The Artificial Intelligence Take-Over
June 26, 2020
Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

Imagine a world where all political, economic, governmental and learning institutions and any organisations of significant authority, including religions, are manipulated to conform to a nefariously structured control system, leaving the programmed public oblivious and, moreover, all such activities function within three basic evolutionary frameworks: artificial realities, mutation realities, and natural order (original creation).

This is a world where mind programming is the norm, with continuous reinforcement to ensure all knowledge is confined and restricted to the control system. All significant benefits to the public, penny-free energy in the home, a cure for all diseases, or simply enlightening practical knowledge, such as life after the death of the physical body or our true history, are outside the system. Furthermore, their financial structure, of which an increasing number of people recognise as 'the greatest fraud in history', is designed to promote a money-dependent survival system and ultimately is applied to the control of every individual. A medical science is exploited and degraded by motivations of monetary gain with the inevitable incentive for perpetuating ill health, by suppressing cures as a gainful source.

An educational institution fails to teach qualitative states of behaviour and the mechanics of communication, in particular, not cultivating the youth with social and evolutionary patterns of behaviour, such as responsibility, ethics and integrity. In terms of scientific benefits, there is a suppression of teachings that would release harmonic technologies free from deleterious energies, toxins, pollution, etc., and provide abundant free energy and ultimately a cure for all diseases. Science is surreptitiously manipulated to entrap the human race in the third dimension---the lowest order of consciousness in a multidimensional cosmos, with commensurate scientific laws based on relative knowledge which should be upgraded periodically as a natural process of the species' evolution. In fact 'consciousness' (and life) is considered to be an illusion, and 'mind' a mere by-product of the brain, rather than the reverse. In other words, there is no science of mind and consciousness, and the civilisation will gradually degenerate towards the domination of artificial intelligence (AI).

This is an atypical world of corruption and misinformation where covert politics and the big corporations bring fear, lies and false flags to seize freedom of the masses. This exemplifies and is descriptive of our own planet, which we are addressing. Even the subject of extraterrestrials is given the highest secrecy classification, leaving the public ignorant of the deals and treaties made with aliens by governmental bodies since at least the 1940s.[1]

The building of such a deceptive global infrastructure to 'transform' the world and our biology and subsequent evolutionary destiny has been going on for some time. But how is it achieved at an evolutionary level?

Everyone is familiar with the classic science fiction story of the civilisation in which the development of computers has led to the inevitable advancement of artificial intelligence where robots take over the society.

Leaders in the field of artificial intelligence and many prominent scientists, in general, agree and presume that it is the normal course of evolution of a civilisation that an extreme development of the intellect inevitably leads into an age when this 'cleverness' of the mind can assist the race, in particular, to benefit and offset the frailties of the human biology as evident today.

Unfortunately this technocratic development has the potential to culminate in the robotisation of the human race. That is, this AI takeover will not be the speculated gradual dominance of computers or robots over mankind, ultimately taking complete control over all facets of existence and finally displacing humans altogether. It will be much more subtle and will impose a different evolutionary path. This could constitute an artificial reality in itself, replacing the natural evolutionary order of life, and with the grand finale of cyborging the human race, expected to occur in a projected estimate of around fifteen to twenty years time.

The wiser, older members of the population including the non-atheistic New-Age and religious communities would never permit this. However, by that time the youth of today, thoroughly groomed in computer science and programmed to believe that machines can be superior to life, will agree. In fact, a television documentary a few years ago, presenting cybernetics, showed a youthful audience of computer enthusiasts specially selected to represent a cross-section of young computer experts, who were briefly questioned and expressed that they were in favour of AI and were looking forward to the technocratic applications of interfacing computer devices with humans for physical strength, faster thought processing and longer life through the use of artificial organs, etc.

