground-floor workers of a company organisation (analogy)




Low fractal range

High fractal range


Thus we have: personal subjectivity, that is, personally acquired data and behaviour characteristics through upbringing and interaction with the individual's environment, and we have universal subjectivity, that is, characteristics determined by design, such as of the universe and the relationship between energies. This is a little like hardwired programmes or hardware itself, compared with the personal subjectivity, which is flexible and more like software.

Figure 1(a,b,c) illustrates (a) the personal subjectivity, (b) the universal subjectivity for a fixed order in the observation, and (c) the general case of the universal subjectivity, which is the case of different orders or degrees of coherence---it shows a higher truth or principle being quantum-reduced to a level corresponding to the observer. [See book The Emerging New Science, Section 35, Secondary Quantum Reductions.]

Figure 2 shows the relative aspects; how the subjective/objective ratio changes. Thus in Figure 1(b) in the experimental measurement example, the result, or the laws formulated, will only be relative. Figure 1(c) shows there is a larger context---all the way up the scale in Figure 2. Physics needs updating periodically if we are to evolve and as knowledge expands into greater contexts that are in the direction of reducing objectification, that is, objective/subjective ratio, in which the individual's mind is more involved in the environment (and thus has more control over it).

Note that universal subjectivity is really expressing unconscious subjectivity. As we move up the scale, Figure 2, subjectivity is increasing but universal subjectivity is decreasing. This means consciousness knows the (subjective) influence on the environment and is participating in it or controlling it (the automatic interaction between observer and observed).

Figure 2 is taken from the book, The Emerging New Science,which covers this at greater length. The holographic mechanism and the fractal distribution are interface energy configurations to express unity and separateness as it translates creation's unity and infinite nonlinearity into separateness and spacetime linearity. Fractals divides up the orders within the holograph for a dimensional hierarchy for the exploration of consciousness. As per the holographic structure there is one self manifesting in many parts and playing many roles, with those parts being given restrictions on knowing, such as two parts not knowing one another, but as we move up the scale, subjective/objective, the awareness of the other side increases.

In quantum reduction, the interaction of the observer, in effect, converts a degree of universal subjectivity into objectivity, the material environment. If the universal subjectivity has too high an order for the observing awareness, or too great an extent of ‘information', it will quantum reduce into objective factors of the environment and form part of the overall unconsciousness/objectivity (similarly with reducing degrees as we go up to the highest level).

Science endeavours to remove all subjectivity. As we can see, at E, there can be no existence, only groupings of infinite infinitesimally small points (theoretical) or small particles (actual). At A the subjectivity has no separation, no parts, no unconsciousness. The more we increase the objectivity, going down the scale, the more we increase unconsciousness*, or the degree of ‘not-knowing'. Nevertheless these are fundamentally constructive features for the exploration of consciousness with different degrees of freedom. [* 'Unconsciousness' here means the degree that any object in the environment appears 'out there' uninfluenced by us and nothing to do with our mind.]

We have argued that the objective universe is present in a relative sense. But at the primary level of causation, the top of the hierarchy, it is all mind, in which both observers and observed with apparent separateness and objectivity are from the same source. When the universe/environment is sufficiently unconscious (objective), such as ours, it appears to function (relative to our limitation) more objectively. But we are influencing it more than we realise—the highest aspect of our consciousness is operating both sides (observer/observed). However, even at our level of high objectivity it is our interface with it that determines the view—such as a solid particle view.

If the viewpoint from 3D shifted up to a higher order, such as after body death, to the soul level (second fractal order), one would experience a greater ratio subjectivity/objectivity and be much more aware of influencing the environment than in our 3D existence. The subjective/objective illusion is simply the fact that there is basically no separation; objectivity is an illusion since everything is connected higher in the fractal spectrum (located within inner space).