(June, 1999)

By Noel Huntley 

In keeping with the application of the universal computer system we shall be concerned only with physical abilities of the human and the manner in which these develop. A study of the articles on physical mobility highlighting the energy vortices of the quantum computer system gives us the basis for considering an amplification of these attributes, leading to supernormal physical accomplishments.

We explained that physical mobility is achieved by two mechanisms operating synchronously: 1) the muscular system, and 2) the quantum computer system. If we consider the muscle machinery, the limitations of performance are clear. We cannot entertain continuous muscular development for strength or speeds of contraction. But what about the quantum computer system?

As one trains to increase the information capacity of the quantum computer system, which occurs within the vortices of energy surrounding the joints, one can picture these spheres extending outwards--expanding (up the gradient 3D to 4D). Compare the pyramid information-structure in Figure 1 of article, part II, on physical mobility becoming larger (increase in information).

The holographic learning patterns are expanding their information density, giving rise to increases in skill, coordination and speed. However, these mechanisms can only operate within the limitations of the muscles. Nevertheless, the muscles will appear to attain new levels of performance, in particular, by increased relaxation, as the quantum computer mechanism develops.

This apparent extended ability of the muscles is due to the fact that the muscles are gradually giving up their role to the quantum computer system. They are becoming more impulsive in their tensions, and relaxation periods are increasing. If we are to consider extreme development of the quantum computer system we may have to contemplate the notion of a civilisation's training to develop this system for maybe more than 1000 years or so.

Ultimately the information capacity of the energy vortices at the joints will be so great that the muscles will have very gradually ceased functioning to the degree they were simply getting in the way. The muscles would then begin to atrophy. In fact their shrinkage would have already begun as they relaxed more and more.

Eventually the muscles would disappear and nature would build up a thick tissue around the bone. Man's body shape would appear very different from today, but this would be gradual and quite acceptable. In fact this new body with its streamlined appearance would render the past body shape, based on muscular bulk, as rather ugly.

The abilities of the human now would have reached superhuman proportions. A healthy retired individual would be able to sprint virtually indefinitely. There would be no fatigue as a result of limited oxygen availability, causing tired muscles, heavy breathing, and rapid heart rate. In addition, energy would not be extracted from foods but would be resonated from the endless sources of the zero-point vacuum (cosmic, universal sources).

There would be considerable reduction of inertia in the limbs relative to any fixed joint. The body of course would manifest full inertia with respect to earth such as in walking or running. An individual would be able to move limbs nearly as rapidly, even in oscillatory motion, as insect's wings.

The holographic quantum system is now unhindered by the Newtonian muscular mechanism. Complex digital patterns of oscillating waves, that is, the nodes of these waves, are precipitated from a 4D configuration into the joint areas, creating motion by resonance (see articles on physical mobility). As we have stated previously this is actually quantum reduction of holistic programs--stored in the 4D vortices around joints--into smaller units of oscillation distributed geometrically in space and time to effect the motion, that is, guide the angle of the joints.

Is this as far as evolution can take this form? Seemingly not. The next stage of development is one in which the 4D vortex matrices extend along the limbs. The rigidity at the bone joints is no longer present. Joints can hinge in all directions! Since this would occur over many generations it would not appear weird or have associations of deformities. The bones shorten and in fact eventually disappear as the quantum vortices, which were once only at the joints, now meet up with one another, forming a continuous quantum action control system along the entirety of the limbs and body.

The limbs and body are now prehensile. A limb can be bent at any point along its length in any direction with uncanny control. The skill and speed of such a body would now be phenomenal--not unlike watching the superman of our movies executing a task at lightening speed.

The boundary conditions, barriers and layout of games and sports would have to be altered--movements would be too fast to see . This could be achieved purely from these holographic quantum mechanisms without any improvement to the mind.

Is there any evidence that such a probable path of evolution has been taken by civilisations? An extensive study of the material related to alien and ET phenomena has not revealed or hinted at this possibility. However, this is not surprising since such information or knowledge would be withheld from our planet, not just by the negative forces but also highly discouraged by the positive spiritual forces. The reason is that it would not be wise for man on this planet in his present aberrated condition to acquire such greater physical abilities.

This would also apply to civilisations in general. Normally species are encouraged to develop spiritually, and in doing so physical abilities become superfluous. If one wished to run the 100 yards very rapidly one would simply teleport the body--in one leap or tiny controlled leaps--or to jump over a building one would simply levitate. Nevertheless, from an infinite number of developing civilisations in the many universes this probable path will surely have been taken.

It is anticipated that athletes, etc. on this planet will eventually train on principles designed to develop the quantum computer system as described above. Remember this development is already occurring to some degree in any kind of training but lack of knowledge prevents a more rapid rate of improvement and engenders easily acquired plateaus or limits.

A scale would eventually be compiled covering all physical skills, athletics, etc. At one end would be the physical activities which require mostly the quantum computer ability, and at the other end would be activities requiring muscular strength only. Instrumental technique would be at the extreme end labelled quantum computer system since instrumental technique is entirely a matter of information density. Any normal person has sufficiently powerful muscles to handle any instrument. If one disagrees with this and states that they improved their performance by increasing muscular power then the actual answer is that their inevitable degree of development of the quantum computer would give an apparent increase in muscular power. At the other end of the scale would be weight-lifting; slow lifts, such as the press. Sheer strength is required. Somewhere in the middle of the scale would be sprinting. This requires some muscular force for acceleration, but lack of resistance in the muscular movements and speed would be achieved by development of the quantum machinery.

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