June, 2005

Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

We are referring to the denial of the presence of an 'inner' space underlying our materialistic external 3D world and the suppression of all significant knowledge relating to it.

To give the reader a simple picture or analogy, imagine looking down on the ocean, of which the water is not clear, and only the surface can be seen. Realise a considerable depth below this surface, noting the potential presence of multifarious activities or events in the ocean depths.

Science and educational knowledge generally, is similarly only observing the 'surface' (3D) of the universe and environment. That is, we look at the ocean (universe, etc.) and believe it is just the surface—which manifests effects only from the depths (inner space). This should be sufficient to condition the reader, where needed, to realise how elementary human knowledge is and how vast inner (higher) space is.

The reader unfamiliar with dimensions will note that the hidden 'inner space' under the ocean's surface is easy to visualise, but will ask where the real inner space is. Unfortunately our 3D perception and linear consciousness does not allow us to detect directly this inner space, which goes inwards at every point in space and would require at least an additional dimension of perception.

Are there any well-established examples of inner space? The blackhole phenomenon is well accepted in modern science and considerable research has been conducted into the nature of blackholes. Thus the reader can try to picture a hole in space which goes inwards, not along any of our three dimensions. This also applies to wormholes, and scientists speculate that these holes may link directly with other universe planes or curve back into our universe at some great linear 3D distance, but giving an almost instant connection through the inner-space pathways (wormholes).

Some physicists have speculated that our space is riddled with mini-blackholes (energy going inwards) and mini-whiteholes (energy coming out—such as the energy of a star but also the nucleus of an atom giving the positive charge). Thus we need at least an extra dimension of space to explain such phenomena.

We are showing that there is space which we can't perceive (with our limited frequency spectrum of consciousness). Also that there has been an inevitable degree of recognition of an inner space (blackholes) but where these ideas are seen as forming an underlying structure to external 3D space the acceptance ceases; closing the lid on 3D effects only, as being complete, even absolute rather than relative to its context (of 3D). Even the quantum reality of quantum physics is relegated to a fictional product of mathematics.

Let us take as an example of the type of subtle control that is occurring over knowledge. Maxwell's electromagnetic equations, the rockbed of electromagnetics, are taught in university physics and mathematics; one may wonder how many professors realise that these equations being taught are not the original ones of Maxwell. It is fairly well known, essentially outside academic circles, that physicists Gibbs and Heaviside removed from these equations the quaternions or scalar-wave terms—very much with the approval of Hertz.

The scalar terms have been refered to as expressing 5D etheric waves that are non-vector, and are oscillating electrostatic potential energy waves, which are longitudinal. The terms left untouched in the equations being taught today are the transverse Hertzian electromagnetic vector terms, very much detectable in our 3D space. Gibbs and Heaviside simply couldn't see the point of the additional scalar terms underlying the vector EM terms, since current physics formulations were supporting a 3D closed system and seemingly successsfully, and already precluded the possible role of these original terms since the existing premises of physics had no part for them; not recognising that they were supposed to elevate established scientific models to a higher order. At a deeper level, however, this does not imply it was entirely a mistake to remove the terms—meaning it is part of the ongoing suppression of inner-space reality.

Let us briefly digress to a contrasting example within religion, in particular, Christianity. The Bible reveals that Jesus used the word 'within' frequently, of which the proper meaning is not being taught to day; for example 'The Father within'. This concept of 'within' does not mean something intangible or lacking in existence, substance or dimension, or even a science. Ironically, however, it does mean atheists are correct; there is no (external) God. Thus again the role of inner space, which relates to inner consciousness, remains hidden.

Now going back to the scalar wave. It extends dimensionally beyond 3D, for example, it can wave in time, and affect 3D time. The frame of mind giving rise to the removal of the scalar terms from Maxwell's equations is of the same negative motivation which the great Nicola Tesla encountered early last century. Tesla, undoubtedly the father of electricity, whose name was removed from anything academically educational, discovered the real nature of radio transmission—not even taught today. At that time the German scientist Hertz was gaining recognition after his success in transmitting radio signals from one room to another. Tesla had realised that electromagnetic waves, which are transverse (sometimes referred to as Hertz waves today), attenuated too rapidly to transmit information over great distances. Tesla discovered that the longitudinal scalar wave was the underlying carrier wave for significant distances. Even though Hertz waves are detected around transmitters and receivers it was the scalar wave, propagating mainly through the ground and on the surface, and capable of pair coupling into EM Hertz waves, that was the dominant cause of radio transmission.