Indeed, as implied above, we are heading straight for a future of AI in which robots and computers are dominant except that this will be achieved by conversion of the human being into a 'robot'. This is already occurring very subtly in many activities, but non-invasively, and consequently not recognised. For example, we are stressing information transfer and neglecting more the personal aspect of human nature---particularly noticeable in companies which are increasingly relying on fixed rules and policies to the exclusion of the necessary allowance of extenuating circumstances. This is equivalent to reducing the function of a business to rigid patterns of activity and behaviour. Companies are losing sight of the fact that the original purposes of policy are for guidelines only, and that an allowance must always be made for extenuating circumstances, typical of the complexities of human interactions.

Another obscure sign of the encroaching AI, undercutting many phases of existence, is in the relationship between quantitative and qualitative---specifically the increasing emphasis of quantitative descriptions and understandings of the qualitative. In terms of physics of energies, 'quantity' represents a number of (incoherent) separate parts and subsequently replaces the qualitative, whereas 'quality' expresses a special relation (coherent energies) between the parts (thus quantum regenerating a unifying whole---an obvious example is in art). Another example, in music, artificial systems (such as a robot) would only manifest technique in musical endeavours. There is no whole or qualitative perception of integrated parts. An artificial simulation of consciousness cannot duplicate greater wholes, such as occurs in the finer sensibilities of human interpersonal interactions.[2]

Science does not explain the fundamental differences between 1) artificial and 2) natural organic systems. This is mainly because science doesn't recognise life as cause. The difference between them is that artificial systems (1) function linearly on sheer mechanistic structures with a low dimensional order of interconnectivity of parts, whereas life (2) is structured and expressed via holographic/fractal mechanisms in a multidimensional nonlinear system.

In simplistic terms, artificial systems are structured from parts held together by forces (for example, a motor vehicle's parts joined together by welding and nuts and bolts, such that the whole is equal to the sum of parts), whereas in the natural system the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. This simple distinction illustrates the essential difference between artificial and natural: the robot's linear programmes and the mind's nonlinear programmes. Anything artificial is not connected up (resonant, integrated) through the multidimensional structure to the source, whereas anything natural, such as all organics, atoms, planets, stars, etc., mind, consciousness, and spirit, the essence of life, are all connected up. Furthermore, artificial programming is a clever human invention, an intellectual abstraction (3D) based on algebraic principles, which is a relative, arbitrary, representational method. In contrast, the universe, life and mind utilise geometric intelligence for encoding information---patterns or modulations of (scalar) waves, spanning an interval of time (4D)---which is an absolute system, compared with the artificial relative system. Briefly, artificial programming is 3D and linear; whereas natural programming systems (of life, mind, and consciousness) are minimally 4D and nonlinear.

There are three basic realities being created by us (and our collective) as alluded to above. Firstly, there is the basic natural original harmonically-generated reality/evolution. Secondly, there is the reality based on mutations, causing an unnatural form of the original (such as two brain lobes instead of one, with which we shall shortly deal). Thirdly, there are artificial realities. Let us briefly describe these one at a time.

In religious terms, the basic evolution, which is an ascension process, would be God's first formatted creation. In the second reality the original creation is subjected to mutations, caused by interfering intruder extraterrestrials[3], who have been involved with this planet for thousands of years. They have altered the harmonic mechanics of life set down by the first creation. Note the word 'natural' then becomes 'unnatural' caused by mutations, in particular, in the DNA. For example, the blank regions (over 90%)[4] of our DNA are not 'junk' but are advanced mutations. Thus a reality is being created in which natural organic systems are converted to unnatural systems, leading eventually to inorganic systems.

Of particular interest here in building up the picture of the artificial take-over is the human two-lobe brain; clearly a product of the missing DNA mutation. We should only have one brain retaining a perfect balance between, for instance, intellect and intuition (in fact, they are not separate faculties at the most basic level).

Examples of the artificial category are ones in which technology is excessively intruding on human activities and which become particularly invasive when artificial devices are interfaced intimately with organic systems, such as in the use of synthetic cells giving instructions to organic cells and other major cyborging procedures, such as brain and computer interfacing and artificial replacements for internal organs. Prosthetics for assisting limb disabilities needn't adversely affect the mind and consciousness of the individual. And, of course, assistance from advanced computers and (harmonic) technologies generally can be hugely beneficial as long as we remain in control of them.

Artificial realities can also be created conceptually at the collective level (via individual thinking), which then can manifest physically in various ways. A particularly effective method is to separate the subjective from the objective. Strictly they are two sides of the same coin and can't be separated; except artificially. This reinforces left and right-brain separation, such as intellect, which the left-brain formats out from the underlying unity within mind/consciousness and develops the objective view (giving knowledge based on the separation between the observer and the observed). Intuition (right-brain consciousness) is very different from the intellect,[5] and it collects information experientially that is direct and subjective (in the now). This process is not recognised in conventional science.

Thus dividing the brain isolates such faculties as intellect (left brain) and intuition (right brain). Each can then be independently manipulated. Education can now be directed at developing and rewarding the intellect and suppressing the intuition---giving rise to the average condition of humans today.

The function of the intuition (plus imagination) is to expand the scope of thought or knowledge into new fields of endeavour and creation so that the intellect can organise and consolidate these new concepts and potential data in, for example, the development of new scientific laws and subsequent technology. The more we emphasise the intellect and subjugate the intuition, the more the mind and personality resembles a computer mechanism or robot. The artificial intelligence of the robot can only function deductively and not truly creatively. In contrast, the intuition has the potential to tune into new ideas---it is CAUSE in the now. The intellect (or a computer/robot) is EFFECT in the now.[6]

Another artificial reality, initiated conceptually, arises from the consequences of brain-washing everyone to believe that there is no such thing as 'perpetual'. This belief goes into the human collective, which then creates a reality of finite, low order limitations, promoted then by scientific limited (3D) laws such as the conservation of energy or Newton's laws, which are special cases from higher laws. This means the higher knowledge ignored by science would enable the existing limited 3D laws to be bypassed.

Thus firstly, natural order, DNA, etc., is tampered with to handicap and control a race and also to manipulate the evolutionary system so that the perpetrators can be parasitic of the energies of this mutated (and now compatible) system. This distortion from natural order has disconnected much of the DNA, giving rise to, for example, a two-lobe brain, and a creature kingdom which survives by killing and eating other life (strictly, the DNA mutations apply to both animals and plants).

Unfortunately science confuses this mutated evolution with the original harmonic system. Subsequently, conventional scientific thought now considers that the human's function and survival system are very inefficient and need to be supported and reinforced (utilising the cyborg technology [7]) by means of our third reality, artificial intelligence. This interfacing of artificial systems with the natural organics of the first reality or even the second mutated reality will result in the final disaster for the human race.

Modern science teaches that the mutation reality is the real and natural one, that is, a Darwinian type of evolution; and quite correctly surmises that, for example, the human body is an inefficient system and needs assistance. This is where artificial intelligence is planned to play its role. This (inefficient) mutation reality will be patched up, for instance, by means of quicker computer-like brains, stronger muscular activity, mechanical/synthetic internal organs for longer life, etc. This is the process of robotising the human race. The two-lobe brain is hugely assisting the transference to artificial control---emphasising left-brain activity. But, in particular, it is suppressing the right-brain; for instance, intuition and imagination, which are the most important faculties and are intrinsically connected to higher orders, life and awareness.

As the left brain consciousness separates increasingly from the right brain, and the left-brain intellectual characteristics are developed and rewarded by education, one's ability to think and evaluate, and solve problems, increasingly resembles artificial intelligence---that of computers and robots. Furthermore, we shall observe increasingly the technological applications of cyborging life forms and the eventual horrendous result of life itself abandoning existence on Earth. The final result (the remaining bodies) will be 'wired' into central computers for ultimate race control.

In fact, people more awake (more informed of the consequences of this enslavement) will be drawn out of their bodies ('die') by their higher intelligence, aspect or soul, to protect them from a perpetual 'living death.' But others with less endowed consciousness will be reduced to a vegetable level of consciousness, though artificially functioning quite brilliantly with AI attachments. Note that there are two probabilities relevant here for the destruction of the human race: 1) physical destruction through wars, disease, etc., or 2) the AI outcome. Our civilisation is being manoeuvred for AI control, but some use will be made of the first probability.

Figure 1 gives us an overall big picture perspective of this complex AI takeover.


In the diagram, starting with the human personality in 3D (our current status) the vertical line/ascent represents the expected evolution or ascension of the species in which the mind and consciousness evolves (expands ultimately back to the absolute/infinity). However, there are barriers that interrupt this process between 3D and 4D, mainly just below the soul level or first higher aspect (second fractal level) of the human. We have described the essence of some of these barriers in other material: mutations and false concepts, forming artificial realities, which re-shape the path of evolution (also major off-planet interferences).

Thus the true 'vertical' route of ascension is through the dimensional hierarchy---universes not in our 3D external space but 'within', as indicated in the Bible and is elementary in metaphysics or the New-Age field. Nevertheless, there are higher external living spaces at 90 degrees to our three dimensions, but note that as we go 'vertically' the higher universe levels have decreasing externality or objectivity of worlds---increasing mental connection with the environment (that is, more awareness of the external as being part of the mind). Note the horizontal lines (fractal steps) decreasing in length in Figure 1 as opposed to the expansion of consciousness. To the degree that we deviate away from this ideal path and our abilities express more externally in 3D space in a technological manner, we convert to the artificial alternative, which is an inversion of natural ability. See the example noted in the diagram where potential telepathic ability is replaced by the telephone. This deviation can become extreme as we develop and deploy cyborg applications to assist life.

This is the so-called 'final battle' between good and evil with both combatants vying for their own 'Great Reset'. One, creates an ideal level of freedom for the individual, without wars, disease and poverty, and the other brings enslavement of the individual, ranging up to complete robotisation. An ideal solution is the awakening of more than fifty percent of the population; and truth and correct thinking will quantum regenerate sufficient power within the collective to eventually displace all negativity.

Concerning the ongoing COVID-19* pandemic (more appropriately labelled 'scamdemic' or 'plandemic')[8] it is an ingenious false flag and a not uncommon political strategy perpetrated throughout history,[9] and in this case crashing our economy and bringing the civilisation to its knees. But specifically the fear and trauma brings a desperate, though willing, acceptance for any solution, such as mandatory vaccination, the consequences of which will hugely assist the conditioning of society for the AI take-over. It is a brilliant contrivance playing a significant role in the removal of the civilisation's freedom and bringing subsequent enslavement. [*COVID-19: acronym from 'coronavirus' plus 'D' for disease and '19' for the year.]

Addition (for those who can understand it).
Figure 2 shows a very simplified diagram of the difference between an artificial intelligence programme and the mind programme, which is being applied here in controlling a physical action of a robot or human, such as moving a limb. Note the direction of control: linear in (a), and nonlinear in (b).

In (a), each point in the motion from start to finish has its own programme condition of location in the sequence from left to right. Compare (b), each position not only contains its own programme (to identify its position) but is linked to every other programme position in the whole pyramidal group due to holographic properties. This hugely supports/reinforces any single position in the sequence and enables instantaneous control to be achieved. Note that as the movement occurs from left to right the 'triangle' in the diagram should be visualised as 'moving' ahead, similar to scrolling information on a computer screen.

The main point to understand here is the enormous difference between the two. Science on this planet only recognises the bottom line. In (b) the mind computer bits are wavelengths which are whole quantum pulses of energy and are billions of times smaller than the computer bits[10] of artificial intelligence or brain cells. In addition, there may be

millions of levels ('rows') all acting in unison (a true holographic fractal system). The highest point in (b) spans everything below (degree of span equals degree of skill/control) and is represented by the sine wave, which fractally carries all the other quantum sine waves---shown below it.[11] Note that only the bottom row of computer bits is in 3D. In (b), the upper rows go in the direction of 4D. This is a pyramidal interface system and illustrates how life interfaces with mechanisms. The natural organic structures of life come into existence via the pyramidal interface and are continuously connected up. Finally, we might point out that the same physics, holographic, fractal, nonlinear, pyramidal interface system applies to Figure 2(b) as it does to the macroscopic dimensions of universes of Figure 1.

1. This was initiated by President Truman. The so-called Majestic-Twelve met with extraterrestrials live on a regular basis and formed agreements, such as the government given advanced technology information and in exchange they would ensure that the presence of the ETs was given the utmost secrecy from the public. Book: Engaging the Extraterrestrials: Forbidden History of ET Events, Programmes and Agendas.

2. In general non-precise usage, the terms consciousness and mind become interchangeable but a rigorous science would recognise that basic consciousness is an absolute (beyond particle, wave, space and time) and is primary. However, mind is a structure of imprints, recordings, learning patterns, etc., which are made up of particles, waves, space and time, and consciousness underlies it, particularly since it created the mind. Note that quantum physics is encountering the Absolute; the quantum realm of infinite possibilities/potential.

3. Numerous intruder non-benevolent ET races exploit Earth and humans for their own benefit. Not only for permanent occupation (for example, Dracos and Zetas) but the ultimate 'Holy Grail' of assimilating the energies (power sources) of our whole galaxy and time matrix by entering into the inner-space template, blueprint and grid system of the galaxy (the 'Universal Templar Complex') and changing the codes, via our Inner Earth's portal system. Book: Engaging the Extraterrestrials: Forbidden History of ET Events, Programmes and Agendas.

4. Science has established that over 95% of human DNA and over 90% of animal DNA is blank. These missing regions constitute the basis for what might be considered to be the greatest discoveries in science. Such information is outside the controlled boundaries of knowledge in our oppressed society and consequently labelled 'junk' DNA. In fact the blank areas are disconnected from existing higher electromagnetic (and scalar) strands (not detected by science). Thus these blank regions constitute a massive mutation, and we have the human race with many deviations from the original design. We might briefly explain here that blank slate technology gave rise to this DNA impairment and is referenced in the Bible as the 'Beast' (BST or Blank Slate Technology). Book: The Emerging New Science, volume1.

5. Intuitive information is carried by whole quantum states in the present, similar to, say, artistic or musical ability as opposed to technique, which is based on skill mechanisms and programmes, that is, recordings, imprints, memories of the past. Books: The Emerging New Science, volume 1, and The Attainment of Superior Physical Abilities and the New Science of Body Motion.

6. Book: The New Science, volume 2.

7. An extremely advanced cybernetics loop exists within everyone's mind but the input or CAUSE is the source of consciousness and is basically separate and projects down from higher dimensions of the multidimensional system. www.nhbeyondduality.org.uk. Article: The Cybernetics of Creation.

8. Note that the chemtrails, infusing chemicals into the atmosphere, were a preparatory measure to facilitate the activation and effectiveness of such viruses (AIDS was an early such experimental run). Moreover, 5G (fifth generation wireless cellular technology) also reinforces the deleterious effects of the virus.

9. A strategy applied throughout history and essentially attributed to the philosopher, Hegel, as: 'thesis, antithesis, and synthesis', simplified today as 'problems, reactions, and solutions'; create the problem, wait for and reinforce the reaction, then provide the solution at great cost to people's freedom.

10. Our artificial computers use the binary system, that is, two different states ('on' and 'off') called 'bits', in various pattern combinations for encoding programmes. The 'on' state (represented by '1') is a minute electrical charge; a tiny packet of moving electrons providing the transmission of signals (pattern of bits). The 'off' state is just that; an absence of charge but represents a zero in combination with the bit '1'. The mind computer system uses the wavelength (one whole quantum state), giving a huge variation in bit sizes and much smaller than artificial systems (hence Figure 2 is indicating bit size, though the circles represent groups of many bits of a programme). Thus the wavelength acts as a whole unit and can be modulated for programming.

11. The author wrote a Ph.D. dissertation (experimental psychology) on the learning pattern (a 4D holographic template which contains programmes and converts nonlinear information into linear information). Book: The Attainment of Superior Physical Abilities and the New Science of Body Motion.
Note that mainstream science is not in a position to criticise Figures 1 and 2 unless there is a familiarity with all of the following and the relationship between them: higher-dimensional geometry (minimum 4D); the hologram; fractals (and reason for them); and last but not least, internal nonlinearity.