(January, 2002)

By Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

Physics is physics, but a whole section of physical and energy phenomena are kept hidden and suppressed on this planet. Thus we can divide physics---and therefore all activities---into two categories.

We can place familiar and orthodox physics on the left and the new physics on the right. The reason for this particular mode of segregation is that education today develops left-brain abilities (and enfeebles right-brain abilities), and thus our science, society, and in fact our reality is the product of this mode of consciousness, of the left-brain. Consciousness---which we shall not discuss here---is not the effect of brain activity but exists apart from the body and brain. In fact the brains---left and right---act like templates in formatting consciousness (which is comparable to a portion of the quantum reality of quantum physics) into distinctly different modes of operation for exploration of different probabilities of existence---not just different quantitatively but different qualitatively.

Left-brain consciousness functions on the principle of separateness; right brain on unity. Left-brain consciousness perceives everything by instantly breaking down wholes into parts---the analytical method. It reduces whole truths into tiny truths and strings them together along spacetime, utilising 3D logic, and calls it truth---it is only a representation of truth and is very partial at that.

We are so left-brain oriented---logical, rational and intellectual---that we think all understanding must arise from this mode of consciousness; even to the extent of viewing art and looking for what it represents. The hidden mysteries of the universe can never be understood by this mode of comprehension alone. (In case of confusion here or disagreement, man still expresses in excessive negative emotions. The over-rational mind blocks the natural intuitive emotions, thus leading (indirectly) to an outlet of lower emotions.)

The right brain acts as a template to focus consciousness into viewing phenomena in their wholeness, as gestalts. This ability, however, is only fractional in the human today. The physics of the left-brain consciousness is thus based on particle interpretations; interactions between parts; a reality of forces, and a society of enforcements.

Separateness (of anything) is due to out-of-phase energies; that is, different frequencies, or frequencies out of step; non-resonant, non-synchronous energies---to not be 'on the same wavelength as. . .' Unity occurs when the parts are in phase. In such a condition a whole quantum state is regenerated---an undivided whole, that is inherently holographic and holistic, requiring multidimensional physics to explain it.

When elements are out of phase, non-resonant, as in the left-brain consciousness reality, Newtonian forces come into existence. We thus create a reality based on forces, resulting in inertia and inefficient energy generating processes, pollution, etc. This is the physics of the rocket---forces, inertia, excessive fuel---as compared with the new physics in the right-hand category from which emerges the advanced spacecraft: antigravity, fuelless, no Newtonian forces required and no inertia involved (not the crude cancellation of inertia method as depicted in the Star Trek series).

As a further example, physical mobility in living organisms, such as humans, is accomplished by the two types of physics: the Newtonian force system of the muscles in the left category, and quantum energy fields around the joints of the new physics (right category)---see articles on physical mobility.

Quantum physics is the only orthodox science which extends into both categories. It can handle the resonance and holistic nature of the right-brain perception. Another example for illustrating the difference, though actually an analogy rather than literal, is to imagine placing a cork in a stream of water. With the left physics we have to push the cork to make it move and it resists somewhat (the Newtonian reality). With the right we cause the stream to flow in desired directions. The cork thus follows effortlessly---no apparent force or inertia invoked.

When applying the two types of physics to everyday experience the left-brain reality of fragmentation of energies is typical. The non-resonant environment is an arena for effort, doing things one does not wish to do, making things go right, pushing, going against the grain, encountering conflict, etc. Everyone is only too familiar with this mode of consciousness.

Nevertheless we all notice on occasions that events of a fortuitous nature arise; circumstances fall into place. No effort or force is necessary. We call it 'luck'. The fact that we use this word, which has a superstitious connotation, indicates how primitive our knowledge is. Luck is due to synchronous conditions of a positive nature (what one wishes). It is the result of in-phase, resonant energies, enabling one to make the right decisions, be in the right place at the right time, meet the right people, etc. This is the physics in the right-side category.

Newton's Laws state that to achieve motion there must be forces (force equals mass times acceleration), and this is the context (contextual reality) we are creating. Einstein's relativity is based on the third dimension and as long as this context is adhered to, the theory will self-prove. But relativity will be found to be a 'lower fractal' of higher-order relativities.

In developing relativity Einstein referred to the 'no force condition', but he let the opportunity of understanding the literalness of this slip by as physicists interpreted the no-force condition as cancelled forces, in accordance with Newtonian laws. If Einstein, however, had developed this feature of the new physics he would have remained unrecognised (to say the least since this is suppressed knowledge). In the new physics, the feature of resonance ('being on the same wavelength as . . .') eliminates forces and inertia, which are replaced by quantum action (energy times time).

To put all this in better perspective, the orthodox physics of Newton's laws, Darwin's theory, relativity, are based within the third-dimensional spectrum (mainly electromagnetic). But the new physics of forceless conditions on the right side is based within a fourth-dimensional (scalar-wave) spectrum of energies. (The 4D spectrum has many further different properties.)

The true nature of 'ascension', and therefore evolution, is the process of change from the third-dimensional spectrum to the fourth, and higher. To achieve this, frequencies must increase and the duality and fragmented consciousness of the left-side physics must be integrated into the unity consciousness of the right, creating harmony, benevolence and higher abilities.

A civilisation operating well into the higher-dimensional spectra could be referred to as holographic and synchronistic (see article on this). All thought, motion, action, are synchronised to provide continuous 'luck'. One couldn't even cut one's finger---unless one wished this.

Let us summarise the different physics aspects as follows. Note that in our present society the right-brain activities in science and intellectual pursuits need a balance with the left brain, though as the species advances in consciousness the coefficient of objectification will reduce, giving more scope for the right brain (and the heart information centre). One will recognise more and more that the environment is just a larger mind view.



Focus on non-resonant energies

Focus on resonant energies

Non-synchronous, negative synchronicities

Positive synchronicities

Chance, accidents


Analytical, 3D logic

Holistic, gestalt, 4D and quantum logic


Quantum action



Fossil fuels

Cosmic energies (of space)

Languages, mathematics

The arts, perception of unity







Serving self (only)

Serving others

Potential disharmony


Newtonian laws, relativity

Quantum laws

Out-of-phase energies

In-phase energies

Velocities less than c (light speed)

Velocities up to instantaneousness

Mobility via muscles

Mobility via energy field

Acceleration with force

Acceleration without force

Potential conflicts

No conflicts



Random universe

Highly ordered universe


Cooperation and support

Linearity and the external world

Nonlinearity and inner-space

Third-dimensional spectrum

Fourth-dimensional spectrum

Organised and systematised

Inspirational and intuitive


Intellect Higher emotion/intuition

Finite energies

Infinite sources

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