In fact in the early days of this research, Tesla in his enthusiasm for scientific truths took the long trip from the U.S. to Germany to meet Hertz. When returning, Tesla recounted on the train his immense regret of the visit. His enthusiasm had blinded him to the deflating effect his knowledge and convictions, regarding the role of scalar waves, would have on Hertz.

Nevertheless, as we know today, Tesla's theory was rejected by the obstinate and controlled academic community and Hertz received full accolade for his work to the degree that his name became the unit of cycles per second.

Science is cleverly rigged to ridicule any phenomena beyond the external-world or 3D spectrum. If we use the analogy given in previous articles of the dog chasing its own tail, the observer being the dog's head, observing its tail as apparently objective and separate from its head, in fact, part of the environment or universe, we can see that greater truth about the tail can be obtained via the 'subjective' inner-space connection of the dog's head, linked (physically) through the body to the tail. Similarly we observe the environment as objective and external to us, but in fact our consciousness is linked to the environment through inner space which is basically all mind anyway.

Science struggles to continue its denial of all such phenomena: ETs who exist and operate in these other spectrums of inner space; all spiritual phenomena; religion's evil spirits; the energies of the paranormal; ESP, etc. The human consciousness is a spectrum of frequencies, like a wave band, and functions in a similar manner to the antenna on the roof. When selecting a channel for the television, an adjustment is made to the tuning circuit and the antenna resonates with a particular wave band or spectrum of frequencies which now creates the television picture. Change the channel and the wave band selected by the antenna changes and we have a different picture. Similarly if we changed our consciousness frequencies we could tune into a different spectrum of inner space and perceive a different reality there.

This should be elementary physics or at least serious speculation based on existing verifiable knowledge. Why do we call it 'inner space' if it has its own objectivity? Our 3D as it exists today would be manifesting about the maximum objectivity if we were to measure the coefficient of objectivity (objectivity + subjectivity = 1; as objectivity decreases, subjectivity increases). The average person has no awareness of their inner roll in participating in their environmental existence.

Let us attempt to convey an understanding of this by using a simple analogy. Figure 1, in going from (a) to (d), shows increasing amounts of inner space, that is, increasing subjectivity and therefore decreasing objectivity. The figures are intended to follow up on the dog/tail analogy but with a little more clarity. Figure 1(a) depicts the 3D external-world observed phenomena, showing the simple surface, or linear connection between observer and object. Mainstream physics operates at this level. The observer can only know about the object by transfer of information across 3D space (the arrow between them).

Now Figure 1(b) includes a structural feature of consciousness, showing the inner-space condition. Figure 1(b) illustrates that a second order of information about the object, superimposed on the normal and aware linear transmission, is being expressed by the observer (the direction of the arrows might be considered both ways). This may occur via intuition.

Similarly Figure 1(c) and (d) show further higher orders of information representing greater development, awareness, or evolution of the observer. The increasing orders are increasing degrees of 'subjectivity' or mind linkage. This 'pyramid' of dots in Figure 1 should be imagined as infinitely dense and extended. The actual inner consciousness will extend through these fractal and collective levels, ultimately to their source.

It is interesting to note the way the macro-level of existence reflects the same physics principles as the micro-level and vice versa. The above configuration in Figure 1 is also the essence of how the learning pattern functions in skills (see articles on skills/physical mobility), in particular, in transducing 4D nonlinearity into linear 3D sequences.

If point A wasn't unconscious to the observer it would enable the observer to know completely the object below by means of A and lower orders of connecting information. We are not saying that humans could perceive these higher orders while in our 3D frequency spectrum (our world), though if they could they would already have left this quantitative dimension and 'ascended' to a higher realm—higher degree of the fractal matrix.

Figure 1(a) would give maximum objectivity (which in the limit is linearity) but (d) would give maximum subjectivity (nonlinearity in the limit). Between these two extremes is the gradient. But as the reader can see, the linearity is an illusion since the hierarchy behind it—Figures (b) to (d)—exists always but is unconscious, manifesting apparent objectivity. 'Objectivity' is synonymous here with 'unconscious' (the unconscious connection to the object). As one shifts from Figure 1(a) to (d), comprehension goes from external to within (inner space).

The introduction of inner space would of course require new physics premises. The basis of linear fractals would be recognised to be due to the nonlinear, internal, inner-space, fractal relationships, and would be understood much better. Furthermore, zero-point energy, the turbulent energetic state of vacuum, could be considered as beyond our immediate 3D, that is, its source would be. Thus again the acknowledgement of strata beyond our 3D 'surface', giving rise to so much energy, previously considered as zero, has been delayed, or more correctly belayed.

Another excellent scientific example of a source of energy not being identified is the laser. For simplicity consider ten rays of white light. They are not in coherence (in-phase frequencies). The total power or intensity is equal to about three rays added together. However, if we make the ten rays coherent—crescents and troughs of waves in step—the power increases. But it is much greater than the sum of each ray (10)—the current scientific explanation. It is apparently at least the square of ten, that is, a hundred times. The ten rays, now in resonance, quantum regenerate a higher fractal, that is, rekindle from the virtual state Fractal Matrix gradient a more powerful vortex, which is of higher frequency and not in the visible spectrum. The ten rays of light are now sub-harmonics of this higher-dimensional vortex, of which the latter manifests in the inner space.

Further examples range into 'genuine' errors in physics but again concealing the scalar wave. Let's charge a small sphere, say, positive (electrostatic charge) and bring up a point test charge, say, negative, to measure the field charge around the sphere. The point charge reacts with a vector force towards the sphere and we say there is an electric force there. Move the test charge around the space and we identify a complete electric field E around the sphere. But do we? This is current physics. Can we assume the electric field was there before we put in the test charge. No. Science will find that the prior field is an electrostatic scalar-wave potential. Similarly for the gravitational field. Place an object in the gravitational field, but hold it there, or let it rest on the surface of the Earth, and we measure a gravitational force. But gravity is not a gravitational force unless it is acting on an object. It is a scalar field—a property of 4D and inner space.

We might add to the list that animal abilities are not placed in the category of the paranormal. (Note that appropriately mind energies are scalar.) Only methods are researched and explanations given which incorporate existing, extremely limiting materialistic 3D linear physics principles: simple magnetic-field systems around pigeons to explain their homing abilities, chemical senses to explain olfactory detection by insects over relatively considerable distances, etc.

Let us not forget the experience of improbable 'meaningful coincidences', which are relegated to random coincidences, rather than investigating theories of synchronicity (meaning something has synchronised them). There is also the discrediting scientific views on life after death, and as we have indicated, the nature of God. These are all desperate attempts to avoid inner space, extended dimensions and frequencies outside our immediately detectable spectrum.

Is there any concrete data from empirical observations that justifies the materialistic viewpoint of the academic scientist? Why is there so much emphasis on the matter or particle aspect of nature? Quite apart from the control over knowledge which is blatant on this planet, there is the genuine observation and conclusion that when the specific scientific observation is made, the particle level is revealed.

It is well known in quantum physics that the process of detection results in the particle observation, even if waves are being viewed. This comes under the wave/particle duality. Our detection of the so-called quantum reality, of phase-correlation (holistic) causes a quantum reduction from this phase-correlation to our material reality of phase-randomisation. The unity aspects are converted to the quantitative particle view, and thus science erroneously establishes that the universe is comprised of particles stuck together by forces.

There is a genuine tendency therefore to believe there is only the material particle world—even the quantum reality is considered as a product of mathematical fiction by the scientists. The structure of our immediate perception and scientific instruments are such that the world of materiality appears to be the only one. It might be realised now why scientific methodology is not compatible with the nature of paranormal, phenomena, ESP, etc. It is self-defeating. The mental and physical framework of the established experimental method will 'quantum reduce' the paranormal energies to the world of particles apparently stuck together by forces, that is, with subsequent failure of the necessary integrations and resonance for the subtle energies (of inner space) to function. This is a great irony; stupidity and the cunning deception of science's role in evaluating the paranormal.

To eliminate the infinite potential of inner space from the existence of a civilisation is like severing a twig from its higher fractals of incrementing branches going back (analogy: inner space) to their source, the tree trunk.

